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[Prime] AmazonBasics Extra 30% off at Checkout (e.g. 14-Gauge Speaker Wire 200 Feet $40.37 Delivered) @ Amazon AU


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    The new AmazonBasics range is quite good

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      I like how snrub thinks!

  • how thick is this…. need to do some teubkibg to hide the cables… good pricing

  • Please let me know if anyone finds a DP to mini DP adapter or cable from AmazonBasics, I couldn't find. TIA

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    Just a heads up. The AmazonBasics cables, so far for me anyway, are pretty good quality. I bought a few legacy port (component video, analogue audio etc), cables last week on this 30% off deal. I was also impressed that they were delivered in two days to regional NSW.

    One note of warning though. The body of the RCA plugs are larger (wider) than normal standard plugs and could present some difficulty plugging into the panels of some legacy audio/video equipment if there is limited spacing between the RCA ports. Fortunately Amazon's returns policy is swift and flexible.

    • I have 2 x usb c to c and 2 x usb a to c, they are reasonable quality. However they were on sale for like $3 each, haven't seen that price for a while.

  • I'm using AmazonBasics lightning cables and they are holding up very well. People tend to get cheap lightning cables from Chinese brands, for me none of them lasted 6 months. You can somewhat tell the quality of a cable after first charge, cheap ones seem durable with braided cord but their terrible connectors and chips would cause electric static and lagging touchscreen. AmazonBasics ones have decent price and good quality, been working smoothly for more than 1 year to me.

    • Are the AmazonBasic cables manufactured outside of China?

      • Nope, made in China too. I didn't mention all China-made stuff is bad, it's the brand behind deciding the quality of their products. I have seen many Chinese brands deceiving customers with their self-claimed "MFi certified" cables that can't even charge properly and die within 3 months. It's their lie with MFi stuff irritating me, not the origin of product. I look for a real "MFi certified" cable, and they must be honest with their ad.

  • What's everyone going to do with 200ft?

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      61m won't go far for in wall install

    • 5.1 setup is easy…

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    Is there a way to see all Amazon basics items sold?
    All I can see is home speaker accessories from my “relates views”

  • Anyone know if I can use this for 12V low voltage stuff like maglocks/electric door strikes?

    • Technically I don't see why not, but it would be a bit fiddly to use because of the gauge, plus of course pretty expensive compared to alternatives…. eg $5.95 for 25m here: https://www.jaycar.com.au/black-light-duty-hook-up-wire-25m/... (yes, you'd need 4 rolls to get close to 60m but still cheaper). Personally, I've used cat5 cable, but it will depend on the load.

  • is ther any deals for 16awg speaker wire? 100/200 feet…

  • Seems like the deal expired already.

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