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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G: 128GB $449, 256GB $549 with Telstra $99 150GB/Month 1-Year Plan @ The Good Guys (in Store Only)


To be eligible to purchase one:

Samsung Galaxy S21 ULTRA 5G 128GB (11901205009,11901205016) upfront for $449


Samsung Galaxy S21 ULTRA 5G 256GB (11901205012,11901205014) upfront for $549

  • New and port in customers must sign up to the Telstra $99 150GB Per Month over 12 Months Mobile Plan with a minimum plan cost of $1188 between 8th April – 11th April 2021 (Promotional Date).

  • Wait for the Telstra connection to be completed. Once connection has been completed the customer is eligible to purchase the mobile.

  • The Good Guys Telstra Plan - Telstra $99 150GB Per Month over 12 Months Mobile Plan

  • Offer only available in store. Excludes online, Phone Sales, Commercial Sales, eBay, Existing Boost, Belong and Telstra Pre-Paid customers. Offer not in conjunction with any other offer.

  • On the Telstra $99 150GB Per Month over 12 Months Mobile Plan, when you exceed your allowance, you can continue to access data at speeds and your speed will be capped at 1.5Mbps.

  • Embedded Widget Link, full T&Cs on the page and widget link.

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  • +7

    Not bad - ETC is $594, so total cost to cancel same day is $1043 for the 128GB.

    • Do you still stand by this assessment?

      • +2

        I would fight like hell and refuse if they wanted me to pay a 'voucher reimbursement fee' as this is not stated in the T's & C's of the promotion.

        So yes I stand by this.

        • Did your talk with Telstra determine if the 'voucher reimbursement fee' applies?

  • +2

    cheapest so far

    • Wasn't the other deal $0 upfront on a $89 plan for 12 months?

      How is this cheaper than that?

      • +1

        This is s21 ultra. I think Samsung s21 and s21+ are not good enough as "S" series products.

  • +1

    So the 256gb would be 549 + 594?

    • Yes. Ooft this is tempting.

    • isnt it 549(handset) + 1188($99x12months)?

      • If you cancel the plan on the same day, you only pay the cancellation fee of 594 and keep your current (cheap?) contract.

      • +1

        ETC is handset cost plus half the remaining plan balance (i.e. 6x$99)

        • Where does this info (re: only paying half of the remaining plan balance) come from? Do you have a link to the T&Cs or similar please?

          • +3
            • +1

              @Wickadz: Voucher
              For new Telstra customers signing up to a mobile plan, you
              may be eligible to receive a voucher to put towards the
              purchase of goods from JB Hi-Fi or The Good Guys stores. It is
              not transferable or redeemable for cash (including any unused
              part). If you cancel, recontract or move to an ineligible plan
              then you will need to pay a Voucher Reimbursement
              Cancellation Fee pro-rated against the remaining months on
              your Plan, the maximum of which is set out in the table above.
              This is in addition to any Early Termination Charges set out in
              the above table and accessory payments.

              • @dasher86: I don't believe this is a voucher deal.

                This is just a once off deal that if you get the phone & plan together, the phone is at the discounted rate. The 256GB is $549 - way more than a $500 voucher for the phone.

              • +1

                @dasher86: The table above says: The critical information summary on the $99 plan does say, maximum early termination charge ($594)

      • +1

        Nah, ETC (early termination charge) is cheaper than the total contract price because you're not using their service for that time. Essentially half the total contact if you cancel on Day 1. $594 at the start and gets cheaper as the contract goes on.

        • By cancelling the contract, does your credit rating go down or any other negative impacts?

          • +1

            @ahxching: There will probably be a credit check done to get the contract initially. Actually cancelling it won't have any effect or be any different to staying the term of the contract

            • @whitelie: if you pay cash will they still need to do credit check?

              • +3

                @Triton: You can't pay cash for a 12 month contract….

                • @whitelie: I meant if you cancel the contract straight away and pay the ETC

              • @Triton: Yes they will do a credit check even if you pay the phone in cash - as you will be going on a 12 month contract.

                • @Wickadz: I meant if you cancel the contract straight away and pay the ETC

                  • +1

                    @Triton: They will do the credit check before giving you the contract. You then have to cancel via Telstra chat or calling them. Can't cancel in store but regardless they would still do the check before issuing the contract.

    • +4

      you'd better off with Samsung's trade up offer if you are gonna cancel straight up.

      • Only if you have phone to trade up.

        So cancel immediately and no need to port across?

        • yeah obviously but more often than not some people might have said phone to trade in. Just a thought for those who may not have the time to pop into a store for 30mins, go though credit checks and then cancel once it's gone through

      • +2

        They're only offering me $125 for my S9+ For that I'd rather give it to family.

