Which retailer shall I target next?

So basically, I am a retail arbitrage type of dude looking for my next prey LOL.

I have been given my walking papers from a company I have been targeting for a few years, and I'm looking at where to zone in on next. I have a few ideas but I thought I might attempt to recruit the wisdom of OzBargain at large and basically crowdsource the optimal new host.

I am mostly interested in Bunnings, Repco , Big W and QBD books. But am very open to other suggestions.

Big W cancels all my online orders (we have a past), so this makes it tricky to go commercial scale with them (though far from impossible). Repco really wants me on deck but I don't love their clearance lines and I kind of want to diversify out of just automotive stuff if for nothing other than keeping my shopping exciting (I do it for the adrenalin rush of finding bargains too LOL). Bunnings has no idea who I am or anything. I have only done very small stuff there.

How I operate is on the ground basically. First, I will study the clearance lines of the retailer. Then I will go around store to store and scope out what is happening on the ground. I will learn all the little intricacies of the company at a micro level whilst partaking in some small scale acquisitions as to justify my time in going around and such.

Over time I become a familiar face at the stores and they learn about why I am actually there. Then deals come to me, information comes to me about what is coming up for clearance etc.

So stores with alot of non online deals would be good prey for me. Stores with alot of inconsistency happening from store to store (this is actually one of the reasons why I chose Bunnings). And big stores where I can fly under the radar are preferred (because once Head Office finds out they generally send me a legal letter to stop targeting their outlets).

Yes, I do realize that this is mostly a place for individuals to get a bargain and not for commercial type buying. But I am going to be commercial buying regardless of OzBargain (and was doing so long before I ever joined here). Also, I am a person that is happy to share my treasures here. Over the past few years I have let millions of dollars in bargains pass me by quietly, because I wasn't on OzBargain. I either didn't have enough money to buy them all, didn't have enough space to keep them all, or just realized that I already have way too much stock that I haven't had time to list on eBay yet so the last thing I should be doing is buying even more.

For years I have looked on OzBargain and kind of laughed that none of the actual bargains and serious deals are ever posted here. Seriously, they are not. Most of the REALLY good bargains are gone instantly to people that target the stores and have insider knowledge about what is happening (friendships with managers and stuff). So shall the forum help me in my new quests, I shall help the forum by posting my treasures here as I see fit.

To be quite honest I am looking for the retailers that are most ripe for my strategy and ones where I can acquire massive amounts of stock very inexpensively using my methods.

Suggestions of which retailers, what you have noticed about how they operate, and why you think they would be a great target?

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    I read all that. Twice. Still have no idea what you're on about. Something something middle man to get rid of clearance stuff?

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      Hmmm… ok

      To me it makes perfect sense. Retail arbitrage is simply buying in one place to sell in another. So I target a retailers clearance lines, separate the wheat from the chaff, pick all the fruit, and resell it on eBay.

      The bulk of the text is just me explaining my strategy of how I like to actually accomplish this (i.e. I like to 'go on shopping sprees'). For example, if targeting Bunnings, I will go to every single Bunnings in Sydney (and even interstate once I become proficient with the company). I will make lemonade from the lemons. Then I will market this lemonade on the promenade, and profit.

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        Right, I think I get it. A very long winded way to say you go to clearance racks in stores, buy discounted stuff and resell it online for profit. Okay.

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          OK… if you say so. Last I checked my criteria was netting me millions per year in stock. But I'll have to take it from you that I could describe what I do as simply thrift shopping.

          • @DisabledUser390713: Well isn't that exactly what you do? Or have I misunderstood?

            Had a look at your eBay store and it's just full of really old suspension parts and random stuff for cars that are mostly discontinued.

            So you buy these clearance lines up from stores that want to get rid of them for floor space or whatever then resell online to make a profit. So I'm not surprised people here haven't taken kindly to your request to help you facilitate that further.

            It's really no different to people going to auctions, grabbing bargains and reselling for profit too.

            Happy to be enlightened if wrong as seems quite a few others here don't quite get it either.

          • @DisabledUser390713: If you're already netting millions of stock per year, why are you asking an internet forum composed of random individuals that have nothing to do with your line of business for suggestions?

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              @cheeseburger: Well, he is buying stock at clearance, but using the RRP value to say it is millions. Like if something is $100RRP but I buy it at $1, I have a net value of $100 (or $99 if you want). It doesn't mean he is worth millions like I think he thinks. Realistically, it just means he has a TON of crap sitting in his garage he trying to flog it on Ebay or Amazon.

              • @MrBear: Yes. Basically, stores do the numbers and decide that their shelf space and inventory costs are worth more than the value of the stock - so they sell it on clearance so they don't have to store and maintain the inventory. The OP decided that his time and space are worth much less so he buys their clearance items and resells them.

                Sure, there's a value in this, and he's probably making money, but it's basically the same thing that people have been doing at weekend markets for half a century.

            • @cheeseburger: "He isn't confessing, he is bragging"

            • @rompastompa: You need to remove this one if that is his actual address lol. Not good to post =( Good cyber sleuthing though lol.

              • @MrMoo: Agree, it was probably a bit much. I'll let the mods remove it.

