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[iOS] 10% Cashback on First 3 BPAY Payments Made via Groupee iOS App


Just got this email from Groupee:

Guess who's back, back again! BPAY (promo's) back, tell a friend!

With the support of our friends at BPAY, we’re excited to announce that we’re extending our cashback offer throughout the month of April to all of our users.

Receive an instant 10% cashback on your first 3 bills shared via our BPAY payment feature in the app.

Explore the easiest way to share all your utility and household expenses with your roomies or loved ones.

Pay a bill in 5 steps:
1. Choose the group you want to split the bill with
2. Swipe to select "To BPAY Biller"
3. Add a new biller using the BPAY® details on your bill
4. Select the biller and enter the bill total
5. Hold to Pay Bill

You'll receive an email receipt straight away to confirm your payment.
Want more than 3 cash backs?

That’s easy. For every friend you refer that successfully registers with Groupee, we’ll extend your cash back to you. The more friends that join Groupee, the more you increase your chances to earn.

Note: there are fees for using the service which are between 0.5% & 2% depending on payment methods.

Referral Links

Referral: random (65)

$5 for the referrer.

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  • +1

    Does this app work on ipod touch?

    Edit: "This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone." hmm

  • +1

    unable to even register it

    Cannot receive sms authentication code

    Seems like rubbish

    • +1

      I think their app crashed last time they did this promo

    • +2

      Ouch, that hurt a little considering I built Groupee 😅
      We had some issues with Twilio, our SMS service and they weren't getting sent out at the time so sorry you got mixed up in that.
      We're only a small team, very early stage startup so just excited you guys are trying it out (even if it is for the cashback)

  • Is the promotion for iOS users only? The app is also available on Google play store.

    • The promotion is only for iOS users but they say they are bringing out a promotion soon for android.

      • +1

        Yep, currently only for iOS. Only a small early stage startup so our resources are limited. Trying our best though to get Android updated soon as we're comfortable with iOS. Stay tuned! Thanks for giving Groupee a go

  • So…

    Pay $1000 electricity bill (pay in advance)
    Sign up wife to pay a small bill (pet registration)

    Get ~$100 back?

    • +1

      Yeah. Minus some fees. For a $3,000 payment I split with my wife ($1500 each) we got $150 back each on an online MasterCard and paid about $15 in fees between us.

    • +1


  • What is the max bill?

    • Max refund is $150 per person per bill I believe.

  • +2

    This deal is limited to 3 bill payments unless you refer new users. Make sure you sign up using the referral wiki

    • does not matter. Unable to register so referral does not work

      Tried three mobile numbers

      • What’s your error when trying to register ?

        • +1

          no sms msg.

          Can u try register it ? Thanks

          • @ggfatty: Yea, same same here, plug mobile in and not getting a sms verification

  • +5

    $1200 in the bank from their last promo, another $900 here. This is the deal of the year.

    • What bills did you pay with it?

    • So any limit on the cashback? Someone said $150 per person?

      • yeh so split a $3k with your family member. $300 per payment -1% bpay fees.

        • The previous thread said might go $200 per person, did you or anyone try to pay $4K?

  • For the life of me I cant find the terms for this promotion - can anyone share if you have found them please?

    • I couldn’t find anything either. I copied everything from the email I received into this post though.

  • Anyone manage to get the referral working?

    • i did it in the previous promo. you have to do it once you fully sign up, then "more options", earn rewards ➡️ referred by and enter code

      • Initially got 500 points from referral, then after trying 1 BPay I now have 2350 points. What’s that point for?

        • At the moment, the points don't do much but we definitely have plans for them in future!
          We're still a small early stage startup trying to do something cool - lots planned but we'll see how we go.

          Thanks for giving Groupee a go

  • Spend limit 200 dollars?

    • +1

      change your group limit

  • +1

    Note that if you select a person from your contacts list to check if they’re currently a member, it will send them an invite, which wasn’t totally clear to me.

    Also, for BPAY offer, you need to split bill with someone else, not pay it on your own.

  • Unable to pay Bpay? I did split with someone else. This app is confusing :(

  • Can we use all three for the one bpay bill?

