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Sony XAV-AX1000 $339.87, Sony XAV-AX3000 $424.17, Sony XAV-AX5500 $552.37, Kenwood DMX8020s $526.02 Shipped @ Ryda eBay


Pretty good prices for these head units.

Kenwood DMX820WS for $641.62 is also a great deal.

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  • Anything with wireless Android Auto?

      • It does my head in reading some of the manufacturer specs because the only occasionally make it clear if its via USB or wireless.

      • It only says wireless Apple CarPlay.

        • It says:

          Apple CarPlay
          USB but can be wireless if you get a Wi-Fi unit (unsure if this is one of those units)

          Android Auto
          USB cable only

          Android Mirroring
          Wireless, probably using Miracast I'd imagine

          True Mirroring For Android
          Kenwood App that can interface with the unit via USB to allow pass-through of the screen.
          Android version of this app also supports pass-through of screen input, so the head unit screen can be used instead of tapping the phone screen.

          Then reading the description it contradicts itself as it has the following:

          DDX9020DABS is an all-in-one AV receiver featuring Android Auto & Wireless Apple CarPlay. A High Definition Capacitive Android OS wireless Mirroring 6.8" Panel, Dual Din, and Bluetooth. Connect to the Bluetooth to stream audio, connect two phones full time, and make hands-free calls.

          Probably best to research the unit further on the Kenwood site or clarify with the seller before purchasing.

  • Can anyone please let me know if this is compatible with Honda CRV-2015 model.

  • Really considering the xav-ax5500… no good sales on this one ever

    • I installed mine over new years. Supercheap is often $449 for the 5500 as a new model just got released.

      Overall the head unit is ok, processor could be a little faster!

      • I'm pretty sure supercheap only has the 5000, not the 5500 (which is the newer model as you mentioned)

  • The voucher was for $50 yesterday off of the Kenwood 820ws and so I slept on it. Glad I did - saved $110+!

  • i wonder if we will be getting 2021 Kenwood headunits any time soon