[WA] Greyhound Adoptions $75 (Usually $350) @ Greyhounds as Pets


Win first place in their heart and adopt a greyhound during this year’s Greyhound Adoption Month, with $75 adoptions during April 2021.

Greyhounds are affectionate and sweet natured dogs who love human companionship. Despite their big appearance, greyhounds do not need vast amounts of space, in fact they thrive in urban spaces. They are very adaptable and equally suited to large properties, suburban homes, units and even apartments. They are low maintenance pets who enjoy a 15-20 minute walk each day, and sleep for up to 20 hours per day.

Adoptions through GAP are usually $350, but for adoption month they are discounted to $75!

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Greyhound as Pets, Racing and Wagering WA
Greyhound as Pets, Racing and Wagering WA


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    They are noble animals.


    • A neighbour who adopted a Greyhound was only able to take her's out in the street and park with a muzzle in case it went after small dogs and cats. She had to get it trained especially to make it street safe and afterwards it was given a "green collar" to show it was safe and could go out without a muzzle.
      It is the sweetest dog and I would recommend one as a pet but the O.P should give full disclosure as to the special training an ex-racing greyhound requires. Many have been "blooded" and they need to be re-programmed with training.

      • Most states have removed the requirement for muzzles or special training now.

      • Full disclosure- your neighbour’s experience isn’t necessarily regular. My grey didn’t require special training and raced for years in NSW. They need support to adapt to home life as their pre rescue life often involves very little socialisation, a concrete cage and intermittent feeding, as determined by what can make them the most profitable for their slave masters.
        They also already know things like toileting pretty well, so to make them sound like some kinda huge effort if the alternative is getting a puppy or other rescue, is not really fair.

        • Are you in nsw? Where do you get your greyhound from?

        • also vouch for this. my grey was toilet trained, and a beautiful gentle soul. no special training required.
          she hates cats, but so do 90% of any other dogs, regardless of breed, so i feel that point isn't really relevant.

        • Nice work dude taking one on…

        • Another thing that's worth pointing out is that these creatures don't require a lot of exercise/activity contrary to the popular belief. They are perfectly happy to sit around or sleep for very long periods of time on a regular basis. If you live in a flat or a small house, this is probably a very good dog as it's a "couch potato" type creature.

          The most "activity" I had with my greyhound was, wait for it, watching Netflix while sitting on the couch. I'm not sure all Greyhounds can, but you wouldn't believe how mine could sleep through the movie noise. It would may be slightly raise its head and open one eye during scenes of explosions and such, only to quickly go back to sleep. Such gentle, loving, and low-maintenance creatures that expects very little from you.

      • Greyhounds from this agency come with the green collar already.

  • Please nsw….

  • I think its good they didnt make the adoptions free, however I find it souring that gap is part of racing Australia. For people against greyhound racing it becomes paradoxical to adopt through this program.

    • At least they end up in a loving home. xx

      • Judging by this being in Oz bargain they will be eating bulk buy foods LOL!

        Or discount feeds haha

        I really want one

        • I’ve had one. Passed recently. Will never get another breed. Most beautiful and regal dogs. Repugnant how Australia treats them. Even the US is moving away from racing but we cling to it like the economy will collapse without it.

    • I am confused at the concept tho
      if all they offer for adoptions is Greyhounds, and they charge money for it, which I understand the model of charging for adoptions, but…greyhounds only…
      aren't they just breeders…who sell their dogs?

      ?? ._.

      • Money is to get them registered and immunised I guess..

      • These greyhounds arent bred to be pets, theyre bred for racing. All the dogs they have for adoption are ex racing dogs.

          • @Kundi: Are you saying racing isn’t unfortunate? Or that you aren’t saving a dog? Have you been living under a rock the last five years or? You know what happens if they don’t get adopted out?
            You aren’t paying to buy a racing dog. You’re paying to adopt a dog that has been abused and exploited from day one. I can’t imagine living in 2021, having internet access and being this ignorant tbh. It’s incredulous.

          • @Kundi: 'old stock'…….. (mod: edited)
            a street dog can go on living, albeit not a fantastic life. If a greyhound wont race anymore, has an injury, even a minor one, and if one of these agencies dont step in to try rehome them, the trainer just shoots them, cheaper than feeding a dog that wont race. They frequently kill dogs on the track if they have a tumble as well. cheaper than paying for vet bills. so yes, this is very much 'adoption' and saving a life.

