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Viofo A129 Duo Dash Cam with GPS US$110.27 (~A$144.53) Delivered @ Banggood


Selling for $200-230 on eBay & AliExpress so a great price on this popular dashcam. Delivery takes 2-3 weeks from China. Check last few deals for comments/discussion.

To get price in title:

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  • Apply coupon BG5766e5 at checkout.

Note: Title prices include GST & Shipping. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD

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  • did these used to be $70-80 a few years ago?

    • +2

      Not the duo version

    • +8

      $177 on eBay after current 15% off discount, would consider local stock with warranty and two days shipping instead of banggood no warranty, plus 3 weeks shipping….

  • +1

    Any tips on how to get the rear camera to stop falling off the adhesive sticker? My front one is fine, just the rear one keeps falling off.
    Otherwise cannot fault these dash cameras. I had downgraded them to the more stable firmware version as the latest one kept giving me issues

    • +3

      Did you clean the surface before sticking out? You can buy a two sides 3M tape and stick it. Also make sure to any additional cable left not hanging in the air and pulling the camera down.

    • +1

      The tape you're using now will be toast so if there isn't spare in the box go get some Gorilla brand or something decent, it's going to be cost $10+ for a roll.

      Prep both surfaces with ideally wax and grease remover, or just isoprol alcohol will do and with a clean lint free whatever ensure there's no residue.

      If the tape you're using has backing on it, adhere it to the unit first, apply pressure for 20 seconds or whatever the directions say, then on to the position on the car and apply pressure same as before, longer is better.

      Assuming you've chosen suitable surface should outlive the car.

      • Thanks for the tips @rvsure and @peterpaoliello.
        I did buy some strong double sided 3M tape from Bunnings and did clean the glass prior to placing it on. I'm not sure but I think it may be because there is a curvature in my rearview window (slightly more than the front one). But I might just try and redo it all again and see how it goes

        • Glass should be a good surface, unless it's got some fancy rain nano coating. I could only suggest perhaps having tape with thinker foam or double up a slit of tape on the edges to offset the curve. I wouldn't expect this would be an issue. You could also check to see if it is lifting up, or when it does fall off if there's dirt on the tape showing some of it has been exposed to dust.

          I'm assuming it's the glass side which is letting go? Not the side on the plastic unit?

          • @peterpaoliello: Does tinting material affect the adhesive at all. I did get my car windows and rear window tinted a few years back.
            Actually, sometimes it's the glass side letting go, othertimes it's the side on the plastic unit.
            More often it is the plastic unit side coming off, do you have any suggestions for keeping it stuck on longer?

            • @sleepingpanda: The front windshield is usually two bits of glass with tint in between so no issue there. For the remainder it'll only ever be inside, outside facing part should always be just uncoated glass. I wouldn't expect the tint to inhibit the sticking power of the tape, more likely you might run the risk of pulling the after market tint off the glass although I'm not sure how likely that is.

              Since it's falling off both I'd look at changing up the tape first. I've used this before and found it to be pretty good: https://www.bunnings.com.au/gorilla-1-5m-black-mounting-tape...

        • +1

          What you should look at getting is automotive tape. 3M double sided stuff that they use for like gopro mounts.

    • Mine has been fine. Are you sticking it over the heater lines in the glass?

      • No they're not on the heater lines, so I'm not sure what the cause could be. Maybe just need to change the tape I am using

    • +1

      I tried everything to get it to stick to the plastic trim. The best 3m tapes still gave way too. I couldnt stick to the glass due to tint film. In the end I drilled a really small hole into the trim and screwed the mount in. Will be able to plug up the hole pretty easy as the hole is really small, when I remove it to sell the car. No one will notice

      • +1

        Oh that is a smart idea! My car is quite old so there isn't much resell value to it so a small hole hopefully won't do too much damage or compromise it too much

        • I used the same small drill bit on the mounting plate and then a countersink bit so that the screw head fits flush and doesn't obstruct the camera sliding into the mount.