                They're claiming to have millions, yet their details are publicly available via government websites within seconds. Simpletons! ;)

                • @rompastompa: Did you see the post where he isn't even registered for GST and is selling less than 75K a year? Yet claiming millions in stock? I mean the numbers just don't add up. Maybe a fake it until you make it kind of thing. But to each their own, it was an interesting and funny read, and we move on with life lol.

        • This YouTube clip explains it much better.

          I'm pretty sure this is what the OP is doing.

        • Love it Hybroid!

      • So I target a retailers clearance lines, separate the wheat from the chaff, pick all the fruit, and resell it on eBay.

        22 words vs the essay you wrote first time around. There's some arbitrage for us I guess.

        • How dare you steal this man's business model when he clearly contributes so much to the site. /s

      • Upscaled commercial version of broden then..

      • I’m still can’t quite understand how you are sharing your treasures with me. I would like to buy these cheap items. Will you let me know when they’re on?

      • Shouldn’t these stores be happy you are clearing their old stock?

        • Not if he is stealing their website photos of the products to use in his ebay listings.

      • As people have mentioned already we call that Brodening.

        You are not doing anything new…

        • let me use the fancy name, retail arbitrage lol
          my friend uses the term support engineer as that was the advertised job position (hint: he is just a support call guy to reset passwords)

      • Oh I get it now. You should have just said you were a (profanity).

    • He wants to be a Super Broden…

      While at the same disparaging… a website that is for the general public…

      Of course a site like this isn't going to be able to keep up/post all the ridiculous deals that require insider knowledge and disappear in minutes

      The entire post just comes across as bragging, than asking for advice

  • Can you give us some examples of the great bargains you have found in the past? What do you do with them once you buy?

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    None of the stores I like please. As an ultra-small time recreational bargain hunter that only spends maybe $50-$100 a year you’re making it hard for me to find mega bargains…

  • You've been here five minutes and you want this community to give you something you will trade on and make bargain hunting worse for them. Yeah, right!

    • This is pretty much what the poster seems to be doing. The very fact that the poster is on this site means he is using ozbargain to get and buy out stuff.

      The post for the bags had stock left in only regional centres, so I would imagine the OP has bought them out from the city and those werent cost-effective.

      Its a business model, but kinda against ths spirit of this site.

  • The dogecoin guy made more sense than you.

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    You want us to help you make money and reduce the chance for us to save money?

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    You should target Harvey Norman 👍

  • So, let me get this straight:

    You want us to help you target stores that have bargains so you can swoop in and get all the clearance items (commercial quantity) which leaves nothing for us, the individual bargain hunter.
    That would be kind of self-defeating for us and very, very stupid, wouldn't it?
    By the way, why do you think you get legal letters from HQ?
    In the finance world what you seem to be suggesting is called insider trading and it will net you a nice bargain: several years free accommodation and food and a secure job (however the pay is crap).

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    You make millions reselling bigW clearance items. Lol.
    BigW doesn’t even make millions selling the stuff at full price.

    • To be fair he was talking revenue not profit I think.

    • I don't even understand why big W would ban him. I mean if he pays his bills, doesn't interfere with other customers or cause problems, and is polite, why would Big W (or any other chain) not want someone to buy lots of their clearance items? Something here doesn't add up to me.

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        Quite often having bargains and clearance lines (or loss leaders) help attract people into the store… sometimes that converts into additional sales. Having someone buy all clearance items quickly means less bargains for normal customers and possibly results in lost sales of higher profit items

        • As well as that there can be supplier issues.

          I've worked for an importer that got in trouble for selling a large amount of BT speakers to someone that then sold them overseas. This went against the suppliers agreement with an importer in the other country.

          It can also happen in Australia. Officeworks did this with headphones from a particular brand when they were not an authorised reseller of that brand (ie supplier would not sell to them directly). As they were on selling it was considered Grey market goods.

          • @dizzle: Sounds like a company I work with, they are not fans of their gear going overseas. I get resellers coming in at least once a week hoping for a deal. I just shut them down.

          • @dizzle: which is not illegal. There's usually little a supplier can do about it.

            • @modiika: Except the supplier can stop selling to the reseller.

              There may also be terms in thier dealer agreement that means financial penalty or removal of discounts.

              • @dizzle: Well i mean presumably there is little relationship between the grey market seller and the official distributor. That's the problem. The distributor has to try and go after which of their downlines is selling to them. But usually its a overseas import, so that's usually outside local official distributors hands, they make complaint to the overseas head company and they try to determine where its being sourced from. But often these case are more bark than actual bite.

                The only reason to comply for someone like officeworks is if they want to keep a good relationship with the relevant other party.

  • I never understand people like this.

    Half of the post is saying how smart they are, overly explaining themselves, and insulting us plebs that we don't know how the real deals go down.

    The other half is asking the people they just said have no idea about those deals for advice on what to do.

  • You do you op. But just so long as you're not dropshipping stuff from aliexpres….

    • He probably hasn't discovered that yet.

    • I dont mind people who ship from aliexpress….as long as they get it in the country first, half the reason I dont buy little things from Ebay and use Amazon or Ali directly is because people are dishonest about this and I want to know when it will arrive.

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    Initially I thought this guy was just having a laugh, but after googling his ebay store, he has 924 items for sale and 616 items sold.