Qantas American Express Premium Card - 75,000 Qantas Points + $249 Cashback ($3,000 Spend in 3 Months Required), $249 Annual Fee


Receive 75,000 Bonus Qantas Points and get $249 back when you apply online on this page by 26 April 2021, are approved and spend $3,000 on your new Card within the first 3 months.

For new applicants who have not hold an American Express card in the preceding 18 months only.

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Business Explorer Card: random (2)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (20)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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  • What’s the time limit for a previous customerto be considered ‘new’ again?

    Is it 12 months?

    • 18 months for amex

      • Card Members who currently hold or who have previously
        held any Card product issued by American Express Australia Limited in the preceding 18 month
        period are ineligible for this Bonus Qantas Points offer and Statement Credit.

        Are there any AMEX cards that are NOT issued by AMEX direct?

  • Annual fee? What is this? It is foreign to me.

  • Wonder if there's a hidden promo link for the Ultimate card…

  • Looks like 75K points gets you $350 in gift cards.

  • Shit, just got my points for the last same Amex card offer of 80K points for $49.

    This is a pretty good deal though. I have nothing but great things to say about Amex. Fast approval, fast crediting of the big Qantas points to your frequent flyer account. Very much hassle free.

    • Likewise - not fussed, 5K points is worth at least $50 anyway so pretty much the same. Definitely recommend this card.

    • Have everything to say about Amex. Used to be the easiest to get approved now been rejected twice and no way to find out the reason. All other banks have been fine with approval.

      • same same, I thought I'd give it a go, but they were quick to call me back and ask again income and told me not approved…

  • This will be a nice card to use while I wait to be eligble for other cards, thanks BourksterAu :)

    Process was so simple and I'm already approved !
    Much better process when compared to the previous cards I've had (first Amex)

  • Thanks, gave it a crack!

  • Why is this better than the 75,000 bonus Qantas Points and $0 first year annual fee with the ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum on pointhacks?

    • 2k credit limit required, as opposed to the 6k for the ANZ, as well as AMEX benefits such as the controversial shop small, statement offers, and other bonus points deals

    • AMEX has limited support from small vendors, I will be going for ANZ over AMEX…

    • also if you've already held an ANZ in the past 12 months (easier to cycle between)

    • ANZ has 0.75 QFF / $ whereas AMEX is 1.0 QFF. In addition to the other points above. Although ANZ does have slightly better insurance inclusions imo

    • They are similar tier cards, nothing is really stopping you from taking advantage of both offers.

    • why not both?

    • Because ANZ is a massive PITA whose application process is filled with nonsensical criteria and unless you have the most vanilla of financial arrangements, the application process is not worth your time, effort, and stress.

      I applied for both of these cards (ANZ Premier and this Qantas Premium but with 80k points + $200 statement credit) earlier this year, ANZ first. ANZ were still faffing around going backwards and forwards sending more and more paperwork, by the time I received the Amex card (approved within 24 hours, card arrived within the week). The entire ANZ saga lasted over a month from start to finish, made all the worse by the fact that you can't call their Credit Card department, you have to email them, and wait for them to call you back.

      ANZ stuffed up so badly they actually opened an account for me, had it open for a couple of weeks, and then closed it, because the application had been rejected somewhere else along the way.

      I will be going to every other bank/offer possible before trying ANZ again.

      Another + in the Amex column, when I hit the spend requirement the points and the statement credit came through super quick. Have had no bad experiences whatsoever with Amex.

      In case it helps anyone else before they take the hit on their credit report from a refusal, ANZ don't count any offset savings against your mortgage you currently have, and they also do their calculations on your expenses based on P&I for mortgages, even if they are interest only for the next 5 years.

      • Yeah anz approval process has been horrendous. Ask for 6 payslips, banks statement, tax file summary and a bunch of other stuff. Definitely not worth it.

      • classic ANZ

      • Can't agree more. Last time I had them was in late 2019, and they went thru the whole six calls and six rounds of payslips before approving.

        Applied for the Visa Qantas platinum last month and they rejected me, even though credit score was pretty good. Also took a hit on my credit score cos of their enquiry, so I said you know what, I ain't giving up til I get it.

        Got callback once in the first week saying should be no issues, that a credit assessor will get back in touch with you via phone. Didn't happen. Emailed them, crickets. Rang ANZ Australia and they promised a phone call. Still crickets. Facebook Messenger: empty promises.

        Finally left a scathing comment on their Faceboo page, and lo and behold, two days later , SMS approval. Card arrived in the mail a few days later.

        Whole process took a little over a month. Never again.

    • Amex is much easier.
      I just got conditionally approved within 60 seconds.

      ANZ made me jump through hoops.
      And they are very difficult to communicate with.
      My application with them is still open after 2 weeks of back and forth.

  • I regret getting my AMEX without a points sign up bonus. I got the Discovery Qantas card, as it was the best one for my needs, with the second best being this premium card. The only issue is that now I have the discovery card at no annual fee, and it being my everyday card, I can't really let it go now. AMEX has without a doubt the best customer service out of any credit/bank provider.
    I wouldn't want to cancel my card, and then wait the 18 months to join with them again.

