This was posted 6 months 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free 6-Month Warranty Extension for Existing/New Huawei Smartphones @ Huawei AU


Found this hidden gem listed under the Discover category in the Huawei Support app.

My P30 Pro warranty had 3 months left and I got it extended for 6 months

We want to reward all our customers, whether you have an existing smartphone or a new one.

Free 6-Month Warranty Extension
20% off on Spare Parts for Eligible Devices
Free Screen Protector & Free Clean-up Service

1. Open the Support app
2. Under the Discover tab, find and tap on 'Campaign'
3. Scroll down and tap 'Claim Warranty Extension Now'

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        • You can say the same thing about a Pixel phone, or a Huawei phone. However, it's quite a niche (or stupid idea) to use an ARM or x86 Computer without an Internet Connection in this day and age.

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            @Kangal: i think the advice is for some posters in this thread….

          • @Kangal: Mine is connected to internet, just offering advise for anyone that doesnt want to be "spied on".

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      You must not heard about PRISM and American government is spying on world leaders phone calls.

      • note the user name and ignore on grounds of immune to facts.

    • Who do you think was the original big data customer over 80 years ago, before Facebook and Google. Before ADSL. Before the 90's Dot Com bubble. Before even Watergate. Not the US collecting library records… Nazi Germany. The Nazi's used IBM machines to track and process Jews in the 30's. Big data and citizen surveillance isn't new.

      Yes, the US government doesn't care about you or me. But FB, Twitter, Google Youtube and WhatsApp are small fries. They have to use things like cookies and machine learning. Most nations plug into a splitter or a router and just take what they want. And if a cables not in their nation, they peel away insulation and bend the cable in international waters.

      Most of the internet is built on trust. When you have direct access to all data traveling though every major internet exchange in your country, you don't need fancy persistent cookies and ineffective machine learning, or even meta data. You already have everything.

    • USA isn’t spying on you. It is your choice to use fb, Twitter, google, ins, YouTube, WhatsApp, log in to the servers controlled by Americans. they could know what you are talking to your friends when you become a person of interest. don’t use those then?

      How does this comment have upvotes?

      • site related user

  • Amazing!

    Just as an FYI, I think that the only service centre is in NSW :( I wanted a free screen protector.

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    Thanks, poster. Grabbed for my much loved mate 20 pro.

    • Not working for my regular Mate20 😩

      • Try: Support > Me > Device Benefits
        what does it say?

        • Shows estimated Expiry 12/2021 still which ~1yr from when I bought the unit

          • @capslock janitor: My Mate 20 not pro, shows 2 tabs, regular warranty and under it Extended warranty. (+ 6 months), but under Campaign shows "Sorry, device not eligible"…

            • @quipo: mine only showing the regular wty box ugh
              do ya have to be logged into HuaweiID?

              • +1

                @capslock janitor: Dont know, but i was.
                I went here and check it, it shows 6 months before the shown date on my phone. But honestly, never had a single problem, love the phone.

                • @quipo: Curious what did you use to register Huawei ID? they have a few options like Facebook, Mobile#, Email etc etc

      • My Mate20 warranty expires 08/2021 and I just expended to 02/2022

        • What did you use to Register account to extend? (FB/mob/email etc)

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      You are making good use of your phone.

      • Couldnt have done it without p30 pros ultrawide camera.

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          Umm, people don't buy it for the Ultrawide camera, that's LG.
          Huawei's main focus in the past 5 years has been on the Zoom Cameras ; )

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    I don't seem to have a discover tab on my P20 pro. I see recommended, service, forum and me. Am I missing something

    • Thanks. Same boat here.

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      I noticed the same issue then its fixed by updating "Support" app from the "AppGallery" to see the discover tab.

      • Worked for me, cheers

      • Cheers Sum1 worked for me too.

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      It’s ok to be scared of China, just don’t be racist please

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        its even more ok to be scared of the USA.

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    Sorry, your device is not eligible for this benefit

    Why no extra warranty⁉️ 😥

    • I got the same message.

      "We want to reward all our customers, whether you have an existing smartphone or a new one."

      Sounded pretty inclusive

      • +1

        Maybe do we need to Register for Huawei ID..?

    • You have to update the app in settings then on the home page it comes up with a warranty campaign that you have to click and activate worked on my Mate 20 Pro

      • Me>Settings says Up to date.
        Build number
        Mate 20

      • Hey curious what you used to reg into Huawei? (FB, mob#, email etc..)

