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Arc Valley Premium Lager 24x 330ml $21 + State Container Recycling Surcharge + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Dan Murphy's


Came across this window shopping

$21 per case
Under $20 with cashback and discounted GC

4.0% alcohol so decent % alcohol per $
Surprisingly good reviews
Fully imported so you can tell your friends its special since theyve probably never heard of it

Does it taste good? At this price, I wouldn't care!

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's


  • Showing as $23.10 at my local in NSW

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    4.0% alcohol so decent % alcohol per $

    Ah the $/% ratio. Suddenly, I don't feel so alone.

    Btw, this works out at $66.29 per litre of pure alcohol, which equates to $18.56 for a 700ml bottle of 40% spirit, so yes cheap. Still nowhere near the $12.17 per litre of pure alcohol obtained via the 2 x 5L Coolabah goon bags for $26.60 (which incidentally equals a $3.41 bottle of spirit by content)

  • it looks like you're limited to one case per pickup???

    • my store is allowing max of 6

      Restrictions apply to the number of products you can buy online for Pick up. Following purchase limits apply per transaction, per category: 6 cases of beer, 6 cases of cider, 6 cases of premixed spirits (RTDs), up to 120 bottles of wine, 30 bottles of spirits and 10 units of cask wine. Please update the quantities in your order accordingly to proceed.

      • I think its my liver telling me to stop at one slab and not to stock up my garage on cheap piss.

  • It's showing as 10+ available in a few of my nearby stores before I add to cart and then when I add to cart is says unavailable for pickup from this store. Anyone else getting the same?

    • Yeah I wouldn't trust the online stock counter, said my store would have 10+ slabs and I bought the last one on the shelf

    • Depends if you select cases or packs.
      When I tried to order one case when my local store showed stock as "less than 10" it then said NO STOCK when i tried to place the order..
      Went into store and found in actual fact stock was only one x 6 pack
      So the website was correct though a bit misleading

  • howcome this is so cheap?

  • Nice. Never seen this beer so cheap

  • What is full price ?

  • Thanx OP, bought 2 slabs.
    And I agree with you, at this price I don't care what it takes like either.

  • It’s from a well known Dutch brewer, Bavaria. It’s an export only brand. I don’t rate it at all. Their light (2.5%) version though is one of my favourites. Funny because I typically don’t really like the taste of lower alcoholic beers. The light is on special as well. Thanks OP!

    • Yeah I agree. Can't get the light any more though. I recon the Lorryboys (2 for $70) - rolling 20% cashback + flybuys points is a better deal and heaps better beer. Plus it's 24 X 375ml vs this at 24 x 330ml.

      • Never had those, will give them a go next time. I just ordered the Arc Valley Light from my local DM.

      • Lorryboys (2 for $70) - rolling 20% cashback

        Where is this from mate?

        • Firstchoice/Liquorland/Coles then cashback via either of the big 2.

          I just had a quick look on LL and looks like they are back to $42 a slab (but 2000pts of $50 spend).

          I prefer the summer ale (a bit Fat yakish), the Pale ale has a pine / floral hop that isn't my thing. Haven't tried the draught.

    • I agree with you regarding the light version of this beer, it's a good drop (for a light beer)

    • I tried the light version once because it was so cheap.
      Didnt like it at all
      But the full speed version is EXCELLENT!

  • Best before: 06/2021. That's why it's so cheap

  • $23.10 in QLD

  • Broadmeadows, VIC: 330ml bottles.
    $21.00 per case of 24 and $6.30 per pack of 6
    Looks like an Aldi brand (mediocre/dull labelling) though.

  • $23.80 in WA, bought to try, thanks OP!

  • I got the light i rate it highly

  • Tastes like a water. Had 4 bottles now and no effect at all

  • This post is making me thirsty

  • it's alright taste wise. But it doesn't agree with me for some reason. Some ingredient triggers me to feel like crap, like many foods and drinks. Coopers generally doesn't

  • Does it taste good? At this price, I wouldn't care!

    Re-evaluate your priorities mate!

  • Showing as $29.70 here on Gold Coast.

  • $21 in Tas, Launceston store is showing stock available.

    Another benefit of cheap beer like this is you get stock bottles for refilling with home brew. That’s less than $1 each alone without even taking into consideration the contents.

  • Giving Rivets a run for their money.

  • Thanks op. Just picked up the last 2 Slabs from Kingsford Dan Murphy's

    • You must have got the last ones.
      Tried to get some there on Sunday night but no stock.
      Had to go all the way to Wolli Creek but got 3 cases.
      GREAT BUY!

  • This item is on CLEARANCE as its a discontinued line.
    So jump on any stock you find quickly.

    HOT TIP: I got 3 cases at Wolli Creek store in Sydney and they might have a few more.
    Nothing else around the south and eastern suburbs of Sydney unfortunately.

    I also managed to grab a 6 pack at my local store for $6.30 and tried it before i committed to buying the 3 cases so you can guess on what I thought of this beer - highly recommended !
    Would have bought even more cases if not for the BEST BY 09/2020 date.

  • My local stores all said none available a few days ago, but now they seem to have stocked up

    2 cases ordered, for pickup!

    Thanks op!

  • Gone up to $28.90 per case in VIC over night

    • Annoying, car was getting serviced, was literally gonna drive down and give it a try tonight, thankfully I checked the site before braving the wilderness.

  • I got 3 cases. Not a bad beer at all for the price. Bland but refreshing and smooth. It scanned as $29.90 in one store but I showed them the website price $23.10 and they reduced it.

  • Did anyone else order the premium lager and receive the premium light instead (2.7% alcohol)? I only just checked the carton and they posted me the the light beer instead the one I ordered.