    • Same boat :( 18 months is quite long to miss out their on going deals (pretty crap recently tho)

    • Might be worth getting a DJ’s Amex next time they offer a decent sign up bonus. Get that, cancel the Discovery card and wait out the 18 months on the DJ’s card.

      You’d have to pay 2 $99 fees in that period, but 45k MR/22.5k QFF from a sign up bonus would negate that.

      • I’m not eligible for the DJ’s Platinum card, and the normal one is only 7500 QFF points on sign up.

      • If what you’re saying is correct, then it’s only a 30k signup bonus once you factor in the annual fees. Not as much of a deal anymore, however still alright. Reason being I’d have new statements, new card numbers, new direct debits. Overall a bit of a pain in the ass, then I’d change back in 18 months

  • How are AMEX cards compared to other bank CCs that's QFF?

    I'm assuming many CC churners here are not first home buyers..

    • I am, how does CC churn affect first home buying?

      • I had to provide closure letters to my broker for each card I'd closed.
        If you have any open credit cards, they will affect your borrowing capacity.

        Other than that, it had no adverse affect on my application.

        • Yep that's what happened to me. The broker/bank mortgage officer even told me I could close it and re-open after I got the mortgage lol

  • I have a corporate credit card through work (appears on my credit score) - does anyone know if that invalidates the offer for me?

    • I too have a corporate amex through work - it doesn't appear on my credit file. I didn't go through a credit assessment for it - sounds like you did… You sure its not in your actual name and you are liable if its not paid?

  • I got rejected for two other credit card applications last night, then saw this just now and thought why not, I am feeling a little frisky. Got approved right away.

  • Currently have Qantas Amex Essential (no annual fee), would I be eligible?

    • Same vein, i have a Qantas Amex Discovery (no annual fee), would I be eligible?

      edit: spoke via livechat, not eligible

    • I had a Qantas branded card that was issued by Citi. It looks like their Amex cards are issued directy. Which would mean you'd be ineligble (unless there was a time Qantas issued them)

  • Does clicking the "go to deal" provide a kickback to the original poster?

  • If I got the AMEX card back and January (and cancelled already) would I still get the bonus points ?

    • Its in the T&Cs:

      Card Members who currently hold or who have previously held any Card product issued by American Express Australia Limited in the preceding 18 month period are ineligible for this Bonus Qantas Points offer and Statement Credit.

      I canned my old Amex in Jan 2020, so I've been holding out, but can't do until around June 2021

  • you can fly to NZ return

  • If someone uses my referral link, do they get the 75,000 points and $249 cashback?

  • Really tempting but most of my recurring costs are online out of my credit card and most online places do not accept an AMEX credit card. How do you guys manage?

    • If they accept Paypal/Google Pay/Apple Pay you can link your amex to that and pay via those methods. I've racked up a heap of spending on my amex in the past with just paypal

      • If they accept Apple Pay, and not AMEX (like KFC), you’ll get a warning saying it’s not accepted and to pick something else

  • If you are after Qantas points then this is pretty good. A few weeks ago there was the American Express Explorer card which came with 145,000 Amex points which converts to 72,500 Krisflyer or Asia Miles (Cathay Pacific), or 96,666 Marriott Points. Advantage of this card is you can keep the points as Amex points until you decide what you want to use them.

    I can see that deal is marked as expired, but looking at it just now i still see 145,000 bonus points on offer mentioned in the Highlights and terms and conditions.

    Link to that deal if its of interest to anyone… Amex Explorer Deal

    It has a $400 annual fee, but includes $400 travel credit which may be easier to make use of than Qantas credit.

  • Can anyone figure out exactly when you get the $249 back? I don't want to be getting credited on day 366.

    • I did this card last time it was offered, and 3 days after I did the min spend I got the $249 back (which is probably just when the transactions were no longer pending). And the bonus points showed in my Amex account at the same time, and then transferred into QFF a few days before the statement was issued. And the $249 fee is charged on the last day of the first statement.

      Amex are really prompt and straightforward with rewards & applications, they're the Gold standard that the banks should learn from (most especially citibank and ANZ, whose applications processes can be awful and very frustrating).

  • I find that Amex isn't accepted everywhere and if they are, the surcharge % is higher!

  • Damn, good deal.

    Better than the 249 annual fee with 200 cash back for 80k Qantas points promo a couple of months ago.

  • 19 months since my last amex, just got approved this arvo. Good timing.

  • Does buying crypto count for this?

  • I need to get this credit card. I am in Sydney.

    Is there enough time to receive the card and verify it before the deadline?
    How many days will it take to receive the card by post so that I can proceed to activate?

    Does having 2 CC diminish the prospect of getting approved for this?

    I have to wait since I still have few ‘pending’ transactions in my old credit card. I understand that it needs to come through to close that card.

    Any insights appreciated.

  • Bugger decent deal only closed in November..