    • I’m not sure I would also like an answer to this. It would have to be 3 separate payments if it did work.

  • Any idea what's that rewards point for?

  • How do i increase the group limit?

    • There’s 3 dots at the top right. It gives you options and one of them is ‘change spending limit’ and that’s per person. The max total is $5k for a group

      • If it's 5k per group and i'm spending the 5k total paying off a bill (split between 2 people). Does that mean that I get back $250 and my partner also gets back $250?

        Why are people saying $150 above? I can't find that mentioned anywhere in the T&C.

        • Daily payment limit is 3k hence 1.5k each and cash back limited to $150

          • @awesomedude: Is that a $3k total limit or 1.5k each? E.g. If I had 3 people in the group could I do $4.5k total? Otherwise no point in having a total $5k limit per group I guess…

            Also, the T&C says limit of $1k per day per user. Guess that's no longer the case

  • Thoughts on overpaying your credit card I.e. loading money into it?

    • +2

      You can't bpay your credit card, it won't let you.

      • Damn. thanks for that. haha
        Thinking about paying one credit card with another hahahahahahaha

  • I dont get this part:

    That’s easy. For every friend you refer that successfully registers with Groupee, we’ll extend your cash back to you. The more friends that join Groupee, the more you increase your chances to earn.

    So, I will also get 10% cashback from bills paid by my referees ? not only the $5 referral?
    I assume "every friend you refer" here is different to/not necessarily the same as "friends in group payment"?

    • +1

      It's not that you get 10% cashback from bills paid by your referees (that would be crazy good, but it's not). You get 1 more chance of 10% cashback for the referral, but you still have to pay another bill to use it yourself. So as long as you have so many bills to settle than technically you could keep referring and get more chances of 10% cashback. And yes, it worked for your "friends in group payment" that you referred? I finished my 3 over the weekend and now I got 1 more left appearing after their maintenance (the only one I referred so far was from my own group).

      • +1

        Yeah spot on.

        At the end of the day, we're just a young early stage Aussie startup trying to build something cool.
        We're doing our best with the limited resources that we have so while I appreciate the enthusiasm for the cashback, hopefully you guys are finding some value in using Groupee with your friends too.

        We're basically looking at all the referrals and giving more cashbacks to those who can see are actually helping us and giving Groupee a proper go.

  • Did I get this right, only first account (the person setting up the group payment) need to be on iOS to enjoy this promotion?
    Other members of the group payment can be on Android? and all cashback goes to the first account on iOS?

    • Yep that's right. Other members can be on android. All members in the group get the cashback based on their contribution.
      Hope that helps

      • +1

        Great to see a rep here. I've left you guys a 5 star on the app store.

        Got a qestion, so we get 3 bills 10% back, but we have to split. So is that 3 between 2 people or 6 payments gets 10% back?

        • Hey appreciate that! Every little bit helps our chances of actually growing this business.

          It's 3 bills regardless of how many people split.
          Each person gets 10% of their contribution in each bill.

          You'll get 10% of 3 contributions.

          e.g. $30 bill between 3 people, you'll get $1 from your $10 contribution (if it's an even bill) - all 3 people will use up one of their claims and each will have 2 left.

          Hope that makes sense?

          • @davidtaing: Yea makes sense thanks.

            So, another question. A friend signed up and added Amex first. But after realising the fees for Amex is higher tried to add a non-amex card but seems like she’s not getting the verification transactions and can’t remove her Amex card. Is this a bug?

            • @cloudy: @cloudy Ah yep. So we had some challenges early on where a small group of people kept rolling new accounts with stolen cards. As a result we've put in so many things to prevent people gettings scammed. It really sucks, the elderly get targeted a fair bit. We're pretty happy with it all now though, things are very robust and secure.

              Anyway, we keep cards in the system to prevent cards being removed and re-added to other accounts. We might change this in future, but for now, just need to let us know if you want to remove a card. We don't store card details, it's an encrypted token we have generated by our supplier.

