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Shelly Dimmer 2 (Wi-Fi Controlled Light Dimmer) - 5 for $167.65 (22% off) Delivered @ Smart Guys


Hi OzBargainers,

Thank you for your continued support.

Please see our latest Shelly deal below which runs until 18/04/2021.

Shelly Dimmer Sale

Buy 5 for $167.65 ($33.53 each) - Saving of $47.30 (22% Off)

Buy 10 for $322.40 ($32.24 each) - Saving of $107.50 (25% Off)

All devices have been certified for use in Australia.

**Shelly devices can be used with the provided app, or be integrated with most existing home automation systems (Smart Things, Home Assistant, OpenHAB, Fibaro, HomeKit. MQTT and Rest APIs are also available).

A quick overview of the products: The Shelly Dimmer 2 sits behind a standard light switch and can make it dimmable over WiFi. The wall switch continues to operate as normal. Full details on all Shelly devices are available at the deal link and on the official Shelly website(shelly.cloud).

What buying local at a slightly higher price than direct from Shelly means:

  • Quicker delivery with same day dispatch
  • We will manage the warranty for you - any faults covered under the Shelly warranty and we will send you a new item from Sydney. This means less wait time for you and less hassle dealing with Bulgarian time zones.
  • We are always available for support questions and queries and respond the same day.
  • Australian taxes and duties paid by us

Feel free to message us if you have any questions, or would like further clarification. Would love any feedback you might have to help us improve as we are still new, and we will be available to answer all your questions in the thread in the comments.

The team @SmartGuys

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  • I can't find this answer….I have a wall plate with 5 switches on it. Does this sit behind the wall plate and operate all 5 switches? Or do I need one of these per switch?

  • Hi,

    You need 1 dimmer relay per switch if you want to be able to dim all 5 of them.

    If you want only on/off control then the Shelly 2.5 might be more appropriate as it can control 2 switches.

    Hope that helps.



  • "has an embedded web server", wow :)

  • These are installed behind the switch? Does this mean if you flick the switch, it toggles the light on/off? And you can also toggle on/off via google etc?

    I vaguely recall reading on a whirlpool thread (I think) that when certified for use in Australia, some functionality was lost. Is this still the case (or did I get it wrong altogether?).

    I'm doing a reno soon and will be paying the sparky heaps probably, so getting him to put these in at the same time seems like a no-brainer. I want the light switches to work as usual so when I flick them, the light goes on/off, but I also want "hey google…" (and eventually home assist). I have a couple of lights that have two switches (one at each end of the hall, etc), will these still work?

    Lots of questions, but if they work, I'll get one for every light switch probably.

    Edit: I guess what I'm asking is "The wall switch continues to operate as normal" - what does this mean? Normal is that when the light switch is off, power is cut. Can it still be turned on via automation, or do you need to leave the switch on. I suspect the latter, but that is slightly not-normal in that it turns the switch into a toggle, whereas a normal switch as a definite on and off position.

    • Generally you replace the conventional toggle switch with a momentary switch. Problem is the switch state no longer reflects the state of the light if you use a toggle.

      The device remains powered all the time so an automation can still switch the light.

    • They can be configured as an "edge" switch, so either switching on or off at the switch will toggle it, as well as being able to control via voice assistant (better if you have push button or bell press type switches if you don't want to see a switch being on but the light being off).

      Basically, this is connected to your light and powered all the time, your light switch is then only connected to this to toggle the relay.

      They can be used with 2 way switches.

    • I don't have this but I got zwave switches, I assume they work the same way. If you are using these, switches no longer has on or off status.
      If it's for dimmers, replace it with Clipsal 30PBBP or similar.

  • What's the dimming performance like?

    I'm currently using Bunning's Deta 200W Universal Electronic Dimmer (I/N: 0098352) and get true 1-100% dimming range on my Philips Master LED MR16 bulbs and I would make the switch if Shelly Dimmers can match the dimming performance.

  • Does this need neutral at your light switch?

  • Can I just one momentary switch with these? Single push on and off and hold to dim/brighten?

  • Geez we know how to complicate the simple sh!t