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[eBay Plus, Seconds] Sony 75" X9000H 4K 120hz LED TV $1979.10 Delivered @ Sony eBay


I think this may be the first ever sub-$2000 75" 120hz TV? It's from the Sony seconds store though I've ordered from there before and I swear the TV was brand new.

This is supposed to be Sonys flagship 120hz TV for the PS5. Not all features are available as of yet (VRR being the main one I think), though Sony are saying they will release an update.

Great TV for people with a PS5 or Xbox Series X.

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  • Didn't Sony basically come out saying they were giving up on the VRR updates for the x9000 and x8000 series when they announced their 2021 models? Or was that just click bait headlines around that time?

    • They're still trying to make it work from the backlash and the fact they promised. The television was marketed in North America as "the" TV for PS5.

      But allegedly, the MediaTek SoC may never make it work via firmware update as the hardware itself was never capable of being able to perform VRR.

      I was looking at an A90J over the C1 OLED but not going to drop $5000 on a hope and prayer that VRR will be implemented on that one.

      • Yeah this kinda killed my trust for the updates tbh. If I had bought one previously, and then found out the main specs that swayed me into buying this model were no longer being delivered, I'd be taking it back for a refund.

        • That's what we did, got a refund for the TV after Sony Australia removed VRR as a HDMI2.1 feature from their detailed specs page. We asked them why this had occurred and they couldn't answer, so said they could either give us a refund or we'd take it further to ACCC/Consumer Affairs. They gave us the refund. We already didn't trust the updates when the 4k120 that came out was blurry (in fact everything 120hz is blurry including 1080p), so once they removed that feature it was the nail in the coffin.

      • It is still coming. Note that the 2021 Sony tvs like X85J are still using the exact same SOC.

    • If they don't follow through, it'd be a strong case to return TV for a refund. Ridiculous.

  • "Seconds" means used or not?

    • I think there is two different listing items marked as seconds in eBay ( Box damaged and refurbished) This one is refurbished

  • I bought from Sony ebay seconds and there was no sings of previous usage on TV

  • already all gone!

  • What up with Sony selling refurbs?

    • They are just returns from customers. Sony Aust dont have the capability for refurbishments of dead products. Maybe Sony USA or China would but def not in Australia.

  • Very pretty. And very pretty price.

    I would have pulled the trigger too. I guess I just saved 2gs.

  • probably sets that were returned due to not doing what was stated ……

  • I bought a Sony Seconds x9000 - worst decision ever. TV arrived with a bend in the screen and light spillage from frame. Still chasing a refund a month later. DM me for photos. Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Their feedback is 95% for a reason. That one in twenty that are unacceptable. You should know before you roll the dice.

    • ffs where were you a few hours ago.

      you can upload somehow via ozbargain. i suppose if mine is dodgy like that i will just do a credit chargeback (stupid me forgot to pay with paypal). that's also rolling the dice but i'm not going waste time.

      they do say in the description that "minor cosmetic variations may occur. These cosmetic variations have been checked by our Sony Authorised repair agent and do no impact the function of the product. We cannot accept refunds for items based on appearance."

      so a bendy screen is a DIY curved model, and light spillage is fixed with black electrical tape.

      hope you get a refund though.

    • So, if you had bought through E bay, then what is the issue with the refund. I think e bay provide money-back guarantee. What I am missing here, mate

    • That's very unfortunate.. I've had 2 good runs so far. First did have a pink marker circled on a part of the screen but that came off, and the part of that screen had nothing I could see of on/off. Second time round, I recommended it to a mate and that came perfect too. Both are still running fine to this day hence why I grabbed another this time round…

      If anything, it says in the description that there's also a 12 month warranty (besides the 30 days you mentioned below) - not sure how far you went contacting Sony (angry emails/online chats/calls or all the above) but I hope you get something in return.

  • Damn it. Still waiting for my 65" X9500 refurb to arrive…would probably have jumped on this for the extra inches for roughly the same price :/

  • Would have got this…ah well, more good TV deals to come in the next few months surely!

  • Australia will be years away for cheaper 4k 120hz TVs but rest of the world will get them early. We get the dregs of technology and cost more too.

  • Managed to get one of these today… Let's hope we all get something near "new"

  • Received my 85" and looking great. The box does look damaged and tattered but TV looks vey new with no scratches anywhere, body or screen.
    Wall mounted and after the update, it looks great to me. Remote was still sealed in the packaging.