Weber Smokey Joe 14" Portable Grill $68 + Delivery ($0 with First) @ Kogan


Quite amazing price for a real Weber BBQ

They've been for such price on PRESALE for a while, but now, it seems, they have arrived and ready for shipping. Direct import I guess.

Plated steel cooking grate
Heavy-gauge steel charcoal grate
Porcelain-enamelled bowl and lid
Rust-resistant aluminium damper
Aluminium ash catcher

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  • Is this a good idea for someone's first Weber?
    Can anyone vouch for it?

    • it is a portable bbq, good to take for a picnic.

      If you have a small family and want a fully functional Weber, I'd consider this (10 cm smaller than usual 57cm Weber Original)

    • It's big enough for two, and small enough to take with you. I prefer the GA but this is a good price for the Joe. It would be enough to experiment and learn with, I'd still reccomend a full size weber.

    • I'd personally go for the jumbo Joe. Gives you a little more room with minimal extra footprint. We've recently started using ours and is much more convenient.

    • I've got a BBQ Galore no brand equivalent and it's been going fine for about 6 years. I paid $35 bucks regular price. It stays outside in all weather and it's only just starting to get a little rust on the carry handle. Used at least once a week and I can cook for 3 on it easily. Enamel is good quality and is holding up fine. I did chip down to the metal when I dropped it so I just used a $2 can of automotive spray to touch it up.

      Takes about 20-25 minutes to get heat beads to cooking state and I use this time to get other stuff done so it's never wasted time. I cook with the lid closed a lot and mine has quite a high lid. Gets a nice smokey flavour. Chicken, corn in the husk, thick rib eye etc fit under easily. This one looks to have a very low lid so you couldn't fit much under it I suspect.

      The beads/coals last quite a while with the lid down so you'd be able to slow-ish cook stuff. Not for 6 hours though although you can always chuck a few extra beads or bits of charcoal in as you go I guess. It depends on the fuel as well. Charcoal burns hotter but not as long as heat beads. Good luck with your choice.

      • Any chance you could link the one you have?

        • Man that was so long ago. And I think I just did a walk in because the JB was next door. I can't even see one on their website. Honestly, like tightm8 says below you can go to a number of places and pick up a cheapie. Before the BBQ galore one I had a Coles $15 one that they have on sale most summers. It worked quite well for many many years until it rusted out. My bad because I left it outside and water got into the screws holding the legs on. Otherwise it was still OK. I think at the time the Weber table tops were pretty expensive and again they didn't have the high lid. My advice now would be to either get a cheap solid fuel table top or a small gas unit depending on what your patience level is like and if you want to do long, slow cooking. If you have no patience then get gas. Plus with the gas ones you can often get a hot plate which is good for onions, burgers etc. I'm sticking with my solid fuel one as I get the results I want and it even has a warming rack. I reckon it will last another 6 years at least.

      • I think it is like 50/50 game – many of those BBQs end up in the landfill after a half a year. With Weber you can expect some positive experience, longevity and resale value. I sold my my 10 years old Weber Kettle One (non Premium) for $130 when was relocating and 5 years old Go Anywhere for around $100.
        But if I knew for sure that a non weber barbie would give the same experience as a weber one for 1/3 cost – I'd go with it.

    • For your first weber, I would suggest weber q. And I vouch weber with my ozbargain membership.

  • Is it big enough to fit a small leg of lamb? Looks like a shallow lid..

  • I’ve got one and the Jumbo variant which is slightly larger. This one is good for say cooking a steak, skewers or anything hot and fast. The coals sit quite close to the grill and as pointed out the lid doesn’t have a ton of clearance for optimal air flow.

    I use mine frequently, mainly with charcoal rather than heat beads for that direct style cooking. The low and slow is done on the std Weber and other cookers. You can get a riser and rotisserie from Kettle BB Bits on FB for the Jumbo which gives more clearance and a rotisserie option for that model. I’ve done some low and slow on that one too with decent results. I’ve not seen the same accessories for this model.

    At this price I’d absolutely get one no question, it’s a great cooker if used won’t find a better quality portable cooker at this size for the money.

  • This or Weber go?

    • If they were priced as close as usual (GA is $10 dearer), I'd go with GA without a doubt - more practical layout, deeper, easier to pack in a car boot, better for kebabs.
      But in this particular case the lower price can came into the play.

  • -1 vote

    This would be great to cook a roast quail….

  • If you're in Sydney's West and if you don't really need to have the 'Weber' bragging rights, I highly recommend just getting a similar sized one from one of the million 'Lebanese Grocer' shops out there. I saw one of them at a mates BBQ, picked one up for $35 and haven't looked back since.

  • Serious question, but can this be used for smoking briskets?

  • I wouldn't bother with one of these. You're better off with a Jumbo joe. At least you can butterfly a whole chicken and cook it on there.
    If you keep the chicken whole it would touch the roof.

    These are a bit too small along with the go anywhere. It's a shame but it's true.

    Source: Weber specialist.

    • They just wanted to sell you a big one :) It is a portable BBQ, you can take it with you for a picnic, make a steak or sausages on the beach, not a Christmas turkey. It is not supposed to replace a standard BBQ.

    • BTW, this one and Go Anywhere have been in this world way longer than Jumbo Joe, they are not totally rubbish ;)

      • Dude, I'm a Weber specialist.. I know the whole history of Weber dating back to 1950s.

        The go anywhere has issues with indirect roasting due to limited cooking space.

        The Jumbo joe has come and gone then appeared again due to popularity. Most consumers tend to go a Jumbo joe or Baby Q for portability and practicality.

        No Weber BBQ is rubbish, they have a 10 year warranty for a reason, but some aren't practical, like the go anywhere and smokey Joe because you can get a 19" cooking surface and a lot more support with aftermarket accessories like the slow n sear, not to mention one of the best carry bags and covers available!

        You can even get $20 off at BCF with making a new account. That brings the Jumbo joe to $149.

        • Haha :) I had Go Anywhere a long time ago, was quite happy with it, but replaced it with BabyQ due to the those years fire bans. Now I have BabyQ for some quick stuff and picnics. And 57cm Kettle Premium with Gourmet system for big things, slow and low and good steaks.
          I've never considered Go Anywhere or Smokey Joe for somethining bigger than a steak. For this purpose Smokey Joe for $68 is a great deal IMO.

        • +1 vote

          Theres a lot more to the weber ga than you know about

          Many people have a ga as the 2nd charcoal grill and the ga v joe disucssion is common and the general concensus is ga as being the better choice

    • I'm hoping for Bunnings to flog those Kamado Pit Bosses for cheap again.

  • Showing as $58.81 and free delivery with Kogan First now :)