            • @pixelvandal:

              this is very much 'adoption' and saving a life.

              Or another view, this adoption is incentivising the mass breeding of dogs, most of which are treated worse than dirt.
              It is the equivalent of buying a slave to set it free. It feels like the right thing to do, but in the long run you are contributing to the slave trading industry.

              • @1st-Amendment: The breeder doesn't get the $75. No one is out there breeding dogs specifically to adopt out. It's an unfortunate part of the industry that so many dogs are bred to try and get the next big winner.

                • @McFodder: But if there's no-one buying dogs, there will be no people taking dogs off racers, making their life a little more difficult as they will have to murder and dispose of all of their own dead dogs.

      • They're dogs that are bred solely for racing. These are either ones that didn't prove to be fast enough during their early races (if they got that far) or are past their prime. Either way, they're bred to run and win, if they don't they get killed or adopted.

        My wife used to work near Cannington greyhounds many years ago. She used to pass the bins with the legs of dead dogs sticking out. It's got better than that since then. A bit.

        • My wife used to work near Cannington greyhounds many years ago. She used to pass the bins with the legs of dead dogs sticking out.

          Man humans really can be (profanity) awful.

        • that won't be very nice for the waste recovery centre. they might have to stop everything just to properly dispose of it. maybe it might end up in landfill. usually, the small carcasses (birds, rabbits, etc) end up in landfill particularly if bagged.

          the greenbin is the right bin to choose. decomposes well together witb gardem waste. /dig a hole.

          • @hex7272: Say what?! Hate to see your suggestions for the horsing industry.

          • -16 votes

            @hex7272: I mean, your comment isn't as bad as it sounds ,but I think the original comment is too vague!
            Were they ALIVE in the BINS? or…well, dead? naturally? beaten?

            Regardless, death shouldn't be feared, part of life! you're definitely correct.

            • @Kundi: Ah yes, greyhounds shouldn’t fear being murdered because death is part of life. They should embrace being exploited through racing, breeding or being sent to China for their meat.
              There’s levels of stupidity and then there is every comment you’ve made on this post.

            • @Kundi: You seem really incompetent at arguing. Or your moral compass is way off. Either way I hope you never own a dog.

            • @Kundi: No idea. Just gave a run down of using council rubbish bins as a burial. Key Takeaway:
              - Council Bins are NOT to be used for disposal of dead animals.
              - It will trouble the recovery facility
              - However, the disposal in the GREEN Bin is permitted by the council. This is material that can be broken down and reused.

      • It’s an industry body that fosters them out and then adopts them as otherwise they’d be deemed “wastage” and killed. Looking mad ignorant right now my dude.

        • It participates in legitimising a cruel and unethical industry.

        • Yeah, back up the industry that disposes them , blame me for saying I'd rather save other dogs? Lol

          • @Kundi: Please save other dogs. A greyhound doesn’t deserve to have to live with someone like you. They’d probably wish they were back at the track.

            • @VictoriousBboy: That's a lot to say for somebody you haven't met in real life! Who knows? It's the internet and you always have so many guises.

              Kundi could be on the brink of death with cancer. I'm sure your message enlightens him/her.

    • 100% agree and one of the major reasons stopping me from getting one. We got a good look into the industry 5+ years ago and this program just fuels it.

      As a hypothetical, I would totally jump on this if it was part of a program which closed the industry for good and had to rehome all dogs but given what happened after the ABC exposé (i.e. not much), I doubt this will happen.

      • There are other rehoming groups in WA though? Not just the industry run group. There is also “Free the Hounds”, who have been responsible for changing breed specific legislation in WA relating to muzzling laws. They are purely advocacy, but if you want to see racing end (like it sounds you do), they do a lot of important and excellent work.

      • Its a predicament but ultimately change wont come about from people choosing not to adopt these poor animals. The adoptions are a drop in the ocean for how many are actually being destroyed by racing. Better to save some and lobby for change than to save none and have the industry continue anyway.

    • Yeah, i wouldn't support an industry like this. There are plenty of others that are financially separate from the racing industry. Like Greyhound Angels, GAWA, etc.

      A cheap adoption fee should only serve to encourage those to adopt earlier who where going to adopt anyway.

  • Coco never won another race, but she did have a son! Dad called him, Son of Coco

  • Interesting post, thanks OP.

