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Cascade Mesh Chair $199 + Shipping @ Epic Office Furniture


Due to popular demand, we're back with another deal on our Cascade Mesh Chair!

Use the code cascade199 to score $50 off the already-reduced sale price of $249 - bringing the total down to $199!

These chairs have been out of stock since late last year, and we've FINALLY received a brand new shipment - with only 300 made available at this special price.

Due to Covid there has been an increase in the manufacturing costs of these chairs, revising the RRP up to $330, however we're happy be able to offer OzBargain shoppers this limited-time deal.

Please check your total price for freight and shipping insurance (optional) before placing an order, as this will differ depending on your postcode:

  • Metro areas: $29 shipping
  • 'Semi-metro' areas: $59 shipping
  • Regional areas: $88 shipping
    Warehouse Pick Up is available from our Brisbane Warehouse only for this product

- Feature packed Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
- Powerful Synchro Mechanism
- Breathable black mesh backing
- Combined back/seat tilt control
- Tension control
- Adjustable lumbar support
- Back dimensions: height: 550mm, width: 500mm
- Seat dimensions: width: 500mm, depth: 490mm
- Height Range: 460-525mm
- Adjustable armrests
- Gas height adjustable
- 120kg weight rating
- Suitable for 8+ hours a day sitting

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  • I‘m 183cm, the size of the cushion is a little bit small. depth-wise

    • I am the same height but I think it is ok for me though I didnt sit on it for more than a few hours a day.

  • +1

    Thoroughly recommend this store, bought the Ergo Office Chair last year and it's been great for the price.
    Also very helpful people.

  • Is it ok to use this as a gaming chair?

    • +7

      Most office chairs will be better than a gaming chair of equivalent price IMO.

  • Coupon does not work for me -

    Edited - It worked.

  • +6

    I bought one of these chairs the last time they had this deal. I'm 180cm and spend 6+ hours a day on the chair working from home. It's supportive and comfortable and feels very sturdy.

  • +1

    chair looks alright! is it possible to combine this discount & welcome one also?

    • +1

      Unfortunately only one coupon code can apply to each order, but if you're making a larger order, I'd certainly recommend weighing up which one gives you the best discount.

      • yep thanks! no worries mate fair enough it's a good price already I guess, OzB talking in me as always :) one more question - you guys still do warehouse pick-up? seems like it disappeared from the options. Ta

        • +2

          Only for Brisbane with this one. For most of our other products we do keep stock in our Metro Warehouses, but these have only just come in - so we've had to update the checkout accordingly.

  • Didn't like my postcode even though the Brisbane store blurb says they deliver to my suburb. Only an office hours number. Not a good start. Not sure why these companies can't sort their IT out. Meh.

    • I left them a message and it's all sorted. I guess if the system doesn't work the first time it's great that they can sort a speedy resolution.

  • +1

    Had a problem with my backrest and got another one shipped out. Would recommend.

  • Where to pick up in Sydney?

    • +1

      Eastern Creek warehouse

      • +1

        For most our of products this is absolutely true, however with the popularity of this chair, the fact we've had it out of stock for so long (and the slow-down with freight across the board) our entire run has been delivered to our Brisbane Warehouse, so in this instance pick up is only available there.

        For the vast majority of Sydney, shipping will be classed as Metro - so would be $29.

  • Thanks OP - going to order one.
    Any deal on any table?

    • +1

      We don't have any specific deals on tables, save perhaps for the discount on packages.

      That said - we are appreciative of the OzBargain community - and while we can't combine discounts, I'm happy to offer the coupon OZBARGAIN10 that will give you 10% Off site-wide. Feel free to make a separate order if you're wanting to take advantage of both deals.

  • Can I pick up in Melbourne?

    • Yes, warehouse location is Laverton North VIC 3026

      • Not with this product, sorry. We've had our full run delivered to our Brisbane Warehouse only.

        With the vast majority of Melbourne, shipping is considered Metro, so we can deliver for $29.

  • Where to pick up in Brisbane?

    • Warehouse location Queensland shows:
      Darra QLD 4076

      • Correct, our Brisbane Warehouse is in Darra, however we're not exactly set up for 'visitors' - we manufacture on-site, so there's OH&S to consider. Pick up is absolutely available, we just need a heads-up so we can have your order set aside and ensure there's someone available to meet you.

        Feel free to get in contact with us via our Live Chat - or give us a call on 1300 883 438.

