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25% off All Prepaid New Zealand SIM Cards from $20.25 Delivered @ PrePaid Sims


Hi OZBargainers, It's Alvin here! To celebrate the launch of the 2-way NZ Travel Bubble, we're providing an exclusive 25% off all our NZ SIMs to the community.

From the 19th of April, Aussies can finally head over the ditch to reconnect with family, friends, conduct business and also for tourism. It's been an incredibly tough year for everyone who have been affected by travel restrictions. So we're going to play our small part in the return to international travel and help Aussie travellers communicate with freedom once again.

However, travel is not going to be the same as it once was. So if you're making plans to travel in the near future, make sure you buy a good quality SIM before you fly. Don't get caught out by high international roaming fees! Or worse, not have access to data in a foreign country when you need it the most.

About our NZ SIMs

Our NZ SIMs come directly from 2degrees (one of the largest telcos in NZ). They're 100% prepaid and come with plenty of allowances to suit each individuals needs/requirements. They do not expire if not activated. This means, if your travel plans change or cancel, you can still use them later on. Additionally, if your travel plans change, we also give our customers the option to exchange SIM/s to another product or for store credit.

As our SIMs are original products direct from 2degrees, you all have access to their support in NZ as well as ours should you need it.

Plan Days Data Calls Texts Price Expiry Recharges
2.5GB 30 2.5GB 200Min Unlimited $20.25 Never Yes
10GB 30 10GB 200Min Unlimited $31.50 Never Yes
40GB* 30 40GB* Unlimited Unlimited $59.25 Never Yes
Postage & Delivery

Free Standard Post (with tracking) - 4-7 business days
$7 Express Post (with tracking) - 1-2 business days

Orders placed during business days before 3PM AEST will be dispatched same business day.

- - -

Thank you and feel free to reach out if you guys have any questions.

Best Wishes
The PrepaidSIMs Team

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  • Put a price in the title. i.e. From $21.75.

    Miss when Voda had free NZ roaming. Wonder what they come up with compensation for yesterdays complete clusterfk. That free data is just bs.

    • Thanks ATangk. Done. We tend to avoid Vodafone in Australia, their reliability has always been hit and miss. Though probably can say the same for all telcos in Australia….

    • Yeh Vodafone free roaming was the best.

      Optus isn't too bad with their included roaming in the larger plans but it still sucks that excess data is $10 per 1GB when overseas.

      Felix mobile is also quite reasonable, it's a $35 plan in Australia and then roaming packs which are valid for 365 days cost $20 and come with 4GB data, 100 mins calls and 100 sms, these can stack so you could purchase multiple if needed.

      As I mentioned somewhere below the Optus prepaid data packs are also great at just $20 for 10GB valid for 14 days (but validity and data stacks if multiple are purchased).

  • How is the 2degrees coverage compared to Spark, I've been trying to work it out but there's a lot of conflicting info around….

    • Hey mate. It really depends on where you're going to be staying in NZ. Did you check out their coverage map? https://www.2degrees.nz/coverage/

      • 6 week roadtrip, so all over the place, I'll most likely be avoiding the more built up areas so I'm more interested in fringe coverage…

        • +1 vote

          Yeah it's a tricky one. I suggest plugging in all your main destinations in to the coverage map to get a good indication of coverage zones. Also, save google maps in advance on your phone. So at least you'll be fine with GPS.

    • You'll need Spark or Vodafone NZ if you're talking about fringe coverage. 2 degrees is great in the cities or touristy areas but it just doesn't compare.

      Another excelent option is Optus' prepaid roaming packs. You'll need to get an Optus sim card (~$10-15) and then can activate a prepaid data roaming pack for NZ $20 for 10GB valid for 14 days. These stack so you can purchase multiple before you go.

      $15 for the sim and $60 for 30GB data valid for 42 days = $75 total. Whilst you can't make calls it's reasonably cheap, comes with an Australian IP and best of all Optus has roaming agreements with all three NZ networks so you get the best coverage between them (and can manually select a network if wanting to stick to one).

      • Thanks for the Optus tip, I'll look into that…

        • Thanks for optus info henrus, having access to all 3 NZ networks is excellent. I was considering other options but will just use the Optus network with international roaming.

    • Hey FLICKIT. We used these sims across a two week trip back in December 2019. Coverage was entirely functional where we stayed in Christchurch, Wanaka and Queenstown. However once out of major population centres coverage could be spotty/non-existant. I think that seems to a function of the NZ mobile network regradless of provider but I could well be wrong.

      • Thanks for the replies… I might end up running a mix of sims for the 6 weeks, a $59 Spark 10g 2month sim in my phone, then one of these 2degree $63 sims in my wifi modem activated for the month in the middle, it would be nice to have that decent amount of data… hmmm

        Another question: I have a Telstra and an Optus modem, both unlocked, any idea which would be better for 2degrees?

        • Depends on the bands of the modems (could you give us the model numbers), chances are the Telstra one is better for Spark (Spark and Telstra use similar bands) and the Optus one is likely best for Vodafone NZ or 2 Degrees (as they use similar bands to Optus).

          • @henrus: Cheers, that's about what I was thinking, I'll probably just take both with me, cover all the bases.. (I should stop being lazy and just look up the bands myself, lol)

    • as a kiwi i suggest spark if you want reliable faster connection, Spark is the telstra of NZ

  • travel sim active for 90 days (regular sim,12 months). use it the same sim and number on the next trip too, top-up $20 online to keep it active.

    will roam back in Au for those needing another number.

    I find it interesting that most NZ sim plans include calls and texts to Aus, but most Aus plans dont include calls and txt to NZ.

  • Hi Perpainesims, how long before the SIM needs to be activated? I'm heading to NZ for a month over Christmas. If I order this now, will it be fine to activate in December?

  • I'm flying out Thursday 22nd. Would delivery of sim arrive in Melbourne before then?

  • Hi Prepaidsims,

    While this is a good deal the 'unlimited' plan isn't unlimited, and shouldn't be advertised as such - it has a limit when you hit 40gb according to your website.

    As far as I'm aware saying 'Unlimited#' (#-not actually unlimited) is not allowed under Australian consumer law. Not 100% sure on that one though.