              In terms of the verification transactions, that's odd, I can help her verify her new card if she wants.
              Have her email me at [email protected] and I'll help sort it out.

  • does anyone know how exactly long it takes for bpay via groupee to arrive?

    • We process the batches as quickly as we can, from the same night if we can.

      As you can imagine, when we had a big influx of users paying their bills, the amount was so big we couldn't process it all right away considering we actually don't receive funds right away even though it's authorised from users cards.

      If you do pay a bill, and have any concerns you can always reach out or just contact me directly [email protected]
      Happy to help

  • i need to pay some stamp duty and it needs to arrive before 19th April. last time i paid superloop nbn bill on 27th march but it only appeared on their website as paid on 6 April. So i wonder 11 days it took if they are banking the interest? even with 3 days public holidays for Easter it was way too long.

    • I just checked the details of the Superloop bill on the Sat 27th and can see that got authorised on the 31st Wed. Apologies it took as long as it did in this case and wasn't able to process before Easter Friday.

      We're getting better every day and trying to batch process every night, we're not banking any interest and actually paying for as many bills as we can before we even receive the funds.

  • ATO payments 🤨

    • I'm just preempting the feedback, so just an FYI that I've prohibited ATO payments via Groupee for the rest of this month.

      At the end of the day, we're still just a small early stage startup trying to make a difference.
      We have finite funding and have poured so much time and effort to build something great to really help people pay together.

      This cashback campaign was of course a way to get people to try Groupee, but it was also a way for us to help people pay their bills who might otherwise be having a hard time.

      Hit me up at [email protected] if you're really trying to pay a tax / ASIC / centrelink bill and I'll help you take care of it.

      The vision is so much more than "Just another split bill app".
      Appreciate everyone actually giving Groupee a proper go 🙏🏼

      • Great, the remainder of my tax bill is due tomorrow, went to pay it and couldn't. Tried to pay ASIC instead and it seemed like it was working until it said transaction failed (yet the money has left both accounts) and the app went down right after.

        During the last promo I had no end of issues trying to sign up. Couldn't proceed without giving you access to all of my contacts, couldn't re-verify my card after the initial transactions were declined by my bank, couldn't remove the card and re-add it without contacting support. I spent the entire time just trying to setup my account, or waiting for the app to be working because it kept showing the "We'll be back" message. Despite this I kept at it and managed to pay 2 bills early during this Promo and let a lot of people know about this app.

        I feel like I have given Groupee a "proper go" but it's been nothing but issues.

        • Hey @Hintswen, appreciate the note - hopefully I can help out.

          Reason I disabled ATO was because it became evident that some users were simply taking advantage of us.
          It sucks that you've had a bad run and do thank you for sticking with it. All the measures we've put in place to secure our users has been done to basically stop the thieves and fraudsters.
          At the end of the day, we're doing everything we can to make this business a success, those trying to get around the system are really making it difficult 😔

          That all said, I do appreciate your honesty and feedback.

          With regards to going into maintenance mode, we've had no choice but to while we wait for funds to clear. Hopefully it should be back up later tonight.

          I appreciate you spreading the word about Groupee though.
          Groupee is supposed to be a way to pay for things with others. The convenience so you can get on with your shared experience.

          If you're stressing about your personal ATO bill, I suspect you're not going to be using Groupee once the cashback is over.

          In any case, if you're going to be late on your tax bill, I'm happy to personally pay for any late fee that you get.
          Send me an email at [email protected] and I'll help take care of it.

          • +2

            @davidtaing: For an app aimed at splitting payments, with the number of times it has suddenly been in maintenance mode I can no longer recommend it to anyone. Whats the point in using an app you don't know will work when you need it? Go to a restaurant with people with the intention of using this app to split the payments, confirm it works before you even get there and then when it comes time to pay the app goes down.

            Might as well stay with existing methods and not have to worry about getting everyone to sign up and worrying about if the app will be working or not. I can't consider this a backup to existing methods because it's less reliable and has higher fees, I can't consider this to be the main method due to the issues getting it setup making it a hassle for people over existing methods.

            Hopefully it gets better soon.

