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$20/$40 eGift Card with Single/Multi City Entertainment Book: Single City 1yr $69.99; Multi City 1yr $119.99, 2yr $229.99


I was looking to buy and stumbled across this deal. Usually its $10/$20 gift cards on offer.

  • $20 eGift card is for the single city membership ($69) and brings it to $49

  • $40 eGift card is for the multi city ($119.99)/2 year ($229.99) and brings it to $79.99/$189.99

The entertainment book website doesn't tell you exactly what eGift card it is but since I already bought it, it was in the email:

  • The $20 eGift card you get to pick from either Priceline or Woolworths.
  • The $40 eGift card you get to pick from either Priceline or THE ICONIC.


Choose a BONUS $20 Woolworths eGift Card or $20 Priceline eGift Card when a Single City Membership product is purchased or choose a $40 THE ICONIC eGift Card or $40 Priceline eGift Card when a Multi City or Multi Plus Membership product is purchased between 12:00am Friday 16 April 2021 and 11:59pm Monday 10 May 2021 AEST. One eGift Card per product purchased. Offer excludes Entertainment Merchant waitstaff offers and Corporate Partner offers.

You must redeem your choice of BONUS eGift Card within 60 days from the date of purchase from the Entertainment portal. Your BONUS eGift Card will be sent by email within 30 days after choosing your BONUS eGift Card in the Entertainment portal. The link to the portal to choose your BONUS eGift Card will expire on the 10 July 2021.

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2021.

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  • Pretty good deal. They emailed me about on 3 days ago with last change to get the $10 gift card! Glad I didn't bite

  • This is good to have if you know you'll redeem enough get your money back. I've been with Ent Card for years. The new app is terrible and makes it hard to find anything. You're ok if you are in location and search 'nearby' but if you're planning ahead where to go and not near the location, it's a pain to use.

    Also I've found often when redeeming e.g. dining offers and getting 25% off or 2-for-1 main courses, I've thought 'gee I am glad I didnt pay full price'. Often it seems the venue is participating because they are struggling and want to attract customers. You might find similar discounts through other means e.g. one of the HSBC Platinum credit cards comes with a lite version of Ent Card for free called 'Frequent Values'. The Fork restaurant booking app often has special offers 30%-50% off for selected dining days & no need to pay an annual fee.

    I am thinking not to renew but if you're a first timer for Entertainment Card, do some homework first. See what you can redeem and where and decide if it's going to be good for you.

    • Agree new app is terrible. Think this might be my last year.
      Also if you share with a friend and it logs them out they have to type your mobile number in which will send you a code so you can activate their account again. This can be annoying if you are not with person or busy doing something else and they want to use it.

    • Agree with the above two posters. It is so user unfriendly it is a waste of time. And the number of venues that closed or don’t accept any more changes a lot. With the lockdown here in Vic last year they extended the time but I still don’t think I can get enough value given that some of the places I used to go to don’t offer the same deal or have shut down. They need to bring back the paper version. I used to swap vouchers so people living in areas far from me could redeem them and vice versa. Can’t benefit anymore like that.

      Very disappointing. And may only renew to support the kids local bike club but it’s no longer good value. But may be better to just give them the cash instead of taking out the subscription. Less pressure on everyone!

  • I stopped buying many years ago as we're getting less and less value over the years.

    • Exactly

    • When they removed the 3 chemist warehouse vouchers, that was a big drop in value, my parents used to mentally take the value of those straight off the book's purchase price, because they always used them.

  • how do i claim for the gift card? Cannot find the redemption link from my sign up in March

  • If you "renew" before your current membership is finished, does the new membership starts immediately (ie. overlapping with the old membership) or is their system smart enough to start after the expiry (so that you still gete one full year)?

    • You select from the menu which Membership you want to use 20/21 or 21/22. and you can switch between the two as many times as you want until the older one expire.

  • Pulled the trigger on this.
    Just finished setting it up but the deals are much less than 2 years ago.
    I’m in Melbourne and predominantly use Dining deals.
    Dissapointed with it (deals in Entertainment Book) not this deal post though.

    May be perfect for anyone else in other state.

  • Which month/ year ending date is this version of entertainment book?

    • I have the same question. Usually entertainment book years end on 1 June, so you'd want to be sure that you're buying 1 June 2021 to end May 2022, as opposed to the version that ends in about 45 days 😂. Without going through the form, I couldn't see a way to tell which version it is from the mobile website.

    • Rolling 12 month memberships now, no set offer expiry period.

  • Thanks OP.

  • I suspect this gift card value is what they would have otherwise given to a charity you bought it through with an affiliate link.
    A shame that something that started as a fundraiser is more just like another business now.

  • I used to always buy this. But found I that I hardly used any of the vouchers..
    The only time I used one of these books when I was in Hawaii, I purchased the Hawaiian version before I went and used loads of the vouchers.

  • Any way to see the offers they have prior to purchasing? Or does anyone know of any particurarly decent offers?

    We haven't purchased this in years (like many others) and it always paid itself off back in the day but that seems less likely now.

  • I had the entertainment book from 2008 until last year. Businesses weren't taking it during covid so I didn't renew in June 2020.

    I used to get a heap of value out of it and it was far more convenient than The Fork or Groupon deals etc. You also didn't need to tell the venue you had a voucher. I got a return within 2-3 meals.

    If anyone knows how to see the offers prior to purchase, that would be great.

  • No more for me unfortunately. Latest app has straight 1 star reviews down the board with cut and pasted empty promises that updates are coming "in a few weeks" for months now. Seriously, one of the fastest downhill trajectories for a company I've ever witnessed.

  • No longer that great a deal for Canberra. I have been a member for a few years. This current year I am on is the worst ever. Hardly any deals I would use are on it.

  • Use to be a must buy.

  • I owned this book in the past, but took a break until recently. When I came back I noticed how far downhill this went (I got the Illawarra one). Full of cafés only (no mid-level dining) and at best it's buy one get one free. Was so underwhelmed by the offering and wrote to the entertainment book asking for a refund, but not even a reply forthcoming.

    I strongly advise against wasting your money on this dud product. It's very much heading down the same path as Groupon with respect to only attracting struggling businesses.

  • I don't get how people are saying it's not good value anymore? Use the thing twice in a year and you're in the black! We just went to dinner last night and with 25% off saved us $30…. One more outing and it's all gravy from then on.

    But the new app sucks. They need to dump their UX guy cause he/she has no clue about a good user experience….

    • Same I have no problems with it so much so that I am considering buying another one. Maybe the problems are demographic?

    • True that but sometimes the cafes are fairly average that are on the book or you go out of your way to go to Cafe or pub, or even their prices are dearer than anyway.

    • Just checked the list of restos. Yikes! So few in most populated areas of south-eastern suburbs in Melbourne.

      I know it is for charity, but oh boy pease lift up your game EB.

  • I had a look for deals around Perth and it’s shockingly terrible. To be honest it’s probably should be free with a small donation to a charity. I don’t see much value, such a shame as the Entertainment Book use to be great.

  • Is there some way I can include our local community group entertainment book link here?
    I can find any referral link for the entertainment book & the above offer still applies if you use the link for a charity group & they get a small commission too.

  • Ent book value has declined markedly over the years. Most of the vouchers we used 5 years ago don't exist any longer. Even with a $40 eGift card I'm still not sure I can get the value back from it. I won't be purchasing it again.

  • This has not expired