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Samsung 870 EVO 1TB 2.5" SATA SSD $140.25 Delivered ($115.25 after Samsung Cashback) @ Futu Online eBay


Good deal on 870 Evo at a similar cost to some of the 860 Evo sales earlier this year.

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  • Shows up as AU $165.00 for me

  • futu_online is not on the participating stores list on Samsung website so how do you claim cashback?

  • I was trying to claim, but it's currently down at the moment

  • cashback in 10 years.

  • In case any one is interested, I've purchased an 860 Evo 4TB on 22 Feb and submitted the redemption on the 26th. The cashback was arrived from Samsung to my bank account last week… So about a month and a half?

  • Can I just replace my laptop hdd with this one?
    If anyone can help will be appreciated.
    Was going to buy 2.5 to 3.5 converter but not sure if its needed.
    Still googling :)

    • I've never seen a laptop take a 3.5" drive. They are all 2.5" drives, or m.2 drives.

      • I have, but that was a really long time ago when a laptop could double as a wheel chock or boat anchor in a pinch.

        • I have seen one of them. Luggables as the affectionately use to call them.

          • @xoom: LOL - I think the official marketspeak for them was 'Transportable'. They were also very efficient lapwarmers in cold weather, although you risked your legs going to sleep if you had one sitting on them for very long.

  • I am waiting for my techfast build and looking for a 1tb ssd right now (x570 motherboard).
    I was originally looking for SN550 but I saw some comments about random crushes so might increase my budget a bit.
    Has anyone experienced something similar?
    On paper m2 s are way faster but how's on real life? Is 970 evo worth 40 50 bucks over 870 evo or should I go for SN550 for the same price? Thanks

    • +1 vote

      I don't know the real life speeds for the Samsung ssds, but I noticed that my crutial branded ssd seems to perform faster than the stock techfast ssd

    • I don't think most ppl here could explain this one better than me.

      Depends on workloads.

      1. Gaming/Everyday, etc, anything that's not production workload:

      Not much difference, comparing SSD vs HDD(will get into M.2 later), what make SSD so much better than HDD is SSD have SOOOOO much better 4KB random read speed. (not sequential, not write, but 4KB random read specifically). Reading small file is much faster on SSD.

      But the 4k random read on 2.5" vs M.2 is similar.. my own test between 970 EVO Plus 500G (~60MB/s 4k), Kioxia TC10 240G(~43MB/s 4k) *Kioxia is toshiba SSD, Intel 600p 250G(~30MB/s 4k), my very old Sandisk Ultra II 480G (~30MB/s 4k).

      Any of those SSD have kinda similar experience (beware I don't use stopwatch to measure time difference) on Gaming loading speed.

      Also be aware low tier SSD will have different experience, quick example: Kingston A400, WD Green, Crucial BX500 (not saying these brand don't have good SSD, but these particular model aren't the best)

      2. Production workload (video render, file processing etc, anything that requires a HUGE amount of read/write):

      M.2 have much higher bandwidth, hence much better sequential read/write, which will be beneficial in this type of workload, also Windows loading speed, or super large software loading speed can be few second shorter(IMO 1~2s is not enough to justify the cost though).

      Which one to buy though?

      I don't see much choice in Australia, on top of my head I will be happy with: 860Evo, 870Evo, MX500, SN550, SN750, 970Evo (and plus), I can't justify the price for 980 pro myself, I'd rather spend the price difference to get bigger capacity, more RAM, better CPU, better cooling etc.

      • Thanks for your compherensive reply. My pc will be used for gaming, no heavy productivity so i am not waiting huge lap from 2.5" ssd to m2.
        I have decided to wait for 1tb 970 Evo plus deal because the pc will come with a 480gb sata, would like to try "new" tech lol.

        • yep, good choice. There are always shiny new toy out there but the question is if it could be justified.. I have a 970 Evo Plus and next time I run out of storage I might grab myself a 860 EVO or 870 Evo if there's cash back.

  • Stack with Swap Celebration gift cards from Coles

    Brings it down to $103.73

  • 2TB model for $271.15 ($235.15 after cashback) The extra $10 cashback actually brings this to only $7 more than the QVO

  • I got my receipt and tried to claim but invalid serial number. Ive emailed them asking what the deal is.

    • +4 votes

      You need the drive it self as there is an extra letter on the serial number which you need for claiming the offer. The packaging or receipt doesn't have this letter.

      • Ergh….I was really hoping i didnt have to open up my ps4 to get that! Thanks for clearing it up.

        • you also have to take a picture of the back of the drive showing the serial number so yeah looks like you have to open it up

  • Thanks. Bought one

  • Mine arrived today.

  • Hey, does samsung accept a Samsung Magician screenshot as a photo of the serial number?

  • The dicks shorty after people posting it here increased the price to 169 before cash back and discount from 149. And they did the same to the 2tb 870 evo it was 329 and they boosted it to 369 literally 2 days after this

  • So sale still on but its $169 dodgy tactic

  • Now $118 after cashback instead of $115. Still a deal, I just pulled the trigger.

  • Back up to $175 before cashback but with eBay 15% off code and the $25 cashback I got one for $123.75, obviously I'm abit late to the party but still a good price