2.8m Aluminium Skipping Jump Rope 64% off $9.90 + Delivery ($0 with $59 Spend) @ Sleek Touch


This superfast rope is a must-have for everyone. This rope will make crossing moves, double unders, and even triple unders easier and fun. Perfect for beginners as well as advanced jumpers. The cable cord will not get tangled and interrupt your routine. Made to last with the best industrial quality materials. Its system of rotation in the grip allows you to adjust naturally to the rope, prevents tangles, and makes the rope flow much faster in each balance. It is compact and lightweight to carry anywhere. You will feel that you fly!

Color: Red+ Blue+ Grey


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    Aluminium Skipping Jump Rope

    These might be dangerous to use during a lightning storm…

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    Price is $18.90 delivered with standard shipping.

    • Thanks for checking. Based on that it's not much a deal, there are a bunch of similar ropes on Amazon and Ebay between $15 and $20 delivered

  • typical drop shipping store, dude this is ozbargain full of bargain sharks you gonna have to do pay advertising to get any traffic lol

  • This superfast rope is a must-have for everyone

    I'm not sure my octogenarian father or my nonagenarian aunt must-have this skipping rope.