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[Afterpay] Pay with Afterpay Card via Apple Pay, Get $20 off Your Next Purchase (Minimum $21 Spend) @ Afterpay & Apple Pay


just receive this promotion email from Afterpay.
No code needed.
Where to add Afterpay card on your Apple Pay: via your AfterPay APP.

Receive $20 off when you spend $21+ on your next order via Afterpay Card. Voucher is valid until 11:59 pm AEST Monday 26th April 2021 unless otherwise determined by Afterpay. Afterpay reserves the right to cancel the voucher at any time. Valid for the first 29,250 redemptions only. You must use your Afterpay Card in conjunction with Apple Pay when redeeming this offer. Available in participating stores and online. This voucher is single-use only and must be used on your first eligible order. It cannot be saved for use on a future order. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other Afterpay offer. Voucher redeemable in a single transaction and is not transferable, redeemable in cash or refundable. Your voucher will automatically be deducted from your Afterpay order. The voucher will not be reflected in the merchant receipt, please refer to your Afterpay receipt. Limit of one voucher per customer.

Referral Links

Referral: random (953)

Referrer and Referee receives $30 off next eligible Afterpay purchase of $50 or more. Maximum of 5 referrals per customer. The promotion is redeemable until 31/12/2021.

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    Does it work to pay existing instalment

  • "This voucher is single-use only and must be used on your first eligible order" meaning if you have taken up the same offer previously under the same account (but not via Apple Pay), you are not eligible ?

    • The way I read it it’s “first eligible order”, which is using it in conjunction with Apple Pay. So it should work .

      • Finger cross

  • Anyone know if the WW giftcards on Afterpay's app can be bought by Applepay?

    • I think you have to use their Afterpay card instore through Apple Pay for this offer. Its a promotion to the newly launced Apple Pay payment method code.

  • didn't recieve this email :(

    • same here.

      • Didn't get the email neither.
        Edit: Nvm, saw it on my app. Thanks Op

        • +2

          where in the app?

          • @bigchunguss: Popup before you enter your pin

          • @bigchunguss: Saw it when I opened my app after reading this. My partner didn't get hers though, not sure why.

            • @hanofee: yeah i only got some $50 off flights thing. Cheers anyway!

    • +3

      True Ozbargainer will have both just for this reason.

      • +4

        Spending money to "save money" - in the true OzB fashion.

  • shame my ipad doesn't support apple pay

    • Might work for online purchase.

      • Nope, can't install

      • Does it work for online purchases or just in store?

  • +2

    i shouldn't have added it so early so no email offer for me. did anyone receive this email offer after they had already added their card before the 14th april? oh i got a $50 off travel booking via Play which is crap.

  • +1

    You gotta be kidding me. I just added it last night. Ofcourse this happens lol

  • +1

    I am using Google pay…crying

    • -2

      on iPhone?

      • On an Android phone.

        I do not have any Apple product.

        • Oh it says Apple Pay.

  • I’ve never used after pay, is after pay card different from after pay(pay in 4 installments).

    • +1

      It’s the replacement in store barcode.

      • So, after I added to ApplePay, it'd work just like normal debit/prepaid card (in store that accept Afterpay) to pay?

        • Yes. You tap your phone on the eftpos machine like a card.

        • Unless this has changed recently, the apple pay card only works at afterpay registered merchants. It can't be used on any tap to pay terminal.

  • +1

    Is this targeted? No email or notification on my app (I only just added afterpay card to my apple wallet).

  • +2

    My offer doesn’t state I need to pay with Apple Pay rather just make an in-store purchase


    • Got this one also!

      • So, you got both offers?

        • Just the one.

    • iPhone?

  • Not getting anything email or app :(
    but I've already setup Apple Pay for Afterpay and used it before, so maybe it's only for ppl that haven't used the feature yet?

  • Didn't get the promo email, and nothing show in the app too
    Maybe this offer is targeted?

    • Would like to know as well

  • New to this whole thing, is this promo only for apple device users?

  • +2

    Seems targeted.

  • +2

    I don’t have this offer neither in email, nor in the app, and I have never added the AfterPay card to my Apple Pay wallet.

    100% targeted.

    • Is this confirm?
      I don’t see this advertisement anywhere too

      • It is targeted. I think if you didn't get the email, or pop-up in the app, you are not targeted so you will not get "free" $20.

  • I am able to get this deal after adding afterpay to apple pay after seeing this post
    thanks OP

    • +1

      Though plenty of people who don’t have this deal after adding a card, maybe it is randomly targeted?