        • +1

          Just used my Gmail email and created a new password to go with the acc.

    • I got the same message, but then checked the details under the 'me' tab in the app and does show that extended warranty was applied. I might have accidentally clicked twice which is why the message popped up as was already redeemed

      • My E-Warranty Card just shows Valid from 12/2020 which is around when I bought it.

        Or are you logged in to Huawei ID?

        • Just redeemed through the app, got the message saying was not eligible but then it was applied when I checked my device (my existing warranty was expiring in May 2022, extended through to November 2022). Maybe doesn't apply to grey imports or warranties that are already expired?

          • @Preferred Username: Did you have to be logged into Huawei ID after selecting "claim warranty extension"?

            • @boomersgold: I already was logged in when I opened the app, so assume yes

              • @Preferred Username:

                2022, extended through to November 2022). Maybe doesn't apply to grey imports or warranties that are already expired?

                Funny thing is mine defaults to Region UAE (not logged in) hahaha, it's defo international model, should be fine for Oz.

                BUT what did you use to register your Huawei ID account? ?
                (they have few options like Facebook, mobile#, email and more) and upon signing up will ask/correct the region)

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    Thank you for this. Wife's phone warranty was just about to run out.

  • -3

    Doesn't work for my made in Korea LG phone.

  • i can't find the QR code :(

    • me too. anyone can help?

      • +2

        Open the Support app, on the Discover tab you'll see Campaign just tap on that and claim. Might need to update the app through App Gallery if its not working, don't update it through Play Store

        • +1

          got it. Thanks

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    Thanks OP. Just claimed it for my p30 non-pro.

  • +1

    Try to break my phone to get a brand new phone.

    • Let me know a good way to do it so I can sell the piece of junk!!

      • eBay

        • I mean how to break it but not void the warranty.

  • So total of 2.5 years warranty?

  • +7

    My mate 20 pro is hands down the best phone I ever used, 2 years has passed and battery life is merely affected. Hope Huawei recovers from the US sanctions soon.

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    Thanks OP. I didn't realise my warranty was up next month on my P30 Pro. Lol. Updated..

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    Thanks OP. Just got it for my P30 Pro. First time I opened the app.

  • Mate 20 here, not eligible either.

  • Thanks. Used it for my mate 20 pro I got last year

  • Mine says ineligible now but i think i clicked on it already (mate 20 pro) and it has been applied.

    To check your warranty expiry: Click on services at the bottom, then scroll down and click on benefits. It will show you the extended warranty if it has been applied.

    • Thanks. Shows up there after saying not eligible.

  • Damn mines 5 weeks out of warranty

  • We want to reward all our customers

    But requires customers to have a special app and accept the longer warranty.

    • The app is there by default… 🤷

  • Enter code POOHBEAR and make 12 months 🙃

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      Maybe CCP to make it lifetime.

    • Your social credit will be -100

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        Nexus phones were marketed by google and manufactured by other companies such as Huawei.

        • And? Do you think Kogan using Samsung panels in TVs mean Samsung provides the warranty and not Kogan?

          That's not how warranty work in Australia.

          • +2

            @plmko: I agree, was just explaining the connection.

            • @nodeahs: there is no connection because the phone complained about has the most tenuous linkage to huawei for support

  • Defs will work for my Nexus 6p!

    • Why would it?

      • because its posted above…

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    I wonder if this will work on my Nexus 6P as it's less than 2 years old?

    • Why would it?

      • +1

        Made by Huawei and still within its 2 years warranty.

        • +1

          Just because it is Made by Huawei does not make it a Huawei phone.

          What branding was in the phone box?
          I don't own one but I think it's Google.

  • The QR code on the website isn't scanning, but I managed to find the support app installed. However, there's no discovery tab, nor any campaign.
    On the 'benefits' page, there's only the original warranty, which expires August this year, nothing about extended warranty. wtf

    • I had to update the app in support settings then it appeared on the home screen

      • As in 'Me tab'—> Settings—> check for updates?

        Says support and related apps are all up to date ( :(

        • Yeah mines saying might be a different setting for the different models ? Mines a Mate 20 Pro after updating it was right there on the Discover page

        • I have, you might need to update by going into the app gallery, I updated mine through there didnt realise there was an option in the settings