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20% Cashback: Liquorland (Cap $20, Stack with 10% Sitewide) | Rebel Sport (Cap $25) @ Cashrewards


A couple of upsized deals from CR. Drink responsibly.

Rebel Sport

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • +1

    Great stuff. Gonna stock up with 2 cases of beer.

  • If it works.

  • +1

    I buy something on most of these upsized cashback deals and never had an issue. Use mobile not desktop and the tracking is much more likely to work….

    • I mostly use desktop and haven't had an issue. Also using the Firefox add-on

  • Came home with two cases of beer yesterday after Mon/Tue cashback - can't get another, can I

    • +1

      just buy more

  • Im not seeing the Liquorland 10% off. I’m presume, I’m missing something.

    • +2

      banner at the top of the LL website - use code "sitewide" for 10% off

      • Thank you

  • +1

    Just received a bonus 2000 points offer with $50 spend

    • Isn't that only on wine?

  • Just ordered from them yesterday and pending for pickup, good time to order some more and save one additional trip.

  • Yesterday with 30% off up to $30 Shopback and the 10% off store wide I saved $45. What would have cost $139 cost $94. Uncle Dan would have charged me about $120 including cash back.

  • +4

    Did a 22% shopback 3 weeks ago with First Choice liquor and still have 1 and half carton.

    Did a 35% shopback with BWS just yesterday and now have 3 and half carton…

    I don't think I should this time.

    • Yeah I did the 3 cases for $99 at FC. Then bought another 3 yesterday with shopback. Pretty well stocked now, at least for a few days.

      • Yep.Will sit this one out.

        Can't believe I've held out on these cashback deals for so long. I am saving good money on alcohol since openning the shopback account, albeit with a 3 months wait.

  • asahi cans out of stock - got a couple of slabs of sapporo

  • +2

    Asahi Black at $58.50 less 20% cashback ~= $48/carton. Great price

    Actually saw the offer on CR before I checked if an Ozb deal was posted, but thanks anyway dealbot

    • Bought this yesterday with the 30% back!

      • +1

        Gave SB the flick after their data debacle. Not feeling any pain with the decision. CR being Australian is a bonus.

        Purchase hasn't tracked yet. Not unusual for LL, BWS etc. Invariably have to put in a claim.

  • +1

    Hendricks Gin $69 - 10% off $62.10, then 20% cashback $50.81 is great value!!!

  • Cashrewards chrome plugin is completely failing to work for liquor land here. Weird, i've never had such problems before. Even disabled all my other plugs still wont work.

  • +1

    A couple of last minute barget' ideas (these prices are before all discounts…so even cheaper)

    Tinnies Low Alcohol beers - $29 a slab (plus it should make everything else in your cart FREE delivery even without the $100 spend). Sold out in SA :(

    Glens White or Dark Rum - $20 - 500ml

  • Grey Goose 1l $88 - 10% = $80 - $14.54 = $65.46. Add a bottle of 200ml Fireball Whiskey for $12 - discounts for free delivery.

    Thanks OP!