      EDIT: added afterpay card to Apple Pay just now, still no offer…

  • whats the minimum spend at Myer and can you purchase a coles group gift card with the afterpay card?

  • Is there a code you have to enter, or where do you see you have the offer on applepay?

  • +1

    I was targeted. I added the card in Apple Pay. I don't see any info on the $20 voucher though. I guess it's a leap of faith, i.e., spend and hope it happens.

  • Whoop I needed a power supply… now is it only when you use Apple Pay card ?

  • Anyone having any luck buying gift cards through the app. It won’t let me purchase any of them

  • Where could we use it? Tried Coles and Officeworks, merchant is not supported

    • Target definitely can. Maybe Myer/DJ too

    • Chemist Warehouse. Ebay. It shows giftcards for Ebay, Woolies, Amazon, and others, but haven't tried it. Someone above said they couldn't get buying gift cards to work. BUT… note that my targeted email does say "IN STORE" on it. So I think I'll just go to Chemist Warehouse and buy $21+ worth of stuff.

      • +1

        Tried in store at CW. Tapped Afterpay Apple Pay Card on terminal. Card declined on terminal.

        Got message in Afterpay saying “The Afterpay Card is not yet available to use with this retailer”.

        Even though CW supports afterpay online? What a joke.

  • I didn't received the email or seen it on the popup, but I went to the app (on my iphone), I clicked all the tabs below back and forth and when I click the "Card" tab on the app, it magically appeared ($20 OFF). Try it.

    • Same. Shows it on mine (and I did receive the email). I don't recall seeing this message last night. FYI for others, it shows up as a blue banner on the top of the screen.

      • There might be a delay for some. on my acc, it's the other way around, saw the banner on my app yesterday morning, only got the email at night. Still nothing on my partner's app.

  • Anyone tried to use this on Prezzee website?

    • I was just about to ask the same thing; it worked with ZipPay.

      • Doesn’t go through. How the hell do you use this?

        • Yep just tried it today, couldn't get it to work with Prezze using Apple Pay :(

  • Tried getting Netflix gift card in-store at Big W but declined by the system when paying. Before I tried, the staff also said that it would be declined by Afterpay, but I just tried anyway.

    • So no gift card at all? Was thinking to just buy Wish gift card :(

      • Probably not.. But just tried at Myer for buying some goods and it also failed… Maybe the system is the problematic one and not ready.

        • Okay, I might actually be using it incorrectly, as I didn’t select Apple Pay when activating the Afterpay Card.

          But seems irrelevant because we generally are able to use Afterpay Card without an Apple Pay (regardless of the current promo). Which it already failed twice for me when having Afterpay Card with a direct credit card option.

          I might try again on another store when I get a chance.

          • @Ci3reR: Finally managed to get it through buying some goods at David Jones. This time I used Apple Pay as the payment method.

            • +1

              @Ci3reR: Do you mean you went straight to the Apple Wallet rather than selecting “Pay with Afterpay Card” from the Afterpay app?

              Tapping my phone via Apple Pay didn’y work for me at Chemist Warehouse (even though they claim Afterpay is supported in store).

              • +1

                @abc: First I went to the Card tab and select Apple Pay as the payment method. Then I tapped on ‘Activate the Afterpay Card’ and select a credit card.

                Once set up, I tap on ‘Payment with Afterpay Card’ which opened the Apple Wallet, and then I selected the Afterpay (prepaid) Card.

                Apparently, I need to repeat the ‘Activate the Afterpay Card’ again for the next purchase after the first one was successful.

                Hope this helps

                • +1

                  @Ci3reR: Wow so complicated. Thanks for the instructions, I thought it’s sinply using Afterpay card on our wallet? :(

                • +2

                  @Ci3reR: Exactly what i did but it didn’t work at Chemist Warehouse even though it is listed on the map as accepting Afterpay in store.

                  Logged a ticket they said CW wasn’t supported. Afterpay card is useless compared to Zip.

                  • @abc: That’s a bummer. It could be also true then because I couldn’t manage to get it work at Big W and Myer.

                • @Ci3reR: Do you mean you double tap the on/off button to activate Apply Pay and then selected Afterpay from list of credit cards?

                  • +1

                    @angelique008: I double tapped the on/off button when trying at Big W and Myer but didn’t work. (Note that I selected a credit card as payment method when at these shops)

                    When trying at David Jones, I did it directly from the Afterpay app after selecting my payment method as Apple Pay and then tapping on ‘Payment with Afterpay Card’, which in the end still opened the Apple Wallet. This worked.

