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Hunza Himalayan Premium Long Grain White Basmati Rice 1kg $5.50+ Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Hunza Foods via Amazon AU


Hunza Himalayan Premium White basmati rice 1 Kg. Ramadan Mubarak deal.

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  • 1kg of basmati rice for $6 is a bargain?????

  • That is NOT a bargain

    • this is himalayan …..so it’s high altitude ….. like coffee mountain grown grown at high altitude, and grapes for wine grown at high altitude ….anything with high altitude costs more ….think of Himalayan salt , costs more than plain sea salt, high altitude vs sea level.

      also labour rate for himalayan workers might be more than indian or pakistani …..

      even my local indian take away has multiple origin basmati rice options on the menu with different prices for indian vs pakistani vs himalayan … i find it hard to choose which one to order when reading their menu and make up my mind or taste vast differences beyond the subtle nuances due to terroir so just buy what is on special at the supermarket and cook it up at home just so that i know it’s single origin guaranteed.

  • Will you take $2?

  • Country of Origin?

    Edit: Looks like Punjab Pakistan

    Edit2: I was looking at the better quality images of their 5KG pack on Amazon. The grain doesn't look nearly as long as actual premium quality basmati rice and also noticed quite a few broken grains. I would love to know if there are any actual after use-reviews but by the looks of it, this is more comparable to the Maharaja Basmati Rice sold at Coles for $9.50 for 5KG bag at half price. I have surprisingly found a lot of variance in both Pakistani and Indian origin "premium" basmati rice.

  • I have used this rice before and quality is well above the Maharaja basmati rice. $5.5 a kg is definitely no deal for me. It’s a very long grain rice and I think can compete with any of the top tier basmati rice( That’s what I believe).

  • Abit rich, isn't it? $5.50 for a kg?? lol

    How does this compare to golden sella basmati?

  • Costco is selling zeeba basmati rice 20kg for $45. It is quite good.

    • Sorry, couldn't resist commenting… it's like comparing apples and oranges. Just like the price for a bottle of wine can vary dramatically, the same is the case with rice. Two brands of basmati rice cannot be compared just on price. Having said that, like most of the times wine is overrated/overpriced, there could be a great chance that so the basmati rice. The best way is to source a small quantity and test them.

      In my personal experience rice sourced from Pakistan are either completely shit, or is top of the line. Never found 'just' okay quality.

      My 3 cents.

      • I have tried a lot of basmati rice. Haven't tried Hunza, but bought the Zeeba rice from Costco… I am impressed by its flavour.