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Corsair SF750 80+ Platinum Modular SFF Power Supply Unit $205 Delivered @ Amazon AU (Sold Out) / NSW C&C @ Mwave


Update: Amazon is out of stock. Mwave is still available.

A good deal on probably the best SFF PSU available. Sold by Amazon AU. 750W version has the benefits of braided cables and running without spinning the fan for most non loaded computer usage.

Recently $202 delivered on eBay but this is not too far off. Wish I hadn’t paid $245 for mine!

Also available for $205 NSW C&C @ Mwave
Mwave deal ends 30/04/2021.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Awesome price. I also paid $245 for this several months ago. Much quieter than my 600w under load.

  • I replaced my Silverstone 800w with this when it stopped supplying power reliably to GPU on overclock. 2080ti FTW 3. Haven't missed a beat with the corsair 😃

  • +1

    Looks like the lowest price ever offered for the same PSU was $199.00 from this post in 2019.


  • I see it has an adaptor for an ATX case, and I need a new PS for my new build - this, or wait for a normal-sized PSU?

    • +8

      only get this if you want to use a small case as the cables will need extensions to work in an atx case.

      • Sweet, thanks for that, I'll wait. Decent PSUs seem to come up fairly often.

      • You can always have some nicer looking extension 24pin and gpu cable.

  • Are these cooler under load than 600s as well?

    • yes

  • Excellent PSU.

    I paid more than this pre covid. So this is an insane price.

  • Got one. Thanks. This is my 3rd. Never failed me once.

  • Fantastic price, I also have one of these and it runs my 3090 and 5800x no problem!

  • Interesting to see someone posted this. I just bought it this morning before being ozbargained (i.e. out of stock) after returning my Silverstone 750 from the pc case gear bundle (ticking noise and cables were bad in that case).

    • Just picked it up today. Finally, I can close my case instead of snaking power cables from the front of the case (NR200P)

  • Sold mine brand new still in wrap for $159 some months ago lol, very good PSU, went for CM 850W SFX for RX 6800 XT but this would run most things just fine.

  • I got it, thank you OP. Goodbye 10 year old AX850!

    • What's wrong with your AX850?

      • The +12v rails are showing a min value of 11.472 sometimes on Hwmonitor. When it goes into BIOS it's reporting almost spot on values. I'm not sure if I should trust the BIOS because it's not running under load.

        I'm getting crackling audio sometimes when I open videos/music that goes away the first few seconds, my GPU used to lose power sometimes when opening up a game or playing it for 8 minutes or so. I replugged the power pins to the GPU. Almost everything is fine except the audio, but my system is really showing its age.

        I'm not sure if the PSU is the problem, but I remember the +12v can operate within tolerances of +5% or -5% so that's 11.4%.

        I feel I just got it because I don't want to be buggered the day I need a PSU.

        Anyone care to weigh in?

        • It it is a well known fact that power supplies degrade over time, i usually replace a power supply once its out of warranty, as i would consider that the manufacturer recommended lifetime for the power supply at its optimum.

        • ATX to SFX?

          • @Hornpub: It has an adapter…I hope the cables aren't too short….

  • Only coming up as $232 on Amazon for me, Mwave doesn't have free shipping to VIC :/ comes up to 220 with shipping

  • Expired on Amazon.

  • +1

    Still on Amazon. Select Amazon Au as the seller and it changes to $205. Delivery in 1-4 weeks though.

    • +1

      Gone again.

  • Great PS, bought one to replace the dead one in my eGPU. Upgraded from 350W to 750W. Enjoying the silence!

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