                    • @Ci3reR: I went to Myer & Target earlier today, they said minimum spend with Afterpay is $100 in both stores :(. Did you spend that much?

                      • @hanofee: Oh really? The Myer staff didn’t say anything even when I tried twice. I tried spending $99, lol.

                        • @Ci3reR: I had an item of $39 at Myer. The cashier refused to take Afterpay and told me, need $100 minimum. Maybe I should had tried to just tap without asking, but it’s too late :(

                    • @Ci3reR: Wonder if it’s minimum spend related? Mind sharing how much spent at DJ’s?

                      • @abc: I spent $21.9 on goods and received the $20 off

                        • +1

                          @Ci3reR: Thanks guys, I have tried to use multiple times (I thought it was the same as zippay) but no luck! So bloody frustrating.

                        • @Ci3reR: Did you tell them you were using afterpay at purchase?

                          Wondering if you need to indicate this?

                          • +2

                            @abc: I used self-serve checkout at Big W so it used the payment terminal/device. But the wait staff kind of seeing that I tried attempting the Afterpay Card (since he said that Afterpay may not accept Netflix GC. I tried purchasing a GC and an item to make up the $21+)

                            For Myer, I said I was going to use Afterpay. But when the staff saw that I was actually going to use the Afterpay Card, he then enabled the payment terminal as well (the usual one to pay via debit/credit card). Not sure if Afterpay still allows their old barcode style payment though.

                            And lastly, I didn't say anything at David Jones. I just took out my phone and the staff just assumed it's an NFC/Apple Pay and opened the usual payment terminal as well. I just tapped on it, and voila, it worked.

  • +1

    Chemist warehouse declined

  • so when in a store that accepts afterpay we basically need to
    1. open afterpay app
    2 select card
    3 select pay with Afterpay Card.
    4. fingerprint and tap terminal
    do the same specific store restrictions apply like a minimum spend?
    restrictions on type of items allowed to be purchased like gift cards?

    has anyone been able to purchase a gift card instore (myer/target) with the Afterpay Card?

  • has anyone been able to use it online to buy a gift card $21+ and get their $20 off yet?

    • +1

      Tried today with Prezzee and Apple Pay - failed.

  • So not able to use with Chemist Warehouse, Prezzee, Coles, Officeworks. Myer and Target require spend >$100…

    Which stores have people actually been able to use this promo? Only one I can see in this thread is David Jones?

    Edit: Anyone try buying a DJ gift card for $21 with Afterpay? Maybe that's the way to go.

    • +1

      Unable to use even though it lists that they support Afterpay in store.

      Customer service is no help when you highlight this. Just parrots "not supported" or points you on how to use Afterpay Card (I am using it correctly according to them - open it through the App not through Apple Pay Wallet. Not sure why that would make a difference but whatever.

      Am wondering why APT shares are so high compared to say Z1P given that Zip Pay is accepted everywhere. Who the hell uses Afterpay? Do they have a dominant position in online women's fashion?

      • Wait so you tried David Jones as well and was unsuccessful?

  • how does it this exactly I have my apple pay setup with the afterpay card but at what point is it going to discount? has anyone tried this on ebay?

  • has anyone tried this at the apple store?

  • brought a $50 bunnings gift card via iphone app took me to afterpays website but had no option to pay with afterpay card only amex payment card listed got $30 off as i had referral credit no $20 off . maybe i should have brought the $100 gift card instead?. its a bit misleading saying you can use it online when it doesnt work. has anyone been able to use it online to get their $20 off yet and if so where? maybe best going instore to myer or big w to get a gift card? but would that work and be allow and whats the minimum spend in store $100? target says minimum spend instore is $100 and *Excludes Gift Cards. maybe i should getting something online at target over $21?

  • Afterpay can be used to pay for most BIG W products online at bigw.com and in all BIG W stores, with the exception of the following:

    Gift cards and top-up cards
    Apple products
    Back-orders, pre-order and waitlisted merchandise
    Layby purchases

    i know online it has a minimum spend of $50. what about in store at big w?

    • +1

      The real question is whether the Afterpay Card will work on an EFTPOS terminal. It seems to be separate to "Afterpay in store".

  • Anyone tried to buy David Jones gift voucher for $21 in store and pay with Apple Pay successfully?

    • +1

      Yes, I bought $22 to be safe.

      • So buy $22 DJ gift card in store and showing $2 to be paid on your Afterpay account?

        • Yes, so actually $1.50 as first 50c is deducted immediately