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ASUS TUF GAMING F15 144Hz - i5 10300H - 16GB - 512GB - 15.6" FHD - GTX 1650Ti $971 ($962 w/$1 item) Delivered @ Bing Lee


*Edit: Comment from doweyy
"ENTER30" also works for $30 off if you add any other item, such as $1 Cat-6 Cable
** Try some other $1-2 items if not shipping to your area


Screen Size 15.6"

Native Resolution 1920 x 1080

Refresh Rate 144Hz

Processor Intel Core i5-10300H

Storage 512GB

Storage Drive Type SSD


Operating System Windows 10 Home

Video Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti

Video Memory 4GB

Wireless Network Wi-Fi 6(802.11ax)

Bluetooth Yes

Camera 720p


USB 1 x USB 2.0 Type-A, 2 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A, 1 x Type C USB 3.2 Gen 2

Battery Type 48WHrs, 3S1P, 3-cell Li-ion

Height 24.7
Width 359
Depth 256

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  • +17 votes

    Note to self - "Don't need it…Don't need it…Don't need it…"

    • Just bought yesterday with Lenovo, well ….don't need another laptop…keep telling me too

  • How different is this to the Lenovo IdeaPad L340 Gaming Laptop 15", worth $172 more?

    • +30 votes

      This vs Lenovo L340
      10th Gen Intel vs 9th Gen
      144Hz Refresh Rate vs 60Hz
      16GB RAM vs 8GB
      GTX 1650Ti vs GTX1650

    • How can we soar with the eagles when we're surrounded by galahs…

  • I need a new laptop. Any reason why I shouldn't buy this ? Light gaming and surfing the net.

    • As long as you don't mind the weight / mediocre battery this is a good buy.

    • Bad quality screen

      • I have heard this of the Tuf Gaming series in general now, can confirm your sentiment is shared among others too

        • I have a later version of this laptop and can confirm its quite bad, however for gaming its not too bad. You will only notice it if you are used to a good screen

      • is it worse than the other IdeaPad L340 deal yesterday?

      • It stands to reason Microsoft would sabotage manuf's like Asus, think about it.

        I'm thinking about it and.. not really. Asus is absolutely huge, even Microsoft aren't going to mess about.

      • Why would windows issues be resolved with a hardware change out? Any other software have issues?

        Also, can't see why they would sabotage Asus? Makes no sense to me.

        • yeah because Microsoft really needs to push those surface sales 🙄

          Apart from that, no reason for MS to sabotage Asus imo, if anything it detracts from a good Windows experience, so shooting themselves in the foot hoping for some collateral damage

        • A better question would be, why would Windows issues present like hardware failures? Answer: Bad drivers.

    • I'm considering it for non-gaming usage too. I'm wondering if there'd be any battery life savings to be had if you were to lower the fresh rate in the nvidia control panel to 60hz. I mean scrolling at higher frame rate feels amazing but for regular ol web browsing and other stuff it's probably not necessary.

      The question is how mediocre is the battery life going to be for non-gaming tasks?

  • "ENTER30" also works for $30 off if you add any other item, such as $2 AA Batteries. Comes to $963 Delivered with those.

    Works with Cashrewards too as it's listed for 1% cashback.

  • This unit uses Panda Panel <45% sRGB. You are warned.

    This is way better. 100% sRGB colour. 16inch 144hz


  • I have Dell XPS 15. How does this compare?

  • Dual channel ram vs l340?
    And how bad is bad for the screen?

    2.3kg starting weight feels like a ton…

  • Only a quad core :(

    • Won't really hold this GPU back or anything

    • You video editing? 3D rendering, or other high intensity CPU usage stuff?

      Any games that may occasionally use quad core will be more limited to the gfx 1650ti too. Quad is fine.

  • can 1650ti handle valheim?

    • +4 votes

      I played Valheim for a bit on a Dell Inspiron 15 with an i7-10750H and a GTX 1650 Ti Max-Q.

      It was fine. If anything, the fact that the Inspiron can't handle the 10750H running at more than about 10-15W (awfully low clocks) with the 1650 Ti at maximum tilt in the default power mode, or lets the CPU bob around 95-100C in performance mode, probably meant the GPU wasn't really an issue.

