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Lenovo Yoga S740 15" Core i5 9300H / GTX 1650 Max-Q / FHD 500 Nits Laptop $1299 (Was $2540) @ Lenovo


Seems to be some great deals on Lenovo's at the moment. Biggest discount was this one posted but there is a good variety of other deals on the main sales page:


  • i5-9300H (4C / 8T, 2.4 / 4.1GHz, 8MB)
  • 15.6" HDR 400 FHD (1920x1080) IPS 500nits Glossy
  • 512GB SSD M.2 2280 PCIE
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650 Max-Q 4GB GDDR5
  • Intel 9560 11ac, 2x2 + BT5.0
  • Backlit Keyboard, 135W, Touch Style Fingerprint reader

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  • Specs are a POS lol.

  • Looks terrible.

    Cpu is 3 gens behind
    4gb ram

    I stopped reading there

    • 9th Gen Intel i5 so 2 gens behind and 2x4GB RAM
      Still overpriced

    • Pretty weak CPU but it is 8gb ram. You should probably still look for a 16gb laptop at this price. At least the screen isn't the usual 250nits from Lenovo.

    • Cpu is 2 gens old (12th gen isnt out yet)
      8gb of ram

      Worth pointing out it has an amazing screen and a 1650

    • The CPU is only 2 generations old and it has 8GB RAM. Were you looking at the wrong model?

      EDIT: Crap. Beaten by a tribe of people.

  • Cheap because it's old tech

  • Save $1241 of a laptop wow what a deal! /s

    At first I was wondering why you included no specs, but then I clicked and realised.
    There's only 5 left though so I guess your helping Lenovo move stock 😂

    • 337 people viewing this now (per Lenovo website), 3 left only sold 2 since 8hrs 52mins ago..

  • when i look at the page it has a big laptop options box that takes up the full left half of the screen and i click everywhere but cant get rid of it and in the back on the right haf of the screen only i see laptops but they are in darkness like until i get rid of the big box on the left but how


  • No touchscreen :(

  • Hi,

    Not sure if you lot are aware of this but if you get on the online chat with the lenovo reps and ask for a discount, they will give it to you. I was offered $500 off an already discounted Legion 5i making the price $2K. I didn't take it because of the warranty limitations (they don't offer overseas coverage on Legion machines). If there's a Lenovo machine you like you should try it!

    I tried with Dell too but their warranty for overseas is impossible to work out for sure until a purchase is made. They seem less willing to negotiate than Lenovo too.

    They will email you a quote with their rep number etc.


    • Didn't work

      Welcome to Lenovo. My name is Simon and my Rep ID is 2900726940.

      May I have your name, email ID and phone number please? This is to follow up in case the chat gets disconnected.
      Sure, I'll be glad to check that for you.
      Please allow me a moment
      It is under Clearance sale and will cost you $1,299.00 inc GST and delivery
      It is the best and final price.

      • Ah, maybe the discount has already reached a certain threshold?

        When I was in touch, the discount was already something like 20% off so the advertised price after discount was a shade over $2500 - for the Legion 5i with an NVidia 2060 and he gave me $500 off straight away.

        So far the Lenovo reps have been the best to deal with although their warranty isn't for me.

        Good luck finding something that suits you.

    • +1 was surprised how easily they are to negotiate with if you name a price and a reason for it.

      lenovos are so damn tough, only recently stopped using a T440 (a shed laptop, with an upgraded SSD) from circa 2005!!

      as a side note, make sure you save your chat, I had an issue with some bad advice I was given and was unable to provide evidence on this which messed me up.

  • Nice screen, thin and light, and a deal if another 20% off.

  • Is this comparable to XPS15?

  • So tempted to get the new LG Gram 16… unbeatable!

  • Does anyone actually pay the Lenovo price for any of their laptops?