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Large McCafe Coffee $2 @ McDonald's via mymacca's


Just popped up on the myMaccas app a large coffee for $2 this weekend only.

Might be targeted by the looks of it….good luck with the coffee lottery…😂

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    Nope… Targetted

  • I got 15% off with $10 Minimum spend.

  • 25% off $15 min spend.

    I've been getting these X% off Y spend for ages.. I never spend $15 at Macca's lol

  • Coles express coffee tastes better.

    • u serious? they use $5000 coffee machines at Maccas

      • 14 year olds operating $5000 coffee machines are like someone without a licence driving a McLaren.

        Besides - now Coles express uses locally sourced beans from Melbourne and their quality has improved a lot.

        • 14 years olds

          Do Maccas have a Child Employment Permit and Working with Children Check ?

          Otherwise they risk a 10,000 fine…

        • sorry but a 'press a button' coffee does not compare to a barista made one, even though the skill level varies depending on their experience

          • @ruski: I know it doesn't lol. But we're talking $1 vs $5.
            If I'm paying that much for a coffee, the barista should know what they're doing.

          • @ruski: The barista makes a big difference, so does the beans, which I think are nicer at Coles express. I wish the coffee at Maccas was better, it is convenient, but normally rushed, expensive and inconsistent. The $1 auto machine at Coles is consistent and the beans are good. The 7/11 machine tastes like Nescafé/Starbucks. (Same parent company)

        • pennypincher98….
          I don’t think I’ve ever had mine made by a 14 year old. And what’s to say that a 14 year old can’t be trained to make a coffee? It doesn’t require years of practice.

          I think someone without a license driving any vehicle would be dangerous, not just a McLaren (was the Mc intentional? Hahah)

          • @Rimzi: I prefer to have my coffee made by someone who knows what they are doing and doesn't give my flat white more foam than a cappuccino if I'm paying barista prices.

            Yes, but it's better to crash in a Corolla lol (it had a ring to it so I used it, that might be why XD)

      • Yes, but they get a 15 yo to make the coffee…

  • I have got $1 medium coffee.