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Waterpik Ultra and Nano Water Flosser + Travel Case Combo Pack $109.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Great price if you have Costco membership, this set will come with 2 waterpiks and a travel case. Offer valid till 25 April.

If you don’t need 2 you can sell the nano for at least $50, as it is $99.99 at chemist warehouse: https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/buy/106314/waterpik-wate...

Combo Pack Includes:

1 Ultra Plus Water Flosser
1 Nano Water Flosser
1 Deluxe Soft-Sided Travel Case
1 Tip Storage Case
12 Accessory Tips

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  • Seems like they have exact same functionality. Happy to buy it off from someone for $60 if located in Sydney.

  • Do people actually take this travelling?
    I got the portable version but the battery seems to be dying after about 1.5 years

  • Which one is better in usuage ultra or nano ?

    • A quick research the ultra have higher water pressure up to 100psi and bigger water container 600ml while the nano up to 80psi and smaller container 400ml. But the nano is half in size compare to ultra.

  • thanks, now i can get differences refund from costco

  • linked product doesnt mention nano or travel combo anywhere on the page?

  • Yea but the picture show the combo pack. Also I saw it on Costco it’s the combo, they don’t sell single one

  • I got a waterpik. Asked my dentist about it, he say it dumb. Asked another dentist, same reply.

    • Your dentist probably also likes money…

      • The dentists (plural) recommended cheaper products, which you can buy from the supermarket. But you legit look more convincing than my dentist, with the fedora and oakleys. I'm now torn as to who to believe.

    • My dentist recommends it for children having braces.
      I use it regularly as a normal user and it does its job well.

      • I'm not a child with bracers so maybe that's why they didn't recommend it. Children (or anyone) with bracers would not be able to easily floss or use other similar products, so this might be a good option for them. The obvious problem is that yes it will get out large pieces of food stuck in your teeth, so not completely useless, but it does not brush or scrape plaque from between your teeth. Why waste your time with something which is expensive, and only does half the job? (unless you're a child with bracers).

        • I bought this, as I have a child with braces. Our dentist recommended it and after research, we found this better because of multiple speed and other options.
          With multiple tips, I tried one with normal use. I found it ok after brushing. The main thing is proper brushing, no substitute for it.

          • @akd: I'll have to have a child and get him some bracers, cause my $180 waterpik is currently collecting dust. When your child's bracers come off i can recommend it some interdental brushes, they seem to work very well.