        • +8

          its $125 TradeUP + $500 Trade up bonus + $50 newsletter signup…thats $675 for your phone assuming theres no water damage or screen issues

          • @ExtraSalt: Ah - you're right - I didn't notice there was an extra $500

            However, the new one to keep my S9+ is $1143. TradeUP through Samsung would be $1024.

            Personally, I'm still better off buying it outright and giving my phone away.

            • @Wickadz: by outright you mean signing up to a term contract and cancelling it ye? I guess thats ok if you have a clean record. some may have a somewhat dodgy credit history, so a credit check enquiry might not work in their favour in the future when applying for a large loan.

              • @ExtraSalt: Yeah signup and cancel - I used to work at a large credit bureau so I'm quite aware of my credit score & history.
                However, they say they are going to credit check but most of the time they don't bother. If you have a Telstra account and you're porting in a new number this is usually the case.

                • @Wickadz: Yeah sorry i wasn't questioning your rating. I left if open-ended for those who didn't know to consider.

                  oh really? thats really good to know. I've got 2 numbers with Telstra so thats good to know for similar future posts. Is that usually like a hit or miss or is it quite obvious whether they do or not?

                  • @ExtraSalt: Oh sorry I hope I didn't come across negative!

                    I'm glad you've brought it to peoples attention - credit history can be really important and a bunch of things like this can make a big impact on future credit enquiries.

                    Yea so what I'm thinking of now, is to use an old $2 sim in my name and transfer it into my existing (active) Telstra account. I did this a few years ago to get my S9+ (and family members the same) and never got a credit check - why would they credit check an existing and active account. This was JB Hi Fi though, haven't yet tried at good guys.

            • @Wickadz: No, they will charge you $500 for the voucher, view critical information summary here.

              • @jimojr: I don't believe this is a voucher deal.

                There is no mention of the word voucher here in the T's & C's of this particular deal.

                • @Wickadz: When you get the phone, the receipt will show $449 plus $1150 gift card.

                  • +1

                    @jimojr: That's probably how they get the discount in their system. I don't see how there is any way for them to claw back $500 if you buy the phone and cancel the contract on the same day.

          • @ExtraSalt: Any idea what happens if you don't send your phone in?

            • @Bunnyburger: Nope lol..im planning on sending mine in but its day 2 and still havent received my return label yet. I'll just hold out and see what happens

          • @ExtraSalt: If you dont send the phone back to Samsung the maximum they can charge you is for the trade up cost correct?

        • Whats the T&C on the trade in? can it be practically any phone traded in?

          • @Chrool: theres a dropdown list on the website. the discounted phones ends today, but the $500 tradeup bonus should be until the end of the month

      • For me with an S9 this deal is better given the resale prices on eBay at the moment, unless I don't send in the phone and risk a $500 charge with trade up (still yet unknown if this will happen).

        • +1

          yeah, as Wickadz and I discussed above, make sure you are aware of potential credit history implications. They usually sit on record for like 5yrs or something which will affect your max loan approval if you are looking at buying a home in the near future. It's only one transaction but they add up. everytime you get a check (even if you dont go ahead) it is recorded on your history.

  • So tempting to upgrade my s20 ultra since camera is big issue on mine. Currently with optus on $40 sim only deal

    • Just curious what camera issues you have? I had s20+ with no issues. Now have more 20 ultra which isn't quite as good (refocuses more than necessary) but not terrible

      • It's gotten a bit better since launch but the camera has a hard time locking focus when you are taking up close shot. Also even now after the patches if I take a picture of something up close not everything is in focus. From what I've read the s20 ultra has harder time to focus in comparison to the s20 or s21+ Since it uses different camera tech

        Also the Exynos in the s21 ultra is closer to the snapdragon which is nice.

      • They "fixed" the s20 ultra issues with the laser autofocus (apple calls this lidar - same thing) they introduced in the note 20 ultra and kept for the s21 ultra.

        • Yeah if my s20 ultra had the laser auto focus it would be perfect for me.

          Deciding whether I should get the s21 ultra or wait till s22 ultra and hope they also have the AMD GPUs

        • -1

          You have absolutely no idea of what you are saying. Laser used for auto focus and Lidar massively different. Apple "also" uses Lidar for helping with autofocus in low light and object segmentation etc.

          • -1

            @dealsucker: As far as photography is concerned they are very similar in that they relay time of flight light info to the camera. Yes the scanning ability of the lidar sensor apple has is capable of additional tricks and is arguably a better solution . No need to get so salty or presume what I do and don't know.