          • @Sammyboy: Not really a handy type of person but is there a phrase i can google or youtube so I can see the process?

      • +1

        I did the same. I didn't want to stick onto the glass or the tinting.

        • I have two Viofo a119 v3 mounted front and rear. Was followed by a car waiting in the gym carpark on Monday. The guy tailgated me for a while and then cut around my car before what looked like a signal flash to someone further up the road, before u-turning back towards the gym. It was dark and the footage was ok but could not read the plates. Think you get what you pay for with these cams. I've now ordered the Thinkware u1000. Decent discount with eBay plus coupon.came to $643. Was tossing up between that and blackvue 900x which is cheap from Amazon US. Decided in getting local Thinkware due to the 2nd cam being 2k. Will mount the 4k at the rear and 2k at the front as everytime I've needed footage it's been from the rear. Not sure what the deal was with this car but there have been a series of car jackings again recently and in my area. Someone tried to get my car about 4 years ago on the freeway, trying to be like an undercover police. Again using an older Viofo, and couldn't see shit besides the outline of the car and headlights. This time the police did want a copy of the video from both front and rear cams. Said it was really suspicious and will look into it.

      • You can try Static Sticker, it's easy on and off.

  • My S7 connected to a phone camera does well


    • How do you stick to the car? Could you please send the video of your set up as well?

      • I merely have something like this - https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/samsung-universal-mobile-...
        In the middle of the car windshield.
        Then turn it side ways and my S7 in camera mode and I press record whenever I drive.

        lol ghetto style, but works!

          • @Madbro: I put it in airplane mode when recording. Less power usage.

            • @Turd: I think the problem with what you are doing (great idea) mobile phones cannot take the heat in the Australian sun. Apparantly, the glue used to stick the screen down melts in 40+C unlike GPS/dashcams.

              • @Madbro: That's fine. My trips aren't too long.

                • @Turd: @Turd, do you use any specialised app to record (which one? any recommendations? I heard DailyRoads Voyager is good) or just a regular camera app and really big sd card? :)

                  • +1

                    @olderman: Just the standard Samsung video record app lol

                    Delete the video if no incidents.

    • That's pretty good,

      but how long does it last for recording on its battery?

  • stop falling off the adhesive sticker

    Had the same issue. Cleaned the mounting bracket with some metho on a rag.

    Went to Bunnings and purchased some 3M tape which replaced the inferior tape supplied with the camera.

  • +1

    Any hardwire kit link please ?

    • was on good special @ Kogan just recently

  • +2

    Just a note on customer service. I had my from camera turn up DOA. I bought from Kogan. But i went direct to VIOFO here in Sydney and they assessed, and sent me a replacement in a few days. Really good. I just got it today so pluged it in and it works fine

  • Assuming nothing on the market can be used as rear recording cam and reverse cam?

  • Note these cark it after a few years in Aussie winter and summers.

    • +1

      tell me what small electronic car accessory actually lasts for 5 years?

      • My 2xA119 have lasted 6 years now… time to upgrade me thinks

  • Which SSD card works good with these.. bought these earlier but haven’t installed just need card to store data…?? Any recommendations…!!

    • +1

      Samsung Endurance Pro - 128GB minimum to get a fair amount of recording time in.

      • approx how much recording time do you get with 128GB?

  • I know this has the rear camera too but which one seems like the better deal, this vs the Gator from Supercheap Auto?

    • +2

      both record in 1080p , but the Gator does not have a rear cam but this does.

      just FYI you will be waiting up to 1 month to receive your goods but for the price and what you get it really can't be beat.

  • .
    THANKS for the code I finally got one to replace my old 118 I left in my old Jazz (hardwired) when I sold it
    with HK3 hardwire kit it was AU$170.11 (minus the insurance as I used PayPal) the shipping just $1.69 without the HK3 kit it was $147 so HK3 was $23 so is also discounted in the code

  • Just note rear camera cable on this is super thick so can be a chore installing the cable in your trim. Also support is now non existent although firmware is pretty stable unless you want buffered parking mode. As for reliability, I've had mine installed for 2.5yrs and still going strong with a 256gb card. I use low bitrate parking mode and camera will be on all day at work and no issues in the brisbane heat.

