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Hisense 85" Q8 (2020 | VA Panel | FALD | HDMI 2.0) $3395 + Delivery (Save $600) @ JB Hi-Fi


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Fantastic price on this FALD Hisense. If you don't need 120hz, it's a no brainer.


  • FALD
  • Decent HDR brightness & black levels (HDR10 & Dolby Vision supported)
  • 3 year warranty


  • No 120Hz on any resolution
  • Trash-ish smart platform
  • Hisense?

*Futurama reference

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  • +2 votes

    Not entirely true. It’ll accept a 1440p120 signal but then just drop half the frames.

    That’s how cooked the video processing on these Hisense TVs is.

    Make sure you check out the HDTVtest review before buying. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RdL_1kFg2hw

  • My 55" looks tiny in comparison, almost embarrassing.

  • Was debating something like this or a 4k short throw projector… Any one have a similar problem? (PJ would require a screen, but would be 100-120")

    • +6 votes

      Wouldn't you need a dark room to take full advantage of a projector? Otherwise the blackest black you can see is the light grey of your screen. That'll be no problem for movie nights, but if you just want to watch a game or a show with the lights on, it won't look as nice as a TV.

      • Correct,
        Most of my households TV viewing is at night anyways, and I have blackout curtains for the lounge. Should be okay. Also with the short throw, the distance for light to travel to the wall will be decreased, so the brightness 'shouldn't' be affected too much.

      • I've got the 65Q8 and love it. I know this TV gets criticism for motion blur and other issues, but I haven't noticed it, and don't intend to look for it.

        What I love about it is the rich blacks and bright screen, popping colours - it's amazing. I can watch this TV in a bright sunny room no issues - couldn't stand having to constantly have to close curtains and sit in a dark room to watch TV.

        • isn't bad motion blur the worst possible thing on a TV? anything that moves would look.. blurry?

          • @Mortgagetightass: I think TVs are like cameras to some extent. There are people who spend half the time time pixel-peeping while others simply sit back and enjoy the picture.

          • @Mortgagetightass: Perhaps those complaining about the blur have high expectations or particularly look for it. I simply do not notice it. So to me, it's not an issue. To others it might be. I don't watch sport either, where it seems important.

            • @placard: According to the internet I'm doing everything wrong and most of my product choices are terrible. Yet perfectly happy with what I've got. If you're not spending 12hours calibrating your TV, you're doing it wrong lol

              A lot of people on forums make decisions based on FOMO rather than Fit for purpose.

              • @gimme: Exactly. And even if you pay $500 extra and get the Sony, it's got its own set of issues and problems.

                I didn't want to spend over $1500 or so, and the 65Q8 was the best bang for buck in that price range.

      • Even in a dark room the blackest it gets is dark grey for a projector. Can't say about the laser version because I've never seen them in person. But contrast and colours are very poor on a projector. If comparing to OLED or high end LCD TV's

    • I had a conventional projector but was going through same thought process. Before just buying a tv

      If you're thinking about the ust projectors that sits in front like the Mi 4k laser, you'd need to budget in a stretched screen. Imperfections on your wall really ruin the image on these since they're hitting the wall at an extreme angle.

      Also the typical "room needs to be dim since its a projector". You can always get an ALR screen so you can use it in broad daylight, but those screen cost about $1.5k. Probably not worth it

      Dedicated theatre room or if you don't do much daytime watching - projector.

      If it"s a louge/living room location stick with an 86" or so

    • Depends, does a cinema size screen (i.e. wall filling) at home excite you? If it does a 120 inch screen and projector will make you very happy and you'll always be looking forward to watching. That's what I have for that reason.

      If a huge screen doesn't excite you go for the 85 TV.

      Only you can answer your question really.

    • I'm waiting solid and slowly for an 85" OLED or MicroLED to be sub $3000 AUD.

      Estimate I still have 2 to 4 years to go, cmon plasma, hold out, hold out.

      • Same here. Every time I get the itch to upgrade to a 75" or 85" LED TV I keep reminding myself it is actually a downgrade to my 2014 Panny ST60 plasma.

        • Yep, ST60, 65" here - it's still amazing. I hate LCD / LED so much. I don't want to downgrade just because my TV explodes (hope not) or because I want more size.

          MicroLED at 85" - I'm kidding myself, 8 years away.

          • @hamwhisperer: VT60 55, and yes I'm starting to think it's going to take so long for the price to drop I should be in the second hand market for a VT/ST60 65 :/

            • @Jackson: I wouldn't go for a used plasma TBH. I have some very slight burn in from channel logos on the top and bottom right hand side. Not noticeable when watching movies though but YMMV.

