[NT] Philips Hue 9W Ambience White Aphelion Downlight $15ea @ Bunnings


Hue 9W Aphelion downlights on clearance at Bunnings. Looks like the models without Bluetooth are being cleared?

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  • Heads up: these are 101mm wide and most Aus homes use 90mm down lights.

    • And these ones require an electrician to wire up as they are not plug and play like the newer ones. Not worth it IMO.

    • They require a 125mm hole, and you can get adapter plates to mount 90mm lights in a 125mm hole if you ever want to change back.

      I've fitted out the kitchen and hall with Aphelion lights all running on motion sensors and after 2 years love them they have been faultless. At $15 these are absolutely worth it IMHO.

  • If your looking for Hue lights at the moment, check out your local bunnings. All stores seem to have some sort of clearance on at the moment

  • Fit out my current house with them (new build), very happy after 9months.

  • Used them to replace crappy builder lights. Hole needed to be made wider but overall very happy

    • I think you would be interested in store some more at home in case some of them become faulty in the coming years.
      Signify is going to stop producing this model and it uses a wide cutout so you will be hard to find replacement without modify the cutout.

      • Yeah I’ve got two in my cupboard already.. so far they’ve gone two years without a hitch.

        Just for reference…
        It’s zigbee, not bluetooth

  • WOW that's a deal

  • I want it as a backup. Does anyone know what is item code to check with Bunnings?

    • Same here just checked a few stores in Syd, no luck.


      • i looked around everywhere in sydney a few months back. these were already being replaced by the new 90mm hue downlights and were very hard to find back then. at $15 these are an absolute steal - i would buy every last one of them if i could.

  • Is there anyone in NT who could grab and post some to me in WA? Happy to pay some extra. Please PM. Much appreciated.

  • Wow cheap.

  • Hi,

    I'm prepared to buy as many as you can get. 50+….

    I will pay for postage, and your time.

    reply if you can help…


    • I went by this arvo. Darwin was out. Palmerston had 4 apparently but recommended i call before hand to confirm.

  • All gone in QLD

  • Just got the last 4 in palmerston for $7.50 each.
    Bit of a winner there i reckon.