Which retailer shall I target next?

So basically, I am a retail arbitrage type of dude looking for my next prey LOL.

I have been given my walking papers from a company I have been targeting for a few years, and I'm looking at where to zone in on next. I have a few ideas but I thought I might attempt to recruit the wisdom of OzBargain at large and basically crowdsource the optimal new host.

I am mostly interested in Bunnings, Repco , Big W and QBD books. But am very open to other suggestions.

Big W cancels all my online orders (we have a past), so this makes it tricky to go commercial scale with them (though far from impossible). Repco really wants me on deck but I don't love their clearance lines and I kind of want to diversify out of just automotive stuff if for nothing other than keeping my shopping exciting (I do it for the adrenalin rush of finding bargains too LOL). Bunnings has no idea who I am or anything. I have only done very small stuff there.

How I operate is on the ground basically. First, I will study the clearance lines of the retailer. Then I will go around store to store and scope out what is happening on the ground. I will learn all the little intricacies of the company at a micro level whilst partaking in some small scale acquisitions as to justify my time in going around and such.

Over time I become a familiar face at the stores and they learn about why I am actually there. Then deals come to me, information comes to me about what is coming up for clearance etc.

So stores with alot of non online deals would be good prey for me. Stores with alot of inconsistency happening from store to store (this is actually one of the reasons why I chose Bunnings). And big stores where I can fly under the radar are preferred (because once Head Office finds out they generally send me a legal letter to stop targeting their outlets).

Yes, I do realize that this is mostly a place for individuals to get a bargain and not for commercial type buying. But I am going to be commercial buying regardless of OzBargain (and was doing so long before I ever joined here). Also, I am a person that is happy to share my treasures here. Over the past few years I have let millions of dollars in bargains pass me by quietly, because I wasn't on OzBargain. I either didn't have enough money to buy them all, didn't have enough space to keep them all, or just realized that I already have way too much stock that I haven't had time to list on eBay yet so the last thing I should be doing is buying even more.

For years I have looked on OzBargain and kind of laughed that none of the actual bargains and serious deals are ever posted here. Seriously, they are not. Most of the REALLY good bargains are gone instantly to people that target the stores and have insider knowledge about what is happening (friendships with managers and stuff). So shall the forum help me in my new quests, I shall help the forum by posting my treasures here as I see fit.

To be quite honest I am looking for the retailers that are most ripe for my strategy and ones where I can acquire massive amounts of stock very inexpensively using my methods.

Suggestions of which retailers, what you have noticed about how they operate, and why you think they would be a great target?

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    I've got a great deal on a bulk quantity of self sealing stem bolts if you are interested, some big eared guy was selling them awhile back.

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    That whole body of text…my god. So you're basically a flipper?

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    I wish I never clicked on this thread.

    "Retail arbitrage" is just a term coined by American YouTubers who needed to redefine "flipping" to make it sound less tacky.

  • Borden is that you?

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    In great news for MarksMarkdownMarket, who has been really respectful to the community here, their OzBargain profile is now the forth result in Google when searching for the store name. Should certainly turn a few potential buyers who do their due diligence on.

    • Yes i'm sure people would love to read all of his reposes here. Would definitely turn me off.

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    Got some old stock at my mates butchers that you can get for 95% off if you're keen? Sounds like with your skills you can on-sell them for at least a few hundred a pop. I know this deal smells off - but thats just the chicken. Let me know

  • Asks where to target to clear clearance line stock so as to clear it before people buy it.

    Hasn't contributed a single thing to Ozbargain.

    Not sure what you're trying to achieve there other than getting run out of town.

    You're literally a Broden (not a good thing)

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    My vision is to transition from a low turnover, high margin store into a rapid turnover, marginal margin superstore.

    LOL. high margin alright. Buys this backpack off ozbargain for $45 and thinks he can flip it for $200.
    Some people really are stupid


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      More than 10 available……

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      lol there is a reason why things goes on clearance, but the OP seems to think s/he knows the market better then some multi-billion corporation…………

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    I used to work at Bunnings and there were a few customers like you OP.
    Very annoying, very persistent and the workers will avoid you as soon as you walk into the store.

    Dont be surprised when a manager will deny marking down an item for you and then 5 minutes later mark it down cheaper for a genuine customer.
    I've seen it happen and i've seen the arguments break out over it.

    The biggest mistake you can make is trying to haggle and squeeze out every last cent from a clearance item that's already marked down 50%. That will piss off anyone.
    The best thing you can do is offer to buy the entire pallet of clearance items (for a cheaper unit rate), because a pallet of clearance stock is taking up floor space thats needed for regular stock.

  • Would bet my life this guy is in to crypto.

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      I'd take that bet, he doesn't even know how to upload an image to Imgur let alone buy crypto

  • Imagine how many more products you could have listed on your ebay ifnyou didn't waste so much time replying to Ozbargain forum posts.

  • If nothing else they have put themselves right in the special Oz Bargain place alongside Broden..

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    $3.20 is the cheapest item on this particular store in ebay? $3.20 for an opportunity to provide honest feedback about a sale - brilliant.

    $1 item, $2.20 untracked postage, hope the seller is fantastic, as I can be a rather crude feedback provider on eBay.

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    i respect the entrepeneurial flair. a few things do not add up, however.

    Firstly, god knows why you thought this would be a good place to ask for help given everything you do flys in the face of what this community stands for.

    Secondly, your numbers are awful. Everything you have described portrays a labour and capital intensive business with very low margins. Every action that leads to you getting these deals seems to be incredibly time consuming, you literally drive to every bunnings in Sydney! that is hours and hours of work. In the screenshot you posted you showed that you bought from SCA for 20% of RRP. Let's assume CoGS of 20%, ebay at 10%, paypal @ 3%. Assuming 74k of income you are talking profit of less than $50k per annum. That assumes you sell EVERY item you have which you never will because much of it is junk. You said that you can afford to not sell half of your stock and still do well - in response to that, lets double the cost of your supplies to 40% assuming you only clear half your stock - you are not even making $35k a year.

    What on earth is the point? You are moving to live in a warehouse where you can store all of this junk but for what, 50k a year?!?! You have said that companies have told you off and banned you from their stores as though this is some badge of honour. It is outright embarrassing for you. I struggle to comprehend why someone would go to such lengths for no gain.

    Have always lived my life by this - if you are too embarrassed or scared to tell someone what you do for a living, you shouldn't be doing it. I know that you are not embarrassed or scared to discuss your way of making a living however that speaks to how detached your values are from the bulk of society instead of the dignity one should have when doing what you do.

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      Wow. OP solidly rekt
      Now I feel bad

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    This is actually sad - feel sorry for the OP. Reading his comments, it's clear he's missing something in his life.

    • But he has a lot of material possessions so must be happy according to society?

  • Searched for powerbank deal and this came up. Lol. Wtf was OP smoking.

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    Stop seeking others approval. It's clear that you are trying to get acceptance for your idea, and maybe even instigate a few arguments in order to win them to feel better about what you're doing. Not trying to be rude but it's just what it seems like.

  • Lol he’s in the penalty box aahha

  • Sooo…. apparently the psych ward now has internet access. Good for them.

    OP should buy clearance popcorn, cause I'm loving the thread so far.

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