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AMD Ryzen 5 5600X CPU (Tray Version) $459 Delivered @ MetroCom eBay


Good price with free shipping, even for a SI tray model (no retail packaging or cooler)

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  • For those who prefer Retail/Boxed Version with Wraith Cooler - $20 more from the same eBay Store.

    • Wraith cooler itself is worth a lot more than $20.

      • Yeah but you have to go to the hassle of selling it on again, I still have my coolers for my 2600 and 3600, save the $20 and the hassle and invest in a proper cooler anyway?

      • I struggled to sell Prism cooler here in Perth for $20, but I know some SI sell it for $50, not sure how they go with selling it at that price.

        I think people bothered with swapping a stealth or spire to Prism will buy a ID cooling or Cooler Master AIO for $70

        • I'm in the same boat, two wraith stealth coolers in Perth and nobody wants them, not even if I give them away for free! I hear they're fairly good but are loud which I think deters people from using them (did for me anyway). Plus, decent aftermarket cooling is surprisingly cheap making it a preferred option

      • Nah the wraith stealth is really not worth more than $20. It was way too loud even with my 3100. You can get a decent tower cooler for $30-$40 dollars and you'd be doing yourself a favour (Id-cooling se-224xt, Deepcool Gamaxx 400, Silverstone AR12)

      • Wraith Stealth cooler is basically the AMD version of Intel Stock Cooler. AKA rubbish
        It only offer a small aluminum block with no copper contact nor heat pipe, and a fan around 80mm, which is basically a intel stock cooler.

        It's even worse than the new Intel Cooler out from the i7/i9 box, at least this cooler from i7 comes with a copper joint on the middle.

        The only reason keeping the cooler is for warranty purpose.

        But Buying the retail version get 3 year warranty, and the tray version should be 1 year only.

  • 11600kf putting the squeeze on

    • you'd be silly to get an F processor from Intel for the price diff. Onboard GPU is just worth it regardless and is the only + for Intel atm vs AMD.
      Speaking from someone with a dead 980ti GPU for the past 2mths and can't get a decent replacement thanks to crazy prices. Onboard GPU is lifesaver.

      • My 3770's came in very handy when it was relegated to a secondary rig, and my 6700K's helped maintain my sanity while troubleshooting a video card issue. Didn't expect when I bought those CPUs that I'd ever have any use for the integrated GPU.

      • Have you been checking second hand on eBay…

  • Watch as they go out of stock as I finish typing this…

  • The retail 5600x with fan is regularly available on Amazon AU via Amazon us for about $430-$450aud delivered.

    Expect it to take 2-3 weeks however. Ignore the ETA dates of 2-3 months.

    • Funny story. I once ordered a 3900XT from Amazon UK, took them 3 weeks, and I got an empty box, someone in their distribution centre stole the CPU. But they did gave me a refund eventually.

      • Amazon make strange mistakes sometimes. I ordered a kids book and got a 3600.

      • +10 votes

        I ordered the 5600x from Amazon US and it probably got delayed due to easter… i contacted supported as it was past the due date… they refunded me immediately and said it most likely is lost. Today it arrived… and i can keep it…. however no warranty since i can see the original invoice and then a follow up one showing a reversal.

        Funny thing is they even gave me $10 amazon credit when i complained… saying i waited quite awhile for it to arrive. They said if it was Amazon AU they would have sent another 5600x out to me but couldn't do it for Amazon US.

        • So u mean u got a 5600x for free? XD
          Just wondering the reason for no warranty is it's you have got it refund or we can't get warranty when we purchased it via Amazon US?

          • @Leooooooo: yeah it was free haha.

            well the no warranty bit is because of the refund as there no longer a valid tax invoice.

            You do get warranty with Amazon itself 1 year (doesn't matter UK OR US). The rest is manufacturer warranty.. im not sure if AMD covers international but if they don't u would need to post to america to get it fixed. However, i think CPU's don't fail so easily plus its small and light. Easily shipped.

        • The same thing happened to me with a 10TB external drive from Amazon US. I messaged them to ask them to chase the courier and they refunded it. When it arrived a while later, I messaged them again and they said I could keep the drive and the refund.

  • Is this worth getting over the Ryzen 5 3600 if I'm into 3440x1440p gaming?

    • Won't see any difference. If you need productivity then 5600X is worth considering.

    • This is the best comparison I could find.


      Seems neglible at 4K gaming, what mobo and GPU do you have ?

      • I have a 1080ti but I was thinking about future proofing if it's value for money.

        I plan to replace my Sandy Bridge mobo, it's going to fail anytime.

        • What makes you say that? I'm still running Yorkfield and planning on upgrading to Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge lol

          • @Trance N Dance: Haha my audio is crackling every now and then. My monitor loses its connection from time to time when I start gaming or in the middle of gaming.

            My theory is a power cable to the GPU is failing and cannot deliver enough and that's affecting some of the audio.

            I replugged the cable and it's mostly fine except the occasionally cracking audio.

            This system was built in 2010!

      • Thanks Nomad.

        Was considering getting rid of the 3700X for the 5600X but the only benchmarks where there is a significant gain are all in 1080p lol.

        Gaming at 3840x1600 so CPU would make less of an impact, I guess.

        Skipping on the 5600X I guess!

  • Close to twice the price of a tray 3600 and nowhere near twice the performance for those interested.

    If your gaming at 1440p you don't need this. If your doing productivity workload you also want something different. Tbh this is a bit of a nothing product in the current market at this price.

    • Would you recommend the 5900/5950x or something else for productivity? Dealing with large datasets, spreadsheets and video rendering

      • +1 vote

        More cores defs better for productivity, but then 59xx is very expensive right now, 39xx on the other hand seems to be better value if you just want productivity. And with video rendering, depending on what software you are using, GPU rendering is so so much faster.

        • GPU rendering creates huge file sizes and isn't suitable.

          Mm okay thanks. Might think about holding out until Zen 4. Could be a while

          • +1 vote

            @lawyerz: That's interesting to know, I'm only a hobbyist when it comes to rendering but for my use cases GPU rendering seems to be good enough with Blender and Premiere Pro.
            I'm using a 5900x now and had a 3900x before, there are differences but it's not day and night. If you aren't in a rush to upgrade then yea wait for the next gen you might get PCIE5 and DDR5.

          • @lawyerz: The 5800x might be worth your while, if you can get it for $500-600ish. I have a 3600 at the moment and I’ll probably just wait until zen 4, the benefits probably won’t be worth your while though so I’d just wait for zen 4 / ddr5

      • Get a used 3950x? you can grab a bargain now

    • What if you are doing a bit of both?

    • 5800X was only $560 delivered not that long ago prob worth the extra $100

  • I recommend people should get the Intel equivalent, as we're approaching Winter and it also be useful as a heater for your room.

  • Bought the full version with fan recently from Amazon US for A$429.60 delivered.

    • Just checked today and they're back over $500, nice buy. :)

      • Just check every day. They seem to be renewing stock quite a bit. I had the same. Day later it was available again, and as soon as I ordered it, it went back up. So they must be running a low inventory…

        • Yep I bought mine for a similar price 2 weeks ago.
          Should be delivered next week (currently in Sydney).

          Put a price alert in with honey and camelcamel as it comes back in stock every few days. Honey was definitely quicker in my experience.

          Do note that the estimated delivery dates are usually 2-3 months away. But won't take anywhere near that long