            • @nitens: "They "fixed" the s20 ultra issues with the laser autofocus (apple calls this lidar - same thing)" - No they arent the same thing. Not by a long shot. It is like saying a bicycle and a Bugatti are the same thing, because they have round wheels.

              • @dealsucker: Whatever buddy… If you don't understand simplification for the sake of aiding understanding that's just fine by me. I'll cop that I probably used some lazy phrasing (possibly better to say apple uses the lidar scanner to achieve the same thing), but not to any lack of understating that you seem to presume. And depending on what the question is, a bicycle and a Bugatti are the same thing (types of vehicles or things with wheels) so your point doesn't make sense.

  • Wasn’t this free on the same plan last week?

    • +5

      that was for s21

    • +4

      No that one for S21 only. This one is for ultra.

  • what are these ?

    for new/eligible customers $500

  • So this isnt like the JBHIFI deal where if you terminate first day, you have to pay back the GC or the credits for the phone?

  • I already have Telstra with Oppo deal 2 years ago, which ended last year. Can I still get this deal or I am not eligible as I am already a Telstra member?

  • +2

    Don't forget to check your app for Comm bank debit card offer with TGG - $50 cashback on spends of $250+

  • +1

    Rather than cancelling, has anyone had one of these deals and tried switching to a lower tier ($49/69) plan? Says you can do this through the Telstra app on month by month basis. Would this trigger something at TGG to ask you for their gifted credit (if we assume this is considered a voucher deal)?

  • End cost if cancel the contract on day 1?

  • -1

    Will this work for existing Telstra customers?

    • guess you can sign up a new contract then cancel immediately…

  • +5

    Im still using a S7, going strong lol

  • Wow so many good deals on S21 lately. Would have jumped if not already bought the $500 trade up deal, and I wasn't under contract with Optus.

    Hopefully they have a similar deal in 2022 when the S22 series is out, then definitely going to jump to something like this.

  • waiting for similar deal on Fold2

  • Good deal if you either stay on the plan or cancel immediately!

    Just got an S21 Ultra Exynos about 10 days ago and it's a very well-rounded phone, my only real gripe is the bloatware.

  • is this going to be a Telstra version that got slower software updates? Like the find X2 pro ?

  • +2

    Thanks OP, I picked up the 256 GB for $549 today. Happily enough, the TGG staff member added a $10/pm bill credit for 12 months too, so only paying $89/pm.

    • Nice. Port in or new number.

      • Port in from a Telstra MVNO

    • Nice. I asked for the $10 credit at JB and they said no

      • +1

        Dodgy. Go back tomorrow, and simply say the $10 port in credit didn't apply at purchase. They should add it pretty easily. If you it's literally just a tick box.

  • Can you still sign up this deal? One year ago I did a similar deal and cancel in day one. Now I am not with Telstra don’t know if I am considered new customer ?

  • +4

    Can anyone confirm there is no ETC voucher fees?

    • +3

      Im waiting for this with baited breath as well..

      • +2

        second this!!

      • +1

        Me too

  • I am on prepaid with Telstra. Guessing they won't see me as a new customer if I want to get this?

    • Read the op mate.

      • :) Yeah, saw it right after i posted the question, got too excited.

  • Anyone know is GG is the same as JB where you receive a gift card that brings the price of the phone down to the sale price? Asking as last time i did this at JB my receipt still showed the full price of the phone and i could claim that price on my tax instead of the $99 i paid.

  • Used Samsung trade up and got a S21 Ultra 256gb for $634 after all discounts. Mental.

    • Wow. How did it come to 634?

      • $1699 discounted RRP - $315 trade in - $500 bonus - $200 further bonus - $50 sign up voucher = $634

        • $200 further bonus?

          • +1

            @Wickadz: Not available anymore.

            • @Yanoflies: In the last hour since this guy posted? What was the 200 further bonus - was it just a random limited time offer called further bonus? haha

            • @Yanoflies: Correct just stating what I got it for

        • +1

          Great. Excellent deal.
          If i had known i would have got the samsung exchange deal. Instead i got the oppo find x2 pro for 749$. kicking myself for missing that

        • What phone is $315 trade in? If it is 315, it still a good phone in my opinion :O

          • @Xantar: IPhone Xs 64gb. Bought it for $400 not long before.

            • @LifeStories: I thought you can only trade in Samsung phones? You can trade in iPhones? o_O

              • @Xantar: Yes go on website and you can have a play with typing in phones they mount accept

  • +1

    Does anyone know if you can use a Debit card for the Samsung Trade up offer or does it only take Credit card?

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