              • @chewkl: I bought mine new display model, and it had burn in from some idiot who left a DVD menu on the screen overnight. It's bad if you put a single colour on the entire screen, but in reality it's not noticeable watching movies and TV and only occasional when playing games. But I picked it up for 150 so it was to my advantage

    • I have a projector in a room that can be blacked out, but recently moved to a 85 inch Sony and it kills the projector for image and convenience.

  • +1 vote

    BTW it's $3350 at VideoPro.

  • $3,290 with free delivery to selected cities here: https://www.appliancecentral.com.au/85q8-hisense-85-inch-ser...

    • Yesterday I had a look for 75' Q8 (when the 65' popped up on the front page) they had it for $2220.
      This morning I wanted to show it to the missus and it went down to $2190 overnight. Seriously considering it.

      • +4 votes

        You know after you get the 75" you're going to wish you got the 85" instead. :)

        • Truth. I bought a 75inch screen 18 months ago and have wanted an 85inch screen for about 17 months after being convinced I would be happy with such a decent huge screen TV.

          This is so tempting but I want a screen that makes use of all the features of my Series X. 120hz. VRR etc. and don't want to compromise on dodgy image processing. Hopefully ill be happy with that TV for atleast 2 months before wanting better.

        • Tbh not really, 75' is the sweet spot for our setup and and sitting distance. We bought a 65' Qled and it was too small and didn't feel right, ended up giving it to my daughter.

          85' would be too big, to the point that it would be uncomfortable to watch, so 75' it is 😁

          • @Steakz: what is the sitting distance your talking about here, I am looking for 75"+ and i have 3.4mtr distance.

            • @The king: Tv is on the wall and its 3.8/3.9m from the wall to the backrest of the couch.
              75' should be fine for you I'm guessing, but yea you wouldn't want to go bigger then that.

              • @Steakz: thanks mate, I will stick with 75" then, now i have to find good deal hope something will come up by end of financial year specials.

        • What about the 100 in?

  • Welcome to OzBrannigan where we Zapp you with the most shocking deals!

    Calculon fully endorses these shocking deals. Hats off to you, kind sir!

  • This or xiaomi laser projector?

    • Bright or dark room?
      Size or quality?
      Big or small?

      • bright room but with light blocking curtains

        size matters more to me

        for living room all in one usage (not for theater room)

        • If you can keep the blinds shut everytime you want to watch then I don't see the problem. Just keep in mind you might need a stretched screen for the xiaomi since it's a ust. Bends on the wall or bumpy paint run the image more than rear projectors

    • how much better are these xiaomis than the blitzwolf VP6 that's often on here. Probably no comparison but people say the Blitzwolf is great

      • Can't compare them.

        Ones an ultra short throw, blitz wolf is conventional projector.

        At $250 I think it's an OK buy if you just want to dip your toes in and try a projector.

        • Ultra short throw only dictates where you can put it doesn't it?

          • @Jackson: Not exactly sure what you mean but a UST projector has to be located under the screen. It can't be put anywhere else.

            • @skysurfer: What I meant was that the fact that it's an ultra short throw is neither here nor there regarding the performance of the picture, just the placement. I don't know if I would shell out hundreds of dollars more for that. Image quality I would consider

              • @Jackson:

                What I meant was that the fact that it's an ultra short throw is neither here nor there regarding the performance of the picture, just the placement.

                Don't forget that all ultra-short-throw projectors come with a wall texture enhancer for free.

  • Cheaper at appliance central and video pro as mentioned above.

  • Very good tv, better than LG or Sony in same price ranges.

  • Bought 65" Q8 for $1350 during ebay/Afterpay deal.. Good TV for the money. Blacks are almost OLED like. HDR is stunning and very bright. Sound is very good as I have attached a subwoofer to the TV to complement the built in soundbar. Two remotes.. the additional silver one is much better quality… Vidaa OS is very snappy and have zero issues with it so far (Netflix/Amazon/YouTube apps are very fast). I have found a couple of youtube videos where it struggles with processing but 2 out of hundreds that I have watched. Everything is so customizable from picture to sound to motion… FTA HD channels look very good. Watched some F1 and AFL on youtube and with it looks pretty good.

    Viewing angle is VA panel typical and not so great but not an issue for me.

  • I mainly use a nvidia shield rather than my TV's smart feature, but I also watch a lot of cricket and rugby league. How would this TV stack up?

  • Not bad considering it full array. How much of an issue is no 120hz. Does it have airplay?

  • "decent" - that's the word the marketing came up with!?!?


  • Finally got a Q8 85. Thinking if I didn't get it now they won't be around any longer since all thr major stores around me had no stock. Got it from Central and its already on its way. Hoping I get a good panel in it

  • Called up GG told them to match 3280 and he gave it to me for 3200 delivered

  • guys, did anyone get their 85Q8 yet? how is it overall?