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Samsung LC49RG90SSEXXY 49" Gaming Monitor $1439 + Delivery (VIC, NSW, ACT C&C) @ Bing Lee


All time lowest for this monitor as far as I am aware.

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    I'm holding out for the G9 Odyssey. Similar thing but 240hz and some other bells and whistles. Also another $1000 ontop of this though.

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      There is a Gen 2 of the G9 Odyssey coming out, so you might get a good deal on one soon

    • I wouldn't care to be honest. I have this and love it but my 2070 Super doesn't haha.. I don't play a lot and if I do its Warzone but I peak at around 100hz. So either you have to have a very good gpu or play like CS:GO

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        I've got a 2070 (non super) at the moment and most things I play are 90-100fps. I tend to keep monitors far longer than PC's though, so I'd likely upgrade to something better if I got this, although the options are pretty slim at the moment.

      • Gen 2 is a massive upgrade, HDR2000 with a 2048 zone FALD, hopefully it isn't more expensive

        • It costs like $4k USD according to those early previews..

          • @end0rphine: That 4.6k USD is a placeholder price, they did the same thing for the PG32UQX

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      +1, I did this earlier in the year when they dropped to $1699. Get in quick before OW drops their price to $1439 too!

    • Not in stock anywhere in Sydney

      • I believe you can price matching it online

        • I just got on this deal. Office works will price match with postage included.

          Postage through bing lee to my area was $40

          So price cane down to $1405 with OW price match.

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    When is an ultrawide too wide?

    • I have 21:9 at home and work, it's great.
      This is cool for work, for fps the distortion towards the edges would be silly.

    • I have the Philips 43 ultrawide in the same resolution I don't think I'd want larger/wider, paid about $1175 6 months ago, but at this price would have considered it

  • OMFG! I just purchased one of these three weeks ago for 2.7k ! :(

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      You sure you didn’t purchase this one

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        ahh the G9 is a different model, never mind then. yeah that is the one I got

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    $1339 from their eBay site with PSSAVER coupon

    • It shows not shipping to Australia

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        Definitely available in Aus and shipping to Syd is possible. I just purchased for pickup though (from their Rhodes store). Total was $1339

    • Now shows 0 available! Ah well, one day at a time :)

  • Nice

  • it is game changer. need 2080 or 3070 above gpu power to run most recent games smoothly at higher graphic option on 5120 x 1440

  • my CHG90 is nice, specially for games, as it doesn't require as much as this to drive it at full resolution, but damn id love the extra resolution for work.

    tempted to sell my chg90 and purchase this.

    • In fact, it is lower than a 4k res so easier to drive.

    • And my chg90 just died. Overheated, now the back lighting is all messed up.

  • Dell Alienware 38 or this? Pls help…
    I got 3080… was gonna wait good price on g9…


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      I've had a variety of monitors from the Dell 29 QHD IPS panels, the Dell 38 Ultrawide (non Alienware version), the Samsung 49" Dual QHD (this deal), the Alienware 55" OLED and I think this Samsung was awesome an definitely preferred the extra width especially for work.
      From a gaming perspective though, I thought the Alienware 55" OLED was awesome (except for the highly glossy screen), then the 49" Samsung, the the Dell 38".
      So personally, if it was between this and the Alienware 38", I'd opt for this.

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    49" is obviously not big enough

    talk to me when i can get a 360deg monitor

    i mean how else will the back of my head see anything?

  • Beware, the monitor may have pixel flickering issue (on one side of the monitor).. and my experience with buying from OW and dealing with Samsung customer service was utterly terrible. They gave me the run around and made it really hard to refund the monitor.

  • Great price, very happy with mine, will be keeping an eye on the gen2 G9 though and how the micro led preforms.

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    Thanks OP. Got mine last night from OW. Price matched and 5%.

    Staff didnt like it at all and couldnt believe that it was down to that price. Was trying to double check model number serial number etc etc to find ways to not to match! 😂

  • Just fyi.. HDR on this is a piece of sht… never enable it

    • Only 10 local dimming zones is a reciple for bad HDR, thankfully the new one has 2048, but will be a lot more expensive

  • in terms of daily office/internet, do you prefer 51202160 or 51201440?

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