            • @Hintswen: Thanks @Hintswen, I respect and thank you for your feedback.
              Though it's a shame you wont be using Groupee anymore, I'm actually grateful and content with your reason.

              As I've mentioned, we're a startup with a small team and limited funding. As we grow, we'll continue to get more support.
              Prior to BPAY, we've helped thousands of our users split thousands of payments without major issues. We've had plenty of challenges and will continue to have more I'm sure. But the reasons you've given, though frustrating I know won't be an issue long term - so thank you.

              Thanks again, all the best @Hintswen

  • How can the Groupee card balance actually be used? Is it only through Apple Pay? Can it not be used as a funding source for BPay payments?

    • apple pay or online (tap the card to see the card number/expiry)

    • Yep, add your Groupee card to your wallet then you can tap-to-pay or select your Groupee card when paying with Apple Pay online.
      Otherwise as @Hintswen suggested, you can see your card credentials by tapping on your card in the app.

      • Why can’t the account balance be first used as a primary funding source, before taking more funds from my card? Right now if I have a small/odd Groupee balance that isn’t enough for paying anything, I’ll need to either load more funds from my card and pay fees, or let the balance sit useless in my account. Both of these options are probably beneficial for Groupee, but badly designed for users - who are the people who will build Groupee…

        • Hey @ercl - it's a great suggestion and actually something we have on our product roadmap. We don't have the team to build this out yet but it's definitely something I'm keen to roll out in future. Appreciate the feedback.

  • Made a BPAY payment on 13th April and unfortunately it doesn't seem to have arrived yet. Other that that, the cashback is loaded onto the card immediately.

  • For the Groupee card, is there any maximum limit per transaction that I can spend? E.g. if I want to buy a family TV or a computer worth $1,500 - $2,000, can I pay by ApplePay or pay online by entering the card details?

    Another question, for the foreign merchant (e.g. buying a gadget in US$ from an online store, would Groupee card has any Foreign Exchange surcharge fee?

    Thank you.

    • Hi @davidtaing , in case you could help to shade some light please.

  • How long does it take for referral rewards to come through? I've received neither the $5 reward or the extra cashback opportunity for a successful referral. Did some searching and found an old page that says it's only processed every Monday, but haven't received it today either.

    • +1

      The extra chance showed up on mine but it's slow. It seems to only appearing after maintenance, and only after I used up mine (so after the first 3x, then it's adding 1, then after I used that 1 extra too, it's showing 1 again now after Monday's maintenance - I've referred a few). The $5 reward is nowhere to be seen so far (also got email saying we'd get $5 for survey too that gave nothing either after I submit). So, for me, only the extra chance works.

      • Thanks for the info. Hey @davidtaing / Groupee reps, can you guys advise when the backlogged referral rewards will get processed? Please don't pull a Robinhood on us. Especially for the additional cashback opportunity since there's only 1 week left.

        • Hey all. Haha, no we're not pulling a Robinhood - getting through it all. To be transparent, the extra claims are being assessed manually which is why it's taking a bit of time. There's a few users clearly gaming the promo so we're assessing each on its merits.

          I can confirm there's no correlation between the maintenance and the extra claims - we're processing them as we go. With the survey cashbacks, we'll process these soon, we're just collating and going through it all as we'd received quite a large number of responses.

          Thanks for the support and patience all

  • +1

    Is there more information on this "Note: there are fees for using the service which are between 0.5% & 2% depending on payment methods."

    Also, it seems like BPAY payments take a while to go through. What's a good guideline, 2 weeks out?

    • +1

      Hey @firestint - Yep, so the fees details are in the FAQ ( - just to save pasting them here again.
      It's primarily because we get charged depending on which card you use as a funding source. We try to ease it up as much as we can depending on how big the group payment is though. We're working on bringing these down as much as we can as we grow. Always working with our suppliers to try and get a better deal so we can pass these on to you guys.

      With regards to BPAY, as mentioned above - we try to process these every night. BPAY doesn't process on weekends or public holidays so sometimes we end up with a bit of a backlog. When there's been big days, we've had to balance what we can so in these cases we've had to delay a day or two.

