Xiaomi Mijia KACO Retro Refillable Gel Pens [5 Pcs] US$3.42 (~A$4.50) Shipped @ Lewon Stationery Store AliExpress


The Xiaomi Refillable Gel Pens are on sale again. Check last deal for comments/discussion.

Note: Title prices include GST. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD. Stackable with cashback.

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  • I always wanted to be in the PEN15 club when I was in school

  • so whats good about this? never dry out ? i hate using fire to warm the tip (so the ink can flow out again)

    • That's one of the perceived benefits, along with vibrant ink colours, smooth writing, and the warm & fuzzy feeling you get when you drop in a refill without replacing the entire plastic pen (just don't think too hard about the refill being plastic as well). If you're more concerned about the environmental benefit then get yourself a quality metal-barreled fountain pen and ink in glass bottles. You'll still have smooth writing in a full rainbow of colours, and hardly any plastic at all.

  • +1 vote

    Are they genuine Mijia though?

    • There is irony in it though. Company that made its name by stealing technology from apple and you now wondering if it's original mijia? I feel any company should have right to copy Xiaomi products with no regrets

        • So by that logic i should be able to copy a dollar bill and maybe buy a Xiaomi products from you?😉

          • @CoronaV: its up to me if i want to accept your copy or not. if i value your copy more than the original (hint: apple products vs xiaomi) then yeah why not ? :)

            my point is, if only apple is not too greedy and charge $1000 for $10 item then no one will bother to copy them. we should stand together agaisnt this kind of big corporation and refuses to buy support them. not the other way, camping 4 days in front of the store to buy something that is not even limited edition

            • @ChiMot: But you won't know if it's a copy of original or not. Then I am screwing the government and you and the tax payer. Point is we should value intellectual property rights and not be okay with companies stealing each other intellectual property.
              Btw you don't have to camp outside for an iPhone. Just don't buy one or wait few weeks to demand to cool down. Apple does not owe anything to anyone to serve like it's a charity. And I agree Apple products are overhyped.

              • @CoronaV: I think intellectual property should be stolen depending on some circumstances, like an unfair system, tyrant government, or human necessity. For instance, look up for the IP for insulin, how much it costs to make, how much it should cost, and how much they charge for it in different parts of the world.

                Sometimes two wrongs make a right?

                • @Kangal: I am speechless

                  • @CoronaV: I'm glad.
                    Intellectual Property Rights can and have been abused in some instances. I condone making changes to the system to skirt such occurrences whenever possible. Yet, I am not so naive to think that such changes could be a case of "too little too late" or even impossibility. And in those circumstances, it's not a right to disregard the law, it's a moral obligation. Remember MLK stated that "a law can be just on its face but unjust in its application".

            • @ChiMot: Yeah man fight the power.

  • Love these but I've had so many leak…
    I've bought close to a hundred and will proabably buy more, but wouldn't reccomened as a high quality pen.

  • good lord xiaomi really makes everything under the sun isnt it… or at least their brand is…

    • SO do many brands, but this is a Chinese brand so people complain.

      • really what other brand makes everything from smartphones to routers to vacuum cleaners to pens??

        I have nothing against xiaomi - I'm remarking with mild amusement lol.

  • Has there been any improvement in the nib? I’ve gone through heaps and they only last a week or two before it gets scratchy, have gone back to uniball jet stream which is alway reliable

  • Still waiting for the delivery from last deal. Expect delay in shipping.

    • I just received mine today from the last deal and the pens are great for the price