    • How long can it last with 256Gb?

      • +1

        Forever lah , long long loooooong time.

    • Which SSD card you’re using, thanks..??

  • +2

    Bought one of these a couple years ago for $200~.
    First died within about 6 months, kept shutting down and videos were corrupted. Viofo sent a replacement. new unit lasted about a year after which i noticed a burning plastic smell, and crackling sounds. It had melted & fused to the GPS bracket and was extremely hot when I first went to remove it.
    Looks like they might be sending another replacement. They request that the broken unit be sent to them, which is about $20 in postage.
    Works well when it isn't broken.

  • +1

    Is the second camera good for recording inside the vehicle rather than rear view? Ie for daytime ride share safety recording?

  • 2-3 weeks from china? try 2-3months..

    • +1

      Read the comments from past few deals, delivery took 2-3 weeks.

    • +1

      Bought mine from the last banggood deal and received it exactly 2 weeks on the dot.
      Other comments seem to be on par as well.

  • Does this model have the car parking recording feature or is that just the pro model?

    • This model has parking mode also.

  • Is there a single camera version of this model?
    EDIT: or what is the equivalent?

  • This camera is amazing, it's held the same value for like 2 or 3 years solid. Apparently it's a pretty decent piece of hardware for the money, however I am quite surprised it hasn't moved much in 3 years at all.

    Surely a 4k model with great day and night optics should've come out by now?

    • +2

      There's already a 4K version VIOFO A129 Pro Duo

      • -1

        I guess but it sure ain't cheap.

        • I see people buying Blackvue DR750S-2CH for around the same RRP yet its inferior in quality by a huge margin compared to the Pro Duo.

          4K > 1080p anyday.

    • +1

      you don't need more than 1080p if the image and video is good enough and can recognise the plate
      when you need to use the video for evidence, I actually prefer 1080p easy to deal with less storage, less transfer time
      less money spent on bigger ssd card

      • I dunno, feels like something you'd sure hate to miss a plate on, because you got the 1080p vs the 4k.

        Also the general optics should be improving (presumably, they are) but one would imagine since 2017 these should be improving.

  • have they fixed the parking mode problems as posted on dashcamtalk forum? https://dashcamtalk.com/forum/threads/buffered-parking-mode....

    • I got the A129 Pro Duo and i have had no issues with the buffered parking mode , is constantly recording but only stores the event if it captures anything based on the sensitivity settings i have placed. Can confirm it does 15 seconds before and 30 seconds after.

  • +3

    Don't forget to register your dashcam on the website to get an additional 6-month warranty

  • Looks like the coupon code has expired :(

    I'm getting "This coupon code can only been used 200 times"

  • I ended up getting it from eBay here if anyone is still looking for one. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/292986800928
    With the PAPR15 discount code it reduced the price to $149.59, plus it's AU stock.

    • Did you link the correct listing? After discount code PAPR15 price is $194.62

      • My bad, try this one

        • Pretty sure that one doesn't include the rear cam. Says single cam and the last picture in description doesn't list the rear cam. Also the $194 link from the same seller has the rear cam in the last picture.

          • @adr8: It says A129 Duo, dual channel, front and rear recording etc in the listing description. If I only get a single cam I'll be contacting and raising a dispute if needed.

            • @bonezAU: "Viofo A129 single listing"

              Surely its only for the front camera if they have a more expensive listing that shows both in the listing picture.

              • @TheOneWhoKnocks: Yeah, in the top right of the main listing picture they have A129 Single

                I've just sent them a message saying how misleading it is that right throughout the description it is described as the A129 Duo with dual recording wireless cameras etc. I've asked them to send me the second camera or I'll be returning it. I signed up to an eBay plus trial just to buy this so at least I get a free return if I need it.

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