Spotted Bunnings Marketlink...?


Was looking for a monitor for the wife, on google came across a bunnings link… with a flag "Bunnings Marketlink".

Looks like bunnings is going to be a market place, like Amazon, Kogan, etc:

"Available through, Bunnings MarketLink enables you to access a wide offer of products sold directly by our Trusted Sellers. Now you'll have a greater choice in one place to complete your home improvement and lifestyle needs."

Interesting. Don't know why we'd need this. Thoughts?

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    Been around a while. I mean this in the most friendly way possible.


      Really? Have i been living under a rock…? Possibly one from their garden centre?


        From memory a few deals were posted last year that were market link.


        I only noticed this recently too

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        Yeah was launched late 2019 but honestly, you haven't really missed anything. Pointless exercise. The Bunnings website is awful and has just recently been updated to make it even less useful which I didn't think was possible but full credit to them, they pulled it off.


      Be good when they have 3090s for sale…

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    but are there ever any bargains? I love Bunnings, but I find the only way to get a bargain it to actually go to the store and see what price tags they have up on the day.

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      No sales. Just the lowest everyday prices.

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        … and when a competitor has a similar product cheap (cough cough Aldi), then a similar product magically drops in price… then goes back up again a bit later… but you're right… no sales ;)


    what monitor you gettin b