  • Highly highly recommend a greyhound. We have a retired racer and she is the most beautiful girl. She's never needed a muzzle and not all ex racers will need to be re trained. Grey's are clean, quiet, sleep a bunch and generally have a sweet personality. I've had a few breeds and after having one grey, I'd adopt more in a heartbeat if I could.

    • They are so friendly and calm :)

      I remember seeing a grey realise it could dig a hole for the first time, was super excited and kept doing zooms then going back to dig a bit more.

  • A simpler solution would be to simply stop racing animals for our enjoyment. Want to watch something runaround in a circle? Watch a human who has made the choice to do so and can stop at any time they wish.

    • But it's unethical to cull the humans if they're not winning races! /s

    • From GAPs website:

      When a greyhound retires from the racing industry, at any age, RWWA will aim to achieve every healthy and behaviourally sound greyhound being rehomed.

      "When a greyhound retires?" More like "When there's no further value for us to exploit from them."

      This mob is basically selling their waste products and trying to appease their own cognitive dissonance. Might as well "adopt" from breeders or butchers.

      If you really care there are better places to adopt from.

      • These are still just a drop in the ocean - choosing not to save these animals because you think it will stop racing is patently wrong. The only real way to stop it is to stop gambling on animals - fight the cause of the issue not the by-product.

        • There are plenty of animals to save, even more so by not partaking in the behaviours that require us breeding them into existence in the first place.

          This thread and this website exemplify the moral schizophrenia humans have towards other animals.

          • @afoveht: Wow, what a toxic attitude. How about instead of getting on a soapbox and ranting that greyhound racing is wrong, which, to be honest, I agree with you. But just accept the fact that, right now, it is not illegal and these animals need homes. Taking this attitude of "there are much better places to get a dog" is completely nonsensical.

          • @afoveht: Maybe another example will help. Coca-cola funds many programs to clean up plastics despite causing the plastic pollution in the first place. You are suggesting people should not join those programs and leave the pollution where it is. I'm suggesting we should clean up the plastic (save the dogs) as well as lobby the company for more sustainable production (stop gambling on animals).

            • @trentgibbo: But what if there was an option to support an organisation that isn't responsible for the current treatment of greyhounds? There are plenty of independent greyhound rescue groups. Why not give your money to them instead?

              The industry uses GAP rehoming statistics to justify its continuation.

            • @trentgibbo: I agree with your points and am honestly still undecided on this topic.If it is true that GAP is part of Racing Australia, then the issue for me is that your money goes back into the system. I feel like it is the similar to getting a discounted dog from a puppy farm as opposed to adopting from an animal rescue group.

            • @trentgibbo:

              Coca-cola funds many programs to clean up plastics despite causing the plastic pollution in the first place.

              That isn't an accurate analogy.
              Coke doesn't cause pollution, it creates Coke, and people who buy Coke choose to cause pollution or not (see here to see who creates most of it: https://www.statista.com/chart/12211/the-countries-polluting...). It's about personal responsibility.
              In the case of Greyhound racing, every breeder and dog owner knows their action will result in dead dogs. 'Saving' a greyhound doesn't improve this behaviour, it encourages it.
              If you want to save a dog, save a breed that isn't specifically bred by a person knowing that it will be killed

              • @1st-Amendment: Your argument is the same as guns don't kill people, people do. If you don't like my analogy you can use oil companies instead.
                Saving a greyhound means nothing to the vast majority of the people betting.

                • @trentgibbo: No.

                  Big cola and big oil do not profit directly from making pollution; if fact if they could save money by making less they would do that themselves without any external force required. Pollution is an unintentional consequence. OTOH greyhound racers, as a matter of necessity, need to breed many animals in order to select winners.

                  Some harms are intentional and direct, others are unintentional and indirect. Sure, there's a point where indirect harms become negligence and can be viewed as direct, and many hours in courtrooms play this weighing up game, but they are qualitatively different. Also, issues of like pollution are general in nature and across many industries; the issue at hand is very specific.

                  There may be a future world where we have Coke without pollution. There is absolutely no future world where people who breed sentient beings to fulfill human pleasures are doing the right thing.

                  • @afoveht: By your argument the racing industry should be making money off killing dogs, rather than racing them. I think you mean quantitatively different as well, considering you would want something measurable. Im just saying you can save a dogs life and try and fix the root of the problem. They are not mutually exclusive.