  • Anyone short have experience with this chair? Looking to get it for someone who's 163cm

    • +3

      (Speaking personally) My partner is a hair's breadth over 150cm, and while she uses a (shhh, don't tell anyone else as we don't currently stock them) saddle chair, in the office because her pelvis is tilted, she uses the Cascade in our home office very comfortably.

      Obviously - advice with a grain of salt because I'm a rep, but I'm sure others here can testify to its use and comfort.

  • Hi Rep, are there any deals for the Ergo Office Chair?

    • Word the extra? Would probably add optional arm rests. Is there a display office at Darra or just warehouse pickup, may be heading out that way Wednesday. $199 seems ok if they are decent.

    • +1 , looking for a deal on Ergo

      • We have stock of the Ergo in our Zillmere "showroom" if you wanted to have a look at it, but we do need a heads up if you're wanting to visit, just so we can ensure there's someone there to meet you, as it's not always staffed (especially when we're all-hands-on-deck unloading containers.)

        As for a deal on the Ergo, not specifically - though we have just activated an OzBargain exclusive coupon OZBARGAIN10 for 10% off sitewide that will apply to it. (That coupon is only published in this thread, but can't be combined with any other)

    • HI @cherry what is the difference between this one and Ergo Office Chair?

  • Hi Op,
    I would like to order and pick up from Eastern Creek. Can you please let me know what day and when the pick-up is available?

    • Sorry, pick up for this particular product is only from our Brisbane Warehouse. We do ship nation-wide, with shipping to Metro areas just $29.

  • Hi Op,

    Could I arrange pick up from Darra tomorrow perhaps?

    10y warranty these should be decent enough hopefully, should be standing half of the Time;)

    • Absolutely, pick up will be available from tomorrow. The guys and gals are unpacking the chairs and tidying up the warehouse a bit right now - so if you choose 'Pick Up from Warehouse' in the check out on your order today, we'll email you right after to arrange collection during business hours tomorrow (or whatever day suits you, providing we're open, of course.)

      • +1

        Ordered thanks, should be tomorrow afternoon hopefuly

      • +1

        just put this together, seems pretty decent for the price. Fit will be pretty personal depending on how big the person is with any chair I think.

        wondering what the dial underneath do? can you dial the lumbar support forward?

        • +1

          The dial underneath is a tensioner that varies how much give there is to the back support when you lean back in the chair. You'll notice if you spin it full… anticlockwise (?) you'll recline very easily - spinning the dial clockwise puts more tension on the back support, requiring more effort to 'rock back'.

          The lumbar support can't be dialed forward as such, but it does have vertical range of movement, so you can easily move it up further to the same effect, supporting higher on the curvature of the spine, and thus further forward. Likewise for dropping it lower for a support further back.

  • +1

    Should probably update the description with (as per the link):


  • Just got the below confirmation about warehouse pickup from Darra:


    Thank you for your order with Epic Office Furniture! I have attached your invoice to this email.

    Please note you can collect your order from:
    Unit 13/31 Acanthus Street, Darra.
    Will be available ####### afternoon."

    • +1

      Thanks - that's us, but for OH&S we just need a heads-up before anyone comes to collect.

      We'll email after order confirmation, or you can contact us via Live Chat or on 1300 883 438.

  • Got one of these last time any tips on cleaning the arm rests?

    • +1

      You're talking about that film of grime that can build up over time, just from sweat and the natural oils in your skin?

      Absolutely. Grab a clean dish-cloth, wet it down and apply a dab of dishwashing liquid to it. Rub the area in small, concentric circles and wipe clean with an unused section of cloth. You'll see the greyish grime lift off and your arms restored back to black.

      Alternatively, ArmorAll Original (other leading brands are available from your favourite Protectant retailer) also works a charm, following the same directions.

  • +1

    Hey All,

    Just wanted to jump in here and say thank you for all your support. As of this post we're down to our last 100 or so chairs that we'll be able to send out this week (or have available for pick up if you're in Brisbane).

    We have enabled backorders for the Cascade if you're unable to grab one before they all move (there is a counter on the page - and you'll know before adding to cart if it will be a backorder), and to avoid the delays of the last deal we did on these, we have managed to shorten our manufacturing lead time, meaning backorders should be ready to leave our warehouse in a little under 6 weeks.

    As posted above in replies, we're also offering OzBargain shoppers 10% off site-wide with the coupon OZBARGAIN10 - just note that only one coupon can apply per order.

    Thanks again, and happy shopping!

  • Oh we cant pickup sydney?

    I did a practise order when deal posted, and saw pickup sydney warehouse… this changes it for me

  • Hi rep. Do you have chair with seat depth under 490 mm?

