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AMD Ryzen 9 5950X CPU & Gigabyte AMD X570 AORUS ULTRA Motherboard Combo $1629 Delivered ($0 VIC C&C) @ Centre Com


AMD Zen3 5950X and Gigabyte AMD X570 AORUS ULTRA Motherboard Combo

Edit: In stock online at time of posting. Saw a deal posted for $1429 just for cpu, i gather the mobo is worth more than $200 of the difference and thus considered a deal if a) need the cpu and b) want a good mobo with it.

If you just need the cpu check this deal out https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/617313

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  • Its around about $400 Motherboard so its a pretty good deal.

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      So that would make it a $1229 cpu purchase.

      I guess you could resell the mobo if you dont want to use it, but would be tricky as you would be competing with $200-$250 b550s

      • It's an X570 board, it's not the same class as a B550. X570 aimed at serious overclocked.

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          True but some b550s have really good vrms for the price. I think serious overclockers just buy top end mobos brand new, which would make reselling this x570 'tricky' for $400

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          B550 VRMs are mostly as good as if not better than X570s, so that's patently false. The Aorus Master has the Aorus Xtreme VRMs on a motherboard that's like a quarter of the price, b550 Taichi VRMs are better than the X570 Taichi, budget MSI b550s don't thermal throttle unlike their X570s did, etc…

          The only advantage x570 really has is the extra connectivity from more chipset PCIe 4.0 lanes.

  • good combo!!!

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    i see pccg have a combo with a 3080 card….but its a terrible card i really dont want :/

    • -4

      Just checked it…

      Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3080 Turbo 10GB


      Jesus that's 3090 pricing, have to wait another 6 months for the GPU market to recover

      • +4

        These prices are here to stay well beyond the next 6 months imo. And while prices may be exorbitant right now there was never the slightest chance we'd have seen the 3090 launched below $2k AUD as that would have been well below US rrp.

        • Is there a reason everyone expects this mining boom to last longer than previous ones have?

      • +3

        $1699 is not 3090 pricing.

        The absolute cheapest 3090 I ever saw was for $2100, a gigabyte 3090 Turbo the week of launch. Got discontinued shortly after.

        $1600-$1700 were high tier 3080s back at launch (except ple evgas ftws selling for $1250)

        • god i wish i jumped on one of those EVGA cards.. It'd probably be almost ready to ship in another month or so :)

      • Pretty sure retailers and Nvidia would fight to keep the prices this way for some time to come even when the chip shortages get slowly resolved

        • Nvidia already made a statement that shortages would last the entire 2021 at the very least.

    • Link?

      • +1
        • Not a bad price for a 3080 if you need those other parts.

          I'd probably grab it if it wasn't a blower design gpu.

          • +1

            @RI4V4N: yeh thats what put me off.. I need a card to water cool, but if im going to all that trouble, i want a top tier card. (the cooler isnt the problem, i want a top binned chip and a custom board with decent power limits)

            • @DanielP2: I dont want that, but I just dont want a mach 5 jet noise coming from the back of my computer, lol. I think these are better for workstations.
              I'd take any normal gigabyte 3080 instead.

          • @RI4V4N: Isn't blower design better? Thats what the Quadro uses

            • @archieduh: Blowers definately arent better for most use cases. I think they actually cool ok, but they are extremely noisy. Pretty sure they are better if u have multiple cards stacked without much room between for airflow.

            • @archieduh: Blowers tend to be noisier and less effective, BUT if you pack cards side by side they're better / take less space.

              • @jkart: Good deal if you were planning to watercool or just putting together a workstation.

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      Dead end comment

    • +2

      Just like every Intel socket right? Not even guaranteed 2 years out of them.

  • good price too bad i already built my pc with 5950x XD

    • likewise, and before this chip shortage bullshit too

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    Clearing stock for X570S, lol.

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    Just a heads up, from the image it looks like this is the old rev1 of the motherboard, whereas 1.2 is the current one. This specific board also doesn't have the AGESA yet, which fixes the USB issue (quite important if you have VR headset)

  • Ram and cpu cooler recommendations?

    • +1

      32gb 3600mhz ram and either a nhd15 cooler or 280mm-360mm liquid cooler imo

      • +1

        how about these? some reports of the 4400mhz kit running at 3800CL14 stable

        • Will it make a noticeable difference to your everyday use?

        • +1

          Great. Personally, I'll likely get the
          Patriot Viper Steel DDR4 64GB (2x32GB) 3600MHz PC4-28800 Dual Memory Kit - PVS464G360C8K

          Realise it might be overkill but seen this option at a great price before so why not

          Plus a Corsair Hydro Series H115i PRO RGB I think.

    • +1

      arctic liquid freezer or evga clcl, 240mm is fine, 360mm if you want quiet operation

      • PC case gear have the 420mm in stock and only $20 more then the 360 and will fit my case, any reason(other then $20) to get the 360 instead?

        • +1

          damn that's an amazing price, and yeah the bigger the radiator the quieter it should be, so I would get that 420mm

  • +1

    What is happening with the prices of this deal? It is raising faster than Sydney real estate prices - few hours ago it rose to $1659 and now at $1699

    • That simply means the deal is over.

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