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Lian Li Lancool 215 Mid-Tower $101, SilverStone ST65F-GS 650W Strider Gold Fully Modular PSU $103 Delivered & (C&C) @ Centre Com


Centrec Com do have some parts on sale until 12AM on Monday 19/04.
Been watching the case and the PSU as they were cheapest on Centre Com already and noticed that they have been reduced even further until Monday morning.

Both with free Shipping.


Other parts are on special as well but it seems like there is no page/filter to just look up the specials.

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  • what is the best case? antec? got burnt by some Coolermaster plastic case

    • Gamers Nexus has some pretty good reviews as it also strongly depend on what you are actually looking for in a case
      These are thei Top picks for 2021 so far https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffuAnwGivO8 Also has the Lian Li Lancool II 215 in there

      • They also love phanteks case too, P500A in particular.

        But in the end, I decided to get Phanteks eclipse P600S since it seems much more neat (sadly they never reviewed P600S) and it has detachable front and top panel for better noise insulation or better airflow (and some ozbargain people seem to really love it too)

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        Specifically this part of the video.

    • Pretty much every manufacturer has cases that run the gamut from low cost garbage to super expensive and overkill. When I do builds for friends, I usually just tell them to pick something they like the look of that fits their budget then make sure it doesn't have anything horribly wrong with it.

  • I’d honestly go for the lancool mesh

    • I have bought the "Lian Li LANCOOL II Performance Mesh" a couple of weeks ago (also from Centre Com by the way) for my latest build and could not be happier with it.

      I ordered the "Lian Li lancool II 215" now for the computer I am currently building for my sons 13th next month.

  • do you guys change PC every 10 years or less? how often?

  • ahhhh! Bought this case last month from mwave for 129!
    Overall very good case, beautiful, solid but not heavy, came with 2x20cm RGB fans and one rear fan, don't need to buy extra fans.
    Fans are not loud, highly recommend.

    Only missed one thing, no front dust filter installed.

  • I did a build for a mate recently in this case. Even at the regular price of $129 I was pretty impressed, it didn't feel cheap and nasty like a lot of other budget cases I've worked with in the past. Airflow is solid right out of the box with 2x 200mm fans and 1x 120mm fan included and the pre-installed fan hub is definitely handy. Front I/O placement is a bit unusual and could be cumbersome if you plan on putting it up against a wall and there's no front panel USB C. Front I/O aside though I can't really fault it as a low cost "gets the job done" option with some RGB bling included if that's what you're into.

  • most lian li are ok - striders have a long dubious history - whose making them now?

  • Arrghh. I have been researching cases and watching reviews for weeks now and still cannot make a decision between this one, Lancool 2 mesh, P500A , P600S or O11 dynamic. I have no budget constraints, just want the most silent case within their possible fan configs.

    • When it comes down to a tie, just go with what you think looks the best! In the long run, that's all that we truly remember or appreciate about a case

    • Be prepared to replace the included fans. Find a case that will fit 140mm fans all around e.g. the P600s.

      Bigger fan means lower rpm required. Then install these http://noctua.at/en/nf-a14-pwm

      Also research noise output of your cooler. I suspect a quality air cooler will outperform an AIO, e.g. a noctua D15 has a large heatsink = more silent cooling

      • Yeah, I am prepared to replace the stock fans,with P12 or Scythe Kaze Flex and I am that not keen with aircooler because I find it tedious to clean.
        Like you mentioned, I do prefer bigger fans for lower rpm.

  • I have the Lancool II Mesh Performance and a friend has the Lancool 215. The Mesh is a bit better quality, more spacious, better cable management and the bottom compartment for the PSU and HDDs is a separated area which is handy. Other advantage of the Mesh over the 215 is that 200mm fans (in the 215) are non standard so they'd be annoying to replace with something else.

    Both are excellent cases but I'd pay the extra for the Mesh if your budget isn't tight.