This was posted 1 year 5 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[NSW] RÅSUNDA Worktop, Oak 246cm $99 (Full Price $599) @ IKEA Rhodes (in-Store Only)


Worktop, oak 246x63.5x3.8 cm
Price valid 8 Jul. 2020 - 31 Aug. 2020 or while stock lasts
They mentioned they had 120 left in stock. The price is so low because they have to make space in the warehouse for the new kitchen line.

I bought it in store in IKEA Rhodes.
For 3 worktop delivery to 2088 was $69

Note: In-Store Only Price shown online is higher @ $399

out of stock on self service computer's at IKEA
Call to check availability

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    Says $399 for me

    • Hmm same

      • As the title and post says "In-Store Only"

        • Originally it didn't, OP added it later.

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    Dayum that's cheap. It's one of their solid oak tops too, not veneer. You likely have to buy it in store to get that price.

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    Price error? Online has it at $399

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      Might be typo. Or maybe in store special @ Rhode. There was a confirmed case there.

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      In store only

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    Photo of $99.00 from IKEA Rhodes / NSW please?

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    Why these over the bunnings slabs?

    • What’s available at this price point?

      • these -

        They are a little shorter (220) and a little thinner but they do the job pretty well

        The acacia one is a favourite for DIY desks as well

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          26mm vs 38mm is not a small difference.

          I would never pay $600 for this but $99 is a steal

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            @Merlict: The 99 dollar bunnings boards don't even come close to this. I returned mine and got the resunda so I've had both. The equivalent thickness timber used for actual benchtops at bunnings are like 500-600+.

        • 63cm is very narrow for a desk. Ikea has laminate ones in 186x104x2.8 cm (for island benches), but I don't see any hardwood ones.

          I'm tempted to get the laminate. Still looks good, and will last forever, tougher surface than timber, and with the rounded front edge they won't chip like old laminate desks did. But 2.8 might be a bit thin with just legs for support?

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            @manic: I beg to differ, I have a 80cm width desk and if you have a monitor mount which i do, its got way too much room, i could chop off 20 cm and still have plenty of room. Depends on your needs.

            • @LiMaaa: Oh I agree. Actually, I'm using a desk made from 60cm x 38mm benchtop with monitor arm right now :-)
              It is fine for computer use, but narrower than traditional office or student desks, which give you more room to spread out your papers etc.
              And that's what I'm looking for now.

    • Because you can actually use it as a table… 38mm Thick instead of 25mm. (Comparing $99)

      Bunnings $139 for 33mm

    • This is oak which is more expensive usually. You also pay a premium for the Swedish design. Looks like it has a pattern to it.

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    2088 postcode

    Why exactly are you using Ozbargain?

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      Because if you nickel and dime in true OzBargain style anyone can live in Mosman, even those on minimum wage. \s

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      For the high yield investment of course.

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      Made vs born rich.
      If you were born rich then you wouldn’t be here but if you made yourself rich then you will always love a bargain.

      • -1

        you can never make yourself rich by savings and bargains.

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          Talk to the owner of this website. I’m sure he is doing alright 😉

        • You clearly haven't made yourself rich yet…
          Most self-made wealthy people I know are tight arses. I even know a few in Mosman…

          • @1st-Amendment: “Some” is the keyword here. I’ve know enough exceptions. Personally, percentage of tight asses in “doing ok” category is significantly higher than “rich” category.

            So, It’s evidently to me that it takes more than been a tight ass to get rich.

            • @addrv: That's very true! You need a lot more character to become rich than being a tight ass.

            • @addrv: "Some" isn't word used in this thread, so not sure who you are quoting?

    • How do you think he / she got there?

  • Great price but 246cm might just be a little bit too big for my apartment… sad.

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      and OP got 3 of them

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    Paid 299 (from 499) for the 1.8m about 2 weeks ago during a original promo which was until August 10th. Looks like they extended it but there's no way the 2 meter would be 99? That's insane.

    Really nice piece of solid wood, much better than the karlby alternative that you see everyone have over the net.

    Just finished my last coat of treating this with an oilwax for my battlestation - looks beaut.

    If anyone has any questions hit me up

    • Hi, thanks for sharing.
      I would like to ask if this only for dry place use? May I use it as kitchen bench? if too hot too wet will it be a problem?

      • +1

        These are actually part of ikeas kitchen range. People just started using them as desks after the fact. So yes. But you'll need to do the appropriate sealing and treating

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          Keen to share a photo? Thanks

        • I too would love to seem some real world pics as im thinking of getting the karlby and would like to compare.

        • please share pics and what kind of oil do you use?

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      What did you do for the legs?

      Does ikea have something?