    • The Ergo Office Chair has a seat depth of 490mm, however this is an adjustable metric with the seat movable thanks to an adjustment knob that sets it further back into the back rest. Definitely one of our most popular ergonomic chairs, with pretty much everything on it able to be moved with either knob or lever, and customisable with or without arms. The Ergo is not part of this current offer, however you can use the coupon OZBARGAIN10 for 10% off.

      The Hartley Office Chair is somewhat similar to the Cascade, however it has a seat depth of 480mm - obviously not a drastic variance, but that little bit can make the difference in comfort if the Cascade is just that tiny bit too big - especially over time.

      Hope this helps!

  • Anyone had a chance to try the chair and able to give their thoughts ? Using an ikea $59 chair and it's been decent but not good for posture long term.

    • +2

      I picked up and put it together today, and have been using it for a good few hours - can't complain.

      Better than the sh1tters at work with thin padding that creak and carry on. I may share a few more thoughts in the coming days, but it's nice having arms and being able to recline and ponder the mysteries of life. It's actually pretty sturdy and good for the price for sure ($199 - once you get into $300-400 there are a heap of options so hard to know what to get). The cushion may be to personal taste, pretty firm but giving, just a bit more squared off than what I'm used to but good size flat base etc..

      I've got mine fairly low with the desk at 65.2 - 68cm (i'm 173cm, lumbar support all the way down seems ok). It's more of a modern style to what I had so think it's pretty good. The sky is the limit with furniture/chairs, my mate in Saudi was eyeing off an $8k Herman Miller. Would still like an Aeron one day..

      Hope this helps.

      • Thanks for the kind words. Be sure to mention how uncomfortable the chairs are at your work to your boss (and how poor ergonomics contribute to lower productivity) - and slip them our website. We do offer full office fitouts with on-site consultations. Just sayin'. ;)

        • I mean they are ok just fairly standard, no arms or recline isn't the issue, Just the cushions go flat after a while. The size and shape of traditional basic office chair are still comfortable.

  • Shipping for $59 is a deal breaker. What's classified as Metro? I live 35 Mins from Melbourne CBD.

    • Hi, it sounds like you should be eligible for our $29 metro shipping. If you'd like to send your details through to [email protected] we'll see what we can organise for you :)

  • Hmmm no instructions to put it together??

    This will be fun…

  • how long does it take to process an order ? placed an order on 14th April, have not heard anything from them since then.

    • Hi there, it doesn't take us long at all. Firstly, check your junk mail and if it's not in there, just drop us a line at [email protected] and we'll track your receipt down for you. Alternatively, just jump onto the chat on our website and I'll chat to you in real time. Or call me on 07 3088 6379.

  • if anyone is keen on one in inner bne can check out assembled one.
    They are wicked for the price, but i may need a bit more upright for my posture (guess you can slouch, sit back etc on anything).

    • I'm looking for a chair that will help me stop slouching in my chair. I think the main reason is that my butt will slide forward and cause me to curve my back. I was hoping a seat tilt would help this, but I think the back and seat tilt in tandem, right? Can you tell me if you can tilt the seat without reclining the back at all?

      • Yes the both tilt back, there is no separate angle adjust for how upright the back is, however you can lockout whether the chair tilts back or not.

        • Hmm ok, I think this means it might not be the chair for me. Did it help with your posture much? I think I need a more upright back with the seat tilted back a little so I don't slide forward into a slouch.

          • @Kingeh: Not exactly, you end up sitting back in it a bit - I think I also need something more upright

            • @G-rig: Alright, thanks very much for your info! I think I'll try and find another that does help a bit more.

              • @Kingeh: bit of an impulse buy but seemed quite good for the price. I'm sure it would suit most people (just on the cheaper end of the scale for office chairs).

                • @G-rig: Yeah, maybe it's just that I don't understand how much goes into designing an ergonomic chair, but I just refuse to spend a lot of money on an office chair (though I understand I'll be spending a lot of time in it due to WFH). The mean reason I'm getting a new chair right now is specifically to promote the better posture while sitting, is all. You're right, I'm finding it hard to find a good chair for not too much money.

  • +1

    Mine arrived today, it is way better than I imagined, very comfortable, feel solid when sitting,
    comparable to the $500 chair I bought a few months back.

  • +1

    Do anyone else order 1 chair and have 2 delivered???

    I had 2 delivery on separate days and I've gone back and definitely only ordered one :S

    • Shhh! Now everyone will want a free extra one!

      • More likely that i had a few beers and accidently ordered another :|

  • Any better deal to buy in bulk 10-15 chairs?

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