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Telstra MF910Y Wi-Fi 4GX $49.00 (RRP $69) @ Coles ($46.55 Price Beat @ Officeworks)


Pre-Paid internet on the go
Connect up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices
Up to 8 hours battery life
Colour LCD screen to monitor connection & usage
5GB to use in AUS within 30 days

Officeworks link

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  • Unlocked?

    • "Locked to Telstra network"

      • I have this device.
        Works OK , BUT…. Be Aware to get this unlocked is NOT an easy matter…!

        I had this for over 12 months when they said it would be FREE to unlock.
        It took 2 full days with agents from Telstra trying to unlock it !!?
        I chatted,emailed,rang agents on Telstra Support and lost count how many people I repeated my serial numbers and IMEI codes to.
        For something simple and straightforward , I couldn't believe how little the Support Team were in their "Help" in getting it unlocked.

        It works but BOY what an ordeal !

        • Ive had 1 of these for a few years, purchased a code to unlock for a few dollars (I think it was around $5 back then) on ebay, recieved a few minutes later and it worked fine.
          My device actually died last night so about to get another one and do the same thing

  • prefer 5G compatible portable modem


    To get your device unlocked there is a fee to do so.

    If you've used teh Pre-Paid 4G device on our network for over 6 months, that fee is $27.50.

    If it's not been activated for over 6 months then the charge is $50 - $150

  • Unlock tutorial similar to https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/414606 requested please

  • It's a great deal and I'm tempted to get one, but this thing almost burned a friend's house down. The battery is basically designed to fail after less than a year, and swells dangerously in a case that cannot move. You can't even non destructively remove the battery from the device, so once it happens it's a brick.


      Thanks for the share Zorlin, can you please confirm your friend reported this issue to Netgear as a safety issue?

      • There were plenty of reports online of others having similar issues so I hope they are aware, but nevertheless that is a really good idea. I'll contact them and tell them to talk to Netgear.

    • stares at the one sitting on his desk that he has had for years

      Nope, still unexploded.

  • Got 1 of these recently, still trying to find the cheapest/safest way of getting it unlocked.
    6 months of Telstra use to get it unlocked for $28 is a rip off & a long time frame, let alone $50+.

    Came across www.simlock-unlock.com/unlock & a similar named site.
    So what's the best way of doing this?

    I'm with belong & also have Kogan for the data.


    • i was told $25 though. Yeah exp but save alot of trouble if you dont like those tech stuff.

      • Thanks.

        I'm ok with tech, just a hassle.
        Have you done unlocking with Telstra before?

        I almost got a unlocked dongle with SB deal that just expired for $38.
        Prefer going wireless over dongle.

  • Hmmm didn't realise this thing is a Cat4…speed will be great.

  • Looks like the deal is back on!

    Would this be good for van life? Or is the more robust nighthawk m2 recommended?

    I do like the idea of an Ethernet port to hook up with a full fledged router as an NBN alternative….