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[Prime, Back Order] AmazonBasics Toslink Cable 10.7m $12.59 Delivered @ Amazon AU


After seeing Pricebeat's post I had a look at what else is available. These look good as they're much tougher than the cheap thin stuff.

It's CL3-rated which means it's designed to be run behind walls in a commercial environment. The difference is that they'll release less toxic fumes if there's a fire.

10ft / 3m - $10.15
25ft / 7.6m $10.67
35ft / 10.7m $12.59
6ft / 1.8m - $20.91 (ha)

75ft / 22.86m $12.71 (1 left)
100ft / 30.48m $14.20 (1 left)

Also decent is this THICK 25ft/7.6m HDMI cable for $16.79.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    • +12 votes

      People who don't have ARC devices, or not enough HDMI inputs, or who want 5.1 channel audio/Dolby True HD/DTS Master Audio and don't have eARC devices.

      • FYI optical doesn't support TrueHD or DTS-HD MA.

        • +2 votes

          He's right it doesn't, but agreed with the other points raised.

          I don't have an ARC amp, and I use toslink to run audio from my TV to my amp.

        • Whoops you're right, I assumed it does.

          I use toslink to connect my DAC to a Bluetooth transmitter.

      • Also those with Sennheiser RS-series wireless headphones (RS 185 die-hard here). They have analog inputs but they're suboptimal in terms of level control and sound quality. There are surprisingly few decent alternatives for wireless open-back headphones - even though we're spoilt for choice nowadays with the proliferation of Bluetooth wireless, they're pretty much all closed-back.

        Similar sitution for various hearing aid streaming devices - if you can't use the optical, you're stuck with inferior analog inputs.

  • I love the idea of optical cables like Toslink, they offer significantly more potential bandwidth.

    Although modern HDMI and USB-C/TB cables are truely amazing for what bandwidth they handle.

    So maybe Toslink was a solution to a problem that didn’t really exist.

    • +6 votes

      I like how Toslink provides 100% galvanic isolation between connected devices, which eliminates any possibility of ground loops. Not all equipment is properly-designed, unfortunately.

    • Toslink was way ahead of its time. Carrying both DTS and DD 5.1 audio over a cheap, easy to produce optical cable and interface, with no loss of quality (from a DTS and DD perspective) was crazy considering how old the standard is.

      Clearly there are better alternatives today but they involve having equipment that supports HDMI ARC.

      It'll be a long while before you see it disappear completely.

  • The big advantage of Toslink is that it's light based. You could quite easily have a 100 metre cable without a worry of it not working. Try that with HDMI. Added to which it's cheaper than a long HDMI.

  • Thanks, need a spare for my Logitech speakers