      • Used 2x alex drawers also from ikea

        • interesting, one more, do you have to apply oilwax? what one did you go with?

          • +3

            @aussiekid: Nah theres various finishes that are possible, and you can do a bit of research online and choose one - from oils to waterbased polys etc etc.

            Ikea sell a $15 one that is a mix of tung oil and some other stuff that would probably do the trick.

            I chose Osmo Polyx because its highly regarded as a quality finish - gives the nice properties of an oil stain but then protects the top with wax which is good for a desk surface. And its hard to make mistakes with when applying. Its expensive compared to the other finishes though.

            • @Bigredkeg: I bought it.

              I took it straight to a proper joinery/cabinet maker near me (because going to Bunnings to get it cut, is a massive roll of the dice if you get a decent person or not). I had it cut to 185cm to fit the area in my office and with the leftover I'm going to make a little whisky table.

              I went with the Idasen underframe for table top, as the powered version wouldn't be able to handle the weight and manual adjustment is fine and I wanted the middle to be supported.

      • Check out this and
        this videos

    • Which product did you use for legs?

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    I don’t need this but the price has me wanting it anyways.

    Tips and ideas for use?

    • +5

      chopping board

      • +7

        Thanks. Good enough excuse for me.

        Good for chopping up Yao Ming with some room for tools.

      • Lifetime supply

      • +1

        Build a bridge out of it

    • +2


    • Surfboard

    • I have used similar boards for shelves in bookcases. They are thick and strong and IMO the thickness looks great. If you get the Bunnings versions you can get them to cut them up immediately into the sizes you need.

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    I got one for 200 in Marsden Park. And I thought that was cheap! Nice op!

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    Is it on special also at IKEA Tempe?

  • Roughly 43kg

  • How's this vs the Karlby?

  • Is this a veneer? I bought a worktop but don't think I would've paid this much.. Just had look at it and ikea are pretty smart by using the endgrain as a veneer as well. The middle is just chipboard. It still looks really good as a benchtop though.

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      This is not veneer. It's solid oak. The karlby is veneer.

      • thanks! yeah I figured I wouldn't have paid that much for our benchtop…

    • +3

      Other commenters have said it’s solid, and online it’s in the ‘Solid Wood Worktops’ section, so I’m starting to see a pattern emerging here.

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      He said he paid 63 bux for 3 pieces. Thats 20 if youre buying one. 120 for a solid piece of oak is an absolute bargain

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    I bought one for $299 a while ago (displays $399 online but was less in store).

    Built my battlestation / WFH desk out of it. Used Polyurethane to seal the thing and it's brilliant.

    Used some legs from Catch as the Ikea options are a bit shite to my eye.

    • I got this for 299 too thought that was a very good deal for solid wood. I use Alex drawers and half 2 huge monitors mounted on it and it doesn’t move even an inch. It’s hella heavy though, super dense.

      • Yeah, super heavy. Actually I realised this is the longer one, I got the 186cm (would have liked the longer one but couldn't have fit it in my car).

        I have a 10kg monitor on mine on an arm and it hasn't shown any signs of bending.

      • Is 63cm depth good enough to use as a computer desk? I read some places saying 75cm minimum recommended.

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          I'm using monitor arms with a 62cm depth desk, it works fine

  • Thanks Op! Still available @ Rhode store.

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    None available in the ACT. :(

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    Can you call up to get this price and opt for delivery. Or do I need to visit a store with stock

    • +1

      Need to visit a store.

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    Cut it in half, 2 solid table tops for workshop or study.

    • Was tempted, my current kitchen table is 123cm - cold do nicely.

      Pity the desk option wouldn't fit the width of 2 Alex drawers and a merkur chair…

      Unless the drawers extend out passed the desk - looks horrible though

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    Selling fast. Met another savy ozbargainer at kitchen section. Price is $99 instore. Probably less then 90 now.

    • Is it picked up straight from the warehouse section? If so do you know the Aisle/Location number?

      • You need to order these and pickup outside.

        Well at Tempe you do.

        • Are these $99 at Tempe?

          • @Lister55: No idea but Rhodes is pretty much sold out now. Tried to call up and do a phone order but no go

          • @Lister55: No, they're $399 (just left Tempe store)

    • Lol how did you know he was one of us?

  • Can this be used outside undercover?
    With some sort of treatment?

  • +1

    Just FYI, here is the IKEA link where you can check if the package will fit your vehicle

    • Says need a van, surely it will fit an SUV or even hatchback with the rear and front passenger seats flat.

  • They have less than 20 at Rhodes.

  • Only 10 left at ikea rhodes - called up. Looks like gonna miss out, no phone orders

    • 5 left

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