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$50 Voucher to Spend on Tax, Accounting, Bookkeeping Services @ Anytime Professionals


Hi All!

With tax agents dealines looming I thought it would be a great idea to post another deal. Piggy backing off the success of our last deal - We are offering a $50 voucher to spend towards all things tax and accounting!

So what is Anytime Professionals?

Anytime Professionals is a service dedicated to all things Accounting and Tax. We only use Australian based professionals and all are screened for their registrations and insurance to ensure you are dealing with those whom know what they're doing!

  • Need your tax return done? We've got you covered
  • Need tax advice? Sure, that's what we do too
  • Questions about salary sacrificing? Of course we can help
  • Investment advice? Yep - got that covered too
  • Want to start up a business but need accounting advice? We've got all the know how

How does it work?

Simply post your task to our website, wait for professionals to respond with their offer and select who you want to go with. Simples.

Why use us?

We are a family owned website whom are all accountants. We wanted a platform dedicated to servicing clients whilst also being able to find those in our industry clientele. So you can be assured we know what we are doing when it comes to making sure client interests are at heart.

The site is perfect for those whom are time poor or location sensitive. Our site is operational 24/7 so you can source the skills and expertise without even leaving the chair your sitting on!

We also have a new feature called 'Audit Protect' which is exclusive to us only. What is it? Should any task you choose to have completed through our platform be the subject of an ATO audit we will cover the cost of engaging in a tax professional (i.e. laywer or accountant) for up to $500. This is applied automatically for FREE!

As mentioned above also we only use Australian tax professionals. All must be registered with the Tax Practitioners Board and hold the appropriate PI insurances. No one is allowed to offer service on our site unless these are up to date.

So if you've got outstanding tax returns this is a perfect time for you to bring them up to scratch and keep the ATO off your back and maximise a tax refund in the process.

Code expires this Sunday 25th April 2021.

As always happy to take Q & A below if needed for all general tax and accounting queries (as I am a qualied Accountant, Tax Agent and Fin Planner) but as always, seek advice for specifics!

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  • Do you not have to engage with the tax accountant/agent before 31 October to be eligible for the extended deadline?

    • +1 vote


      (Must also have photo evidence of the ring.)


      That's correct SLim. If you haven't used a tax agent before or are changing tax agents you need to be on their system prior to 31 October (generally speaking).

      That being said should you be hit with late penalties your tax agent is the best person to go in and bat for you.

      • Ok, but the ATO will consider the individuals circumstances on why the penalties should be remitted, having a tax agent/accountant request the remission will have no impact on these circumstances. I believe you're a bit late on this deal sorry.



          having a tax agent/accountant request the remission will have no impact on these circumstances

          Not true at all. A client engaged us who had mounted penatlies and interest due to not knowing how to manage their affairs. All was remitted in full as the client demonstrated to the ATO they sought help to get it right.

          • @bemybubble: So you lie to the ATO then ?

          • @bemybubble: If its for more than one FY sure, using a tax agent MAY help. Again, it all comes down to the individuals circumstances not the fact they sought an agent.

            Like hey ATO, I haven't lodged in 5 years because I'm avoiding a bill - you're stuffed regardless of agent or not.

            Hey ATO, I'm 23 and have never lodged a tax return as I wasn't aware I needed to, I thought the tax just came out of pay and that was it - no worries mate, keep lodgements up to date in future*

            Hey ATO, last year was a rough year and family circumstances yada yada yada - understandable, have a nice day*

            *these are not actual responses and do not constitute financial or tax advice/guidance.

            You're not the only accountant on ozbargain mate


              @slimdealin: You're right - at always boils down to individual circumstances. But how you deliver the message to the ATO is also important.

              I never claimed to gaurantee an outcome with the ATO. My assertion was a Tax Agent is the best possible person to go in and bat for you. That assertion is based on 12+ years experience dealing with the ATO and clients on a day to day basis. There has been numerous times a client has tried to object to penalties and interest without success that we have been able to get across the line for them. That success is based on experience and expertise.

              You're not the only accountant on ozbargain mate

              Never claimed to be.

  • What are the prices ?

    Why is this a bargain ?

  • +2 votes

    We are a family owned website whom are all accountants.

    Obviously none are English teachers.

    'Whom' is used as the object of a verb or preposition.

  • Too much of work and giving out my personal info to find out the cost. No deal