      In any case, we're always processing as much as quickly as we can. If you do make a BPAY payment and have any concerns with it, just email me on at [email protected] and I'll look into it for you.

      Hope that helps

      • Nice, appreciate it David

  • a little confused by this all still… so does the transaction go through as a credit card transaction to groupee and then groupee does the bpay payment?
    So for example i pay a water bill… on my cc statement i will just see Groupee and would have to look into groupee that it was a waterbill payment?

    • Hi @Essplicit - Yeah, that's how it will come through.

      Groupee has been designed for group payments - a way for people to pay together without having to send and request money to each other.
      If you're looking for a direct bill payment tool, then respectfully, Groupee is probably not the right app for you in this case.

      Hope that helps.

      • +1

        I was looking to pay bills related to house sharing, is this not the intention of the app?

        • Hi @Essplicit - apologies, I didn't mean it that way. Yes you're absolutely right, the house share use case is the one that will benefit most.

  • +2

    @davidtaing The app has been down since yesterday evening, a bit longer than usual?

    • -1

      Hey @feihong, yeah 😔there's a couple things preventing us from allowing users back on atm - that said, we should be back in action later tonight. Thanks for understanding.

      • Looks like it's still down. Hopefully it will be back up soon.

      • +4

        It's been down more often than not – out of 12 app launches, I have only been able to get in thrice. Definitely doesn't instill confidence that our bill will be paid on time. The app said it would be up again "Monday night", but now it's saying tonight.

        Just sayin', I've never had this issue with Beem It.

        • -4

          Hey @itsfree, sigh 😔yeah, we're aware and believe me, it's hurting us more than it's hurting you.

          We're a different product to Beem It but understand the sentiment. We're also an independent early stage startup, and not something created by the big banks like Beem It.

          There's a handful of users who are continually maxing out their payments and appear to be prepaying bills simply to make use of the cashback. To be clear, this is the cause of our issues at the moment.
          Our product is robust and stable, but the activity of a few has caused issues with our funds flow.

          We're going to publically end the promo early, but going to manually verify bills for the remainder of the month.
          If you would still like a bill paid and the cashback, email me your bill to [email protected].

          Apologies to those who aren't trying to prepay their bills.

          • @davidtaing: Do we have to email before making the transaction or after?

            • @iBargain: Hey @iBargain, we're still going to process all BPAY bills that are paid - but we're manually processing cashbacks. If you have a legitimate bill, then you can pay it now and email through your bill after. I'll make sure you get sorted.

              • @davidtaing: Hey David,

                I'll put my hand up and admit that I'm one of the people who used this to the maximum advantage (and have run out of cashbacks now anyway - my referrals didn't credit but I can see you've been manually doing them to people who haven't been maxing it out… fair's fair!). Happy to provide some feedback on the app in return for the bonuses you've given me if there's somewhere useful I can provide it too.

                That being said - had a family member who I referred (who's also been prepaying bills) just use the service for what would have been his third cashback and there was no notification it wasn't going to process (he doesn't use Ozbargain!). What are the chances of getting this manually credited, or the payment refunded?

          • +3

            @davidtaing: Appreciate it, but I decided to just pay the bills using Beem It. They have a decent bill giveaway running right now too.

            • @itsfree: Hey what promo they have for Beemit at the moment?

            • @itsfree: @itsfree, ouch - but I appreciate the update. Good luck in their competition.

  • Hey Groupee,

    So I logged on tonight. Ready to pay 3 bills.

    Paid the first one - went smooth.

    Tried to pay the second one (Council Bill) and got told there was an error. Tried another 2 more times and then looks like I got hard logged out of the app.

    A while later I receive a call from my bank advising me of suspected fraud. I check the account and there’s 3 payments for my half of the same bill I was trying to pay.

    Definitely don’t want to pay my council bills 9 months in advance. Please help!

    • Hey @grocerygetter, we can see your payments and we'll make sure it's all corrected as need be.

      See my post above, but shoot us an email of your bills and we'll be sure to get them sorted for you.
      Thanks and appreciate your understanding.

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