Samsung 980 PCIe 3.0 NVMe M.2 SSD 1TB $178 Delivered ($0 VIC C&C/ In-Store) @ Centre Com

1TB 3500R/3000MB/s 5YR WTY 

is this a qlc or mlc?

buy this or crucial P2?

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Centre Com Online
Centre Com Online


  • Is this worth the extra $40 over Kingston A2000 1TB?

    • probably not, while the 980 is faster it's dramless so it has weaker sustained performance. Depends on your use case.

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    This or 970 evo?

  • Is this a deal? Seems your asking which model nvme to buy and this would be better posted in the forums.

    • Cheaper than other stores so I guess that makes it okay to post.
      Pity this SSD is excluded from the current Samsung SSD promotion. Though considered you don't get much cashback from 970 EVO Plus, it does get a bit tricky, especially if you have light usage.

  • That's what I mean, the price is just 'okay'. nothing special about the SSD or the price really. I'm more getting at the quality of the post. It's really asking for advice rather than actually being a deal.

  • How do these compare to WD Black then?