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Navman MiVue755 Dash Cam $80.75 (Was $159) | Sonos Playbase White $504.90 C&C/+ Delivery @ The Good Guys


Navman MiVue755 Dash Cam $80.75 (Was $159) | Sonos Playbase White $504.90 C&C/+ Delivery @ The Good Guys

Sonos Playbase White $505

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


  • 80.75 after 14.25 discount using the code for me

  • Saving to buy my next car.




  • I bought one of these dash cams last year for an elderly relative.. It works ok but it's nothing flash…

    One big annoyance, when you press the "Event Record" button it only keeps/protects the 3 seconds before you press the button, so if anything happens and it takes you more than 3 seconds to realize you want to keep the event, you have to then dig back through the recorded files to find it before it gets overwritten … (my older 700 I threw in my mums car keeps a significant amount of footage from before you press the button)

    Here's a random video from it… The relative thought the cop was chastising him and he was worried he'd get a ticket for speeding even though he was sure he was under the limit, the cop was actually looking at the speeding car in the right lane…
    Youtube butchers it a bit but the footage was good enough to set things straight and settle his mind…

    (If you live in a big city with more of a risk of hit and runs, insurance concerns, needing to see rego plates, I'd be inclined to go for something better)

    • Any suggestions for a dash cam around the $100 mark? Thanks in advance.

      • Check Blueskysea B1W, built in wifi so can easily download video straight to your phone. Can also be had for $70? $80? can't exactly remember, if on special from Amazon.