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Samyang Hot Chicken Flavour Noodle / 2x Spicy 5 Pack $5 @ Woolworths


Samyang ramen hot chicken cheese or hot chicken 2 x spicy 5 pack for $5.

Made in Korea.

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    Samsung really trying to reach out to new markets ey

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      They are diversifying from making chips

      • Nice one jv, i get the joke

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          You're killing it Jenny…

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      You are joking right?

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        Nope, read the original title of the deal.

      • (original) Samsung ramen hit chicken cheese or hot chicken 2 x spicy 5 pack for $5.
        (new) Samyang ramen hot chicken cheese or hot chicken 2 x spicy 5 pack for $5.


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    Samsung Hot Chicken Flavour Noodle

    Much prefer the LG ones

  • At least they are not Sonnys.

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      Are they Chers ?

  • Is this the spiciest instant noodles?

    • +2

      2 x spicy is pretty hot.

      • If you buy 2, you get 4 x spicy.

      • Tried the 2x. Biggest mistake. My stomach burned after and I felt sickly.

        • I bought a 5 pack of them today. Are you normally weak vs chillies?

          • +1

            @Budju: Nah, I can eat chillies, especially fresh ones. But this was just too much.

            • @concept: Damn, sounds like it's brutal then. I might have to try some today and find out.

              • @Budju: let us know what you think. :)

                • @Chivalry: It was basically a religious experience - extremely hot. Most people would die, only for the strongest of chilli eaters.

                  This deal should come with a warning.

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      No, you need the 3x - I buy them from an Asian grocery next to work - very very hot

      • -1

        Agreed, 2x and Volcanic versions aren't hot enough.
        3x is ok though.

      • +1

        But does it taste any good or is it just burning heat??

    • nope. u can go for the ghost chilli one

    • there is 3x versions but is painful to eat

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    Pity the carbonara isn't on sale. :(

    • +2

      I love the pink one, it's just right

      • +6

        what about the noodles?

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          I need an adult UwU

      • The hot sauce (Woolies carries the 1x spicy sometimes) is also available in 2x and the carbo/pink too! :O

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        Thanks. That’s all i wanted to know.

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      your link : 3/10

      this one : 20/10

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        should try the 3x ones. it causes me to dehydrate

  • +1

    no comparison.
    it's like comparing capsicum to say jalapeno

    • +7

      Shin ramyun is also not that hot tbh.

      • to clarify… shin is the capsicum lol
        tho, shin black is pretty good
        shin red is also boring

      • +1

        I remember it used to be fairly spicy when it was first launched. But the spice level seems to have decreased over the years, inversely proportionate to its popularity.

      • +8

        Shin Ramen is pretty spicy. I find that all the people who complain about it not being spicy enough are just adding a shitload of water.

    • Jalepeno is basically capsicum. So weak.

  • The image from the main Deals page showed a shelf devoid of the noodles lol

  • +23

    I had it once before. It was very spicy, the tongue was on fire and I was sweating like Scomo in a press conference being asked about Brittany Higgins

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    2x spicy is painful if you don't have a good tolerance. It hurts no matter what when it comes out.

    • +2

      Agreed lol… Even with decent tolerance it's painful to eat

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    jv is on fire today.

  • I'm a (profanity), I only add half the sauce to make it 1x spicy :)

  • Does it come with non chicken flavour ?

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      Doubt you can even taste chicken.

      • 👆 This! It'll just be burning everywhere and no flavour.

  • I had the cheese chilli flavour of this and it was way too spicy for me. I am a chilli lightweight but I do enjoy a bit of heat. That was like taking a sip of boiling water with each mouthful.

    • Try adding lime or stock to cut the spice.

  • Didn't even know woolies sold these, normally grab from the Asian grocery but they haven't had the original ones in stock for a while now. The 2x & 3x are too hot…

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    The link does not show any product.

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    These taste so so good but you regret it twice - when it goes in and it comes out.

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      extra value!

      • Two for one

  • Nothing found?

  • I can eat very spicy and trust me this is da bomb.

    • +6

      Pro tip: Samyang also make a 200g bottle of the same sauce to keep in the fridge

  • I normally like hot stuff but these are brutal. not as bad as pain 100% sauce, though.

  • Had high expectations for these… was a little bit of a let down , spice level wise. Was okay, nothing crazy hot like they make it sound on the label lol. It's OK, i wouldnt buy it again…

    • +1

      Few drops of Mad Dog 22 when I'm cooking these gets the rest of my family acting like I've sprayed mace around like its air freshener aha

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    The original ones are not super hot but the X2 and X3 ones are nuts, and I love them.
    X2 is only rated at 12,000 SHU, I dont understand it, I'm had sauces with a much much higher scoville rating but I swear they are not nearly as spicy.

  • just a note, that noodles once boiling is for stir fry noodles. Stir Fry and very hot (spicy ) and tasty!! for experience hot (tolerant) people!! :)

    • One of my favorite things to put with these is steamed peas, corn, and a thinly sliced steak from the grill. nom nom

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    Doesn't Samyang make camera lenses?

  • Does this contains fructose? I know the Nongshim shin ramyun brand has. Unfortunately I am fructose intolerant.

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    if you like spice but can't tolerate it well, don't put all the sauce in, and be sure to sprinkle with some cheese over the top or goes well with cottage cheese for example

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    1x burns your mouth. 2x burns on the way out. Is that why its 2x??

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    Theses are delicious but so hot. They will burn, burn, burn your ring of fire.

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    My go to feel good meal:
    Samyang hot noodle x1 (not the X2 red packet)
    - Cook as per instruction except 4min boil not 5
    - Drain as much as possible
    - Mix 2/3 of the sauce in over the residual heat of stove
    - Add ripped up Kraft singles cheese or Costco American cheese
    - Add chopped up Twiggy sticks or salami
    - Add 5 halved cherry tomatoes
    - Added 2 or 3 chopped up pickled cucumbers
    - Mix with your chop sticks until cheese melts.

    Eat with a cold beer.

    • +2

      Does your doctor know you do this?

      • +1

        No worse than pizza and beer… I think

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    Can you put a price on your a$shole, though? The 2x spicy will tear you a new one (literally).

  • Love these. Luckily we can tolerate a lot of heat, so this qualifies as little over mild. Wife doesn't eat it though, but my kids ( teenagers) love it.
    Thanks OP.

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