      This being said, the game runs significantly better on my home desktop with a Ryzen 9 3900X and Radeon RX 5600 XT, which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone…

      So have realistic expectations, basically. Digital Foundry has a good video that goes over the performance impact of the various settings in Valheim, so you can follow that to try and eke out more performance.

  • Bing Lee does not ship to the QLD and only two NSW stores have the stock :/

  • I have the 580 one atm from a year ago, does everything I need for now. Chucked a extra 16 gig stick in got $50 to make it 24 gig ram though for that rust feeling lol

  • I was considering the ASUS TUF A15 throughout March. Almost purchased the 1660TI model from JB Hifi, but they wouldn't budge on the price they had at the time (funnily enough 3 weeks later, the price is now $100 cheaper than their "cheapest price"). Harvey Norman had the same model (but with double the ram and HDD space) for an extra $280 - if I got the JB Hifi model I'd be spending $400+ to upgrade the ram and HDD myself…. almost purchased that one too….. until I figured for an extra $400 on top of that I can just get the 2021 model instead (which I did… and I still upgraded the ram and HDD over this past week, it is now a beast machine).

    The main concern I had with the A/F15 series was the poor battery, some variations of the overseas model have a 90w battery (meaning 8-9ish hours of use instead of 5 or less just internet browsing), but Australia got jibbed. I had read about the poor cooling and the monitor, those issues didn't phase me as I know how to keep temperatures cool (even my 2021 model supposedly gets to 80-90 degrees, but the highest I've seen is 79…. but I commonly get 49-69). The monitor quality didn't phase me as my main goal with using the laptop was to connect it to an external monitor (in my case, my 55" tv lol).

    TL;DR Opinion probably not valid considering I'm talking about the Ryzen model and not Intel). You'll still enjoy it for under $1000 it's a good purchase.

    • You can purchase the larger capacity battery and install that, but I believe you lose the second SSD slot as a part of the bargain.

  • Hmmm.. why did this get so much good feedback,, compared to this..


  • NTSC %: 45%
    SRGB %: 62.5%
    Adobe %: 47.1%


  • How bad is the display for gaming? Like CS GO etc?

    Seems like great spec for price but everyone’s comments on display concern me.. won’t be a primary laptop.

    • see my comments about the AMD Ryzen 4800H version.. of the A15 TUF..


      here's my mini review..on OCAU


      the screen i got on mine was the CMN1521 rather than the horrible PANDA screen.

      colour wise and brightness, the specs seem similar to the PANDA screen, however the response time, was far better..

      Other than the not as bright screen and very slightly washout out colour, compared to be other laptops..
      the screen is great…. no perceptible backlight bleed at all on mine..

      No motion blur on gaming or the UFO test..

      I suspect Asus throws whatever screens, they can get into these cheaper machines.. and its basically a lottery..

      The battery in mine is shocking.. 5.8% wear.. striaght out of the box..

      • Thanks for sending through. Appreciate it. It’ll likely meet my needs as a simple gaming rig. How’s the temps going? Would be cool to plug this into a fast refresh rate 1080p monitor

  • How come lots of laptops including gaming ones do not have SDCard slot?

    Used to have it and very handy transferring photos etc

  • Do not buy from Bing Lee.
    I made an order last night, all processed with order confirmation email received.
    This morning they sent out an email said the order has been cancelled.
    The ridiculous excuse is "your recent purchase(s) has been flagged as high risk by our online security system".

    What a joke?! I made the order is about 8PM, and confirmation email is about 8:30. Then 12 hours passed, you claimed this transaction is "risky" ?!
    This is obviously dishonor activity. If you are short of stock, tell me with some delay or some alternative package you would provide, then it's okay to talk about.
    Cancel customer's orders with "risky transaction" without any evidence? Come on, are you seriously doing ecommerce business?!

    I would put Bing Lee into black list forever, and strongly advise anyone to keep this company away.

    • Did you call them up to ask what the issue was? Looks like it was flagged last night when you ordered and it's been manually cancelled this morning during business hours. Ebay confirmation just means they acknowledge the purchase but obviously vendors can still cancel for whatever reason.

      • Nope. I made the purchase directly from their website. And in their email they mentioned "As such we will not be able to process your order now or any future order(s) via our Online portal until this matter is cleared up." No matter what, it's strange and rude in my view. I would not do any further business with such kind of companies.