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[NSW] 2 Free Cans of Sprite No Sugar Per Person @ Metcentre Wynyard


Free Sprite No Sugar at met centre, next to Wynyard station. 2 ladies handing 2x out per person at the top of the escalators leading down to woolworths.

No idea how long they'll be there for… Get yours quick

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  • Are they any good?

  • Nice work OP

  • +1 vote

    2 ladies handing 2x out per person

    How do you know they were ladies ?

  • Imagine drinking out of can that was touched by strangers only moments go during a pandemic 😷 Better hope no one touched the part you put your lips on.

    • I thought I was the only one who noticed that.
      It seems like every single other person throughout my lifetime who has handed me a can has grabbed it by the top bit and put their grotty fingers on the rim where you put your lips to.
      I always get the upsize at KFC so I get a bottle instead of a can for that very reason. I never get drinks at other fast food places because they touch the straw.

    • who told you put it to your lips without wiping it

  • The new sprite is really bad, no sugar makes things worse

  • I rate sprite no sugar better than its Coke cousin

  • I see free Sprite no sugar hand outs increasingly, they even have small trolley handouts here in Perth on Scarborough beach occasionally

    Makes me think they're trying to revive a failing line.

    Pepsi Mango is probably the only good 'no sugar' alternative I've tried.

  • Do some research before you drink anymore Zero or No Sugar drinks. There’s a reason ‘Phenylalanine’ is written in bold writing on the ingredients list. Look at the side effects.

    I stopped drinking Zero sugar drinks for this reason.


    • The alternative of chugging 30 grams of sugar in one go is way healthier

    • Phenylalanine is a small organic chemical belonging to a group of substances called amino acids.

      Phenylalanine is one of the essential amino acids and must be obtained by the body from food.

      Most starch and bean foods are significantly Phenylalanine rich, but its in just about all foods many containing significantly more amounts than a can of coke.

      It even states on the first line of that article that it comes in several forms as a supplement.

      Even a cup of hot chocolate can have Phenylalanine because cocoa is naturally Phenylalanine rich.

  • Every no sugar drink has stevia or something like that which leaves a nasty after taste. I mean you only live once, if your going to drink soda might as well drink the real sugar option