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Jamo S 803 5" Speakers (Black) $288.36 Delivered @ Amazon AU


I've been researching budget(ish) bookshelf speakers for sometime now and we really get burnt here in Aus with pricing. This is the lowest I've seen these speakers here in Aus, with RRP seeming to be around $650.00, and they get pretty great reviews with the caveat that they're definitely more of a fun speaker than a neutral/monitor speaker. They're also pretty decent looking to boot.

These are passive speakers, so you'll need a speaker amplifier and potentially a DAC to feed it (at the very least an AUX to RCA cable). I appreciate that unless you have some equipment already this isn't as good a deal, but you can find pretty decent amps on amazon on the cheap like SMSL.

Might be worth mentioning that Jamo is owned by Klipsch, and from what I've used from Jamo so far the quality is pretty damn good for the price with their budget tier.

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    seems like Edifier is the speakers of choice on here

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      Only if it powered by enloops or an Ozito drill from bunnings or has an SSD or is made form Lego.

      • And you lug them home in a wagon listening to your Bose Headphone 700's and then snack on some air-fried hot chips.

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      Yeah seems like that's the case, and from experience Edifier is really good value given they're mainly powered speakers so you're not worrying about any other costs. Like with everything in the audio world you get diminishing returns with upgrading, but I think at this price these speakers are a pretty fantastic sound/build/aesthetic package if you're looking for a bit of a step up.

  • I've been eying these for a while but the price difference between the US and Australia has always floored me. Crutchfield has these for $179 USD which converted to AUD plus 10% GST is about $260 so this is a decent price for Australia. Still need to find a decent price on a matching center though.

    I Still can't decide between these, the Monitor Audio Bronze 100's or the pricey B&W 600 series.

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      It's absolutely insane the price difference, and the deals they have there are unbelievable. The Jamo surround package goes unbelievably low sometimes, it boggles my mind. I'm still hanging out for an Aus deal on the C91ii, gorgeous looking speakers, but happy with these for now.

      I was also looking at the Monitor Audio range but I wasn't really satisfied with the reviews I could track down in the end.

      • I was going to forget about the Monitor Audio's too since the review articles I found were pretty average. Then I found some Youtube channels (Andrew Robinson, Steve Guttenberg) that seemed pretty stoked on them especially for Home Theatre use.

        They seem to fall in somewhere between the Jamo and B&W's both in price and performance, but of course it's hard to tell without giving them all a listen.

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        I have the S801's and the S801 centre and am very happy with them. They repalced a set B&W 601 S3's and HTM62 centre that I sold and I actually prefer the sound of the Jamo's.

        I have them as part of an Atmos setup and they are an easy listen, have a nice laid back treble and not tiring to listen to at all for even the most extended periods..

        I was very lucky in that I was patient and got the fronts as new display stock for $179 locally, the centre for $196 on an Amazon prime day and the rears for $180 ish on another Amazon deal.

        Obviously everyone has different preferences but I can recommend them.

        • How do you find the Atmos setup if you don't mind me asking? I'm curious because these 803s have a mount for the angled Atmos speakers. Seems like a pricey addition so I haven't looked into it much.

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            @salmonindoubt: Put it this way, I wouldn't go back to 5.1. It is definitely an improvement.

            I am using a pair of Aaron satellites, that a friend gave me, as height speakers and they do the job well.

            I can't speak for upfiring Atmos modules as I have not heard any, but by all accounts, if set up properly they can be very good.

            Also there is a centre on Amazon for $269 delivered. Showing as 1 left.


            • @revheadgl: I’ve got a spare Jamo Centre S81 CEN. Came with the home theatre pack but I’ve already got a centre.
              If anyone is interested PM me

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            @salmonindoubt: I've got the upfiring speakers attached to the floorstanding ones. It can be good but maybe half of the time it actually fells like it's coming from above. The other times its like it's just an elevated sound. Because you need a lot of power for it to make the sound waves to the ceiling and reflect back down, volume does need to be at a high level to get the best impact to carry it that far. The higher the upfiring speakers are above your viewing height the better. I've had people listen to mine and the parts I thought weren't the best they said it sounded like it was from the roof. Maybe I'm just a bit picky? I do set the volume higher on them independently to get more of an impact. The studio audio mix does make a difference on how well it's done. Either way it's still very good and if you can't or don't want to drill in to the walls and wire everything up this is the next best option.

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      For future reference, you should use 15% when converting from US to Aus. There's a 5% import tax on top of the 10% GST we pay.

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        US customers pays their own taxes on top of the retail price

  • I've got these as surround speakers with the full Atmos setup from Jamo. They are very clear and accurate, amazing clarity. Haven't used them as main speakers though so couldn't tell you about the true bass of them as the subs take over with the lower frequencies.

    • Glad to hear it! Main reason these were so high on my list is because apparently they can do without a sub if you're using them on a desk setup which I intend to do, unlike a good majority of bookshelf speakers.

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    What's a reasonably priced amp to go with this?

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      You can find $50-$100 ones from nobsound which are supposedly pretty serviceable. Had a quick look on Amazon and found this one for $70:


      Might be harder finding reputable reviews for the cheaper hifi amplifiers though so you'd mainly be going off the reviews off Amazon (which seem pretty good).

      I've got a Loxjie A10 which I got for $120 on Aliexpress. There's loads of different Fosi amps on Amazon at the same price range that are also good.

      If your budget allows though I'd get a TOPPING PA3 for $165.

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        I have to laugh as I actually have one of those that you link to, running a pair of Jamo E500's from a tv and it sounds surprisingly good.

        Had it for about six months and all is good so far. Must add that it is only ever run at moderate volume levels though.

        My apologies, this is the one I have,


  • OoO I think we crashed the stock, only 3 left.

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      Make that 1 left. Thanks for posting. Great deal!

  • I'm surprised these were even in stock. Was checking amazon for them for months, but no dice.

  • Back in stock if anybody is interested

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