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Tenda SP3 Smart Wi-Fi Power Plug $4.95 + $9.99 Delivery @ Shopping Square


This is a non energy monitoring version.

Works with Alexa Echo & Google Assistant, Reliable WiFi Connection, WiFi Enabled Smart Phone App, No Hub Required, AU Plug

Delivery & Handling: $9.99 (50% Off Shipping Discount for Each Additional Unit)

Thanks @RichardL for the delivery information.

Found this on SS website for delivery:

We offer shipping discounts for multiple item purchases and checkouts.

Here's how it works.
For the first item or single item - it's full delivery price. But for each additional item

Delivery charge less than or equals to $20: 50% off the delivery price
Delivery charge greater than $20: $10 off the delivery price

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    Delivery & Handling: $9.99 (50% Off Shipping Discount for Each Additional Unit)

    ~$11.40 Delivered @ HT via Amazon AU (if you have prime)

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    $4.95 + Delivery

    Title should mention 202 % extra for delivery…

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    $4.95 + Delivery

    Read the posting rules.

    Titles should state:-
    3. Shipping cost. Exact cost if known

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    $24.98 for four. Cheaper than Amazon. Thanks!

    • +2

      Err, that's the shipping. +$20 for the units.

      • Still beats Amazon at $45.60 for four

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          Eh, I ordered two to play with and they'll arrive tomorrow.

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    How dodgy is it to power certain downlights with this and toss them up into the roof space?

    • +1

      Pretty dodgy, insurance probably won't cover if you have a house fire caused by this.

      Smart downlights are pretty cheap in their own right, $20~ea from Bunnings

    • Not especially. Given the low load it should be fine.

  • This or the Kogan Smart Plugs?

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