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Trialed Hello Fresh via our food pantry. 5 meals contained 98% of ingredients; I had to supply salt, pepper, oil, soy, vinegar and flour for the 5 meals I received. Recipes were very easy to follow.

What a great convenience seeing as I am not a very good cook and do not really like to cook.

You choose the meals from preselected choices or accept the default meals. You can either skip weeks or cancel all together when you want to.

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  • I reckon better to use the referral system and get $70 off and give $70 credit to an another member

  • I found the meals took a lot longer to prepare than what was stated.

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    After getting a box that had moldy tomatoes in it, being refused a refund, but being offered 20% off my next box…No thanks.

    • Yep I cancelled when the final straw was a meal bag with squishy browning piece of ginger and three tiny garlic cloves instead of a regular sized one. Before that I had a meal missing a lemon and a stock cube and another time got pork mince instead of pork strips. If they're going to send out bargain bin reject ingredients and leave stuff missing, there's really no point in paying for a convenience that just isn't provided.

    • I've had tomato issues with 'Dinnerly' (Hello Fresh's budget meal service).

      They were half rotten when I received them, I'm sure they were the same way when they were packed a day or two earlier.

  • My missus got sucked into the marketing hype and her friends shilling affiliate links.

    Found the flavourings like the sauces and especially the seasoning packets to be crazy salty even when using half the suggested amounts.

    You'd think a company calling themselves hello fresh would have FRESH produce. We found the fruit and veggies would always come about 1-3 days out from being unusable. The pumpkin we got last week had a nice big mould patch on it where it had been cut at at factory and the seal wrapper was broken. The garlic cloves, 2 out of 3 had gone all weirdly soft. The meat portions are also very small.

    I asked how much we were being charged and was just amazed they have such a following. For circa $100 a box w delivery(Assuming no promos), you'd be much better off just ordering online w colesworth and delivering.

    The idea is its supposed to be convenient. But often 'pantry staples' they assume you have are a little left field imo eg balsamic vinegar, or white wine vinegar. Imo staples should be limited to olive oil, white flour, egg, salt and pepper.

    Other than making use of initial free box I personally cannot recommend this mob/service.

    • For circa $100 a box w delivery(Assuming no promos), you'd be much better off just ordering online w colesworth and delivering.

      Of course, but people are paying for the convenience of not having to research recipes and pick ingredients.

      • And sometimes if it's an ingrediant you do not use often you get stuck with bits of things cluttering the fridge.

  • You're not supposed to use your own referral link mate.. plus the referral system has better deal than yours…

  • If you don't like cooking then you won't like hello fresh

  • Worth it at $70 off for the referral promotion (you only pay $11) for a single box. Absolute rip off at any discount less than that.

    Meals are tiny

    • "Meals are tiny" we had 2 serving meals and always had leftovers

      • Some complain about it.. for us, its 2 adults and a kid and mos of the time its fine. The exception is when i order burgers, there's only 2 buns lol..

        • Yes, as a non-white person (Southern European) I also cringe at the cultural insensitivity of "Mediterranean" themed dishes which consistently fail to acknowledge the specific national and provincial origins of such dishes. Lets not forget Hitler came to power precisely because 1930s German bargain hunters failed to incorporate racial politics into their critiques of meal delivery services.

  • Got this for 4 weeks now and happy except when I forget to pick the meals lol. I've seen a few people complain about the freshness but it will happen with everything. Even if you go to coles you might up buying some sht. But I agree they should refund and not give a discount. With the 4 weeks I did use a promo costing me $120 for 4 weeks. I then canceled but was able to send 4 invites for 1 week of boxes free.. so I just signed up on that for myself haha.. sp getting 5 meals for the next 4 weeks for $9.99 shipping per week :)

  • Tried these meals for 2 weeks, I gained alot of weight compared to normal self-prepared meals (and no, I didn't have more than one serving at a time!), and agree the freshness of some of the vege ingredients did not last the week. Decided not to continue. I would recommend being cautious about eating these all week.

    • Gained a lot of weight in just two weeks eating Hello Fresh?

      • This is one thing I'm wondering about… how healthy are their meals..

      • This is very understandable. If you've cooked their meals, you'll see how much fat (olive oil, sour cream, mayonnaise, butter) goes into it, as well salt and carbs (but that's because big portion sizes). Very tasty but not all are even remotely healthy.

    • You have to pick the meals carefully to make sure you're getting one's without too many calories. Look for the calorie smart selection.

      Some of the burger and pasta dishes are 800-1000 calories per serve.

      • Indeed, whilst they do have low calorie options they are not a diet/low cal food service.

        That said, I would have thought you would need to be hitting the pastas and potato meals fairly hard everyday to put on "a lot of weight" in such a short period (as the op stated).

  • Have tried Hello Fresh for two weeks and it's been great. I'm going to try Marley Spoon and Dinnerly next week then alternate between the three every now and again. What I loved about it was trying new recipes I wouldn't have normally cooked.

    • Do MS and Dinnerly have promo codes/referrals we can scav off like with HF?

      • Yes I used a code from my Woolworths rewards account but they usually do $100 (in total) off for the first 4 weeks.

    • Yeah, I purposely choose meals I've never made or techniques I'm not familiar with. I use these boxes as a mini cooking school!

      EveryPlate is another that has regular introductory deals (HelloFresh's budget subsidiary).

      • I have also definitely selected recipes out of my comfort zone.

        Thanks for the tip, I will definitely try EveryPlate in a few weeks if I can get a decent trial promotion.

        • Everyplate recipes aren't as complex…..for example, sausages and mash was one of the options!

          That's probably not going to be a stretch for most!

  • Better than the ozb “popular” Youfoodz?