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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 128GB $1,294 ($1244 with Newsletter Voucher) @ Samsung Education Store (Membership Req)


For those with EDU store access.

Ultra 128gb = $1,294.30
Ultra 256gb = $1,364.30 (white Only)
Ultra 512gb = $1,504.30

Was approx $1500 the other day when i looked so seems to be coming down in price.

Also included is a "free" USB-C to USB-C cable

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  • No sd slot anymore

    • +7 votes

      big deal breaker for me.

    • Not a huge deal breaker.. Buy more on board storage.. Its faster anyway.

      Dual sim using an esim was a much worse decision in my eyes

      • $300 extra to get 380 odd gigs.

        512gb sd card is like $100
        1tb is around $325

        Speed is irrelevant if it's just for 4k recordings or bootlegs.

        • speed is relevant if half of OzBargain is already (still) complaining that Flagships don't have SD chips in them. Last time i used an external SD was in my S8 and when it was somewhat full my phone ran awful. S10+ i just upped my internal and she ran and aged perfectly.

          • @Bargains of Oz: Wut. People wouldn't be asking for sd cards if speed was a concern. We want cheap storage. These phones can record at 4k60 at 40Mbps bit rate even with h.265 it can eat up a lot of memory.

            Computers and phones don't like a full system storage, it messes with caching that's why it degrades when you have like 50mb left. All the more to have an external card for things that eat up memory and don't require ssd levels of speed.

            You're comparing an s8 to an s10 along with newer software, c'mon now.

            • @krisspy: No I'm not comparing them as same-for-same as that would be stupid with tech advancements over 4 years. They just happened to be the phones I had used so that's personal experience vs. Repeating something a YTber has said in a video.

              I understand the recording thing but it was never a huge issue for me as I don't have an SD reader on my Macbook pro so when I recorded something large on my S10+ (and now S21 Ultra), I'll just transfer it over to my 1tb T5 then onto my computer which eliminates a dongle.

              I don't get why you are on this tangent being I simply stated my personal opinion that esim sucks and Dual Physicial sim was a issue for me than SD. There are ways to get around extra storage but no way to get around lack of dual physical sim.

              • @Bargains of Oz: People wouldn't be crying over the no sd card trend if it wasn't a huge issue, it's a cost cutting trend that's forcing users to pay more for storage. Just because Apple did it, it's the new norm.

                Most people change sims once or twice in the life of a phone, it's hardly a hindrance compared to actually running out of memory because you couldn't afford the bigger storage model. Your the first person I've seen complain about an esim. But then again, you like to add extra steps just to transfer files on your Mac lol

                Sure you may never had issues with storage, but there's a reason power users are crying about losing features on a "flagship" device.

                • @krisspy: Lol as opposed to removing your case, getting an ejection tool, removing removing your SD to plug into a reader…plugging an SSD into your phone when on the go or straight to your laptop is no more difficult and a 500gb SSD can be also had for ~$100 on a good day and then there's the cloud for everything else.

                  I'm definitely not the first or last person to consider the esim a flaw… But I guess you'd need to need to travel or have a work phone to have a need/want.

                  People love to complain no matter what though.. What ever trends. Apple and Pixel users have been quite content with their storage situation.

                  • @Bargains of Oz: You're implying that people with sd cards remove the card to transfer its contents? Rofl.
                    You realise you can skip the ssd and go straight to laptops right?

                    Iphone users have also been content with paying $2.4k for a phone, what's your point. They've never had an sd card all their lives, ignorance is bliss and that's why Apple makes an extra $500 per phone forcing people to buy higher models.

  • no 3.5 mm jack anymore

  • This is a limited time offer for 30% RRP until May 3 through the education store. Not a permanent discount.

  • Oh No, I bought Pixel 5 yesterday. I would've invested to get S21 ultra at this price.

  • Is there a trade in bonus promo in education store like the pleb store?

    • I would like to know too

    • Should be $300 bonus

      • Details please? Is this separate from the $500 (just lowered to $400) bonus deal?

        EDIT: I went through the trade-up app process for my S9, it was just the $75 trade-in value, no bonuses etc were applied :(

        is there a code to use to add this bonus?

        • My bad, they must have it cancelled.
          It was all bit fishy, they had the $500 (normal store) and the $300 (Edu store) bonus originally till the 29th of April. Then they got rid of the bonus for couple of days and then reintroduced it as $400. The EDU one seems to disappear now.
          Also the $200 code is no longer working with trade in bonus (used to work for at least a week).
          I got access to Edu store, but went through normal store few weeks back, got S21 Ultra 512 with my old phone trade-in $130, $50 and $200 codes and the $500 bonus. Plus 1/2 price for Samsung Care+. Glad I pulled the trigger on that one.
          With the trade-in bonus the Edu store is now good only If you are not trading in.

          • @tm001: kicking myself for missing that, and they "fixed" the $200 chat voucher from stacking with the $500 (now $400) trade-in bonus, too.

            for the 21U 256GB model:

            Edu store: $1,364.30 - $50 newsletter = $1,314.30

            Non-Edu store: $1,949 - $400 trade-in bonus - $50 newsletter = $1,499

            if the $200 chat voucher could still stack, non-edu store would win out overall.


      • Thanks

    • I just checked my woolies portal and it lookes like they took away the tradein bonus, instead opting to give 30% off the whole s21 range

    • Also the $200 promo code (from live chat with agent?)
      And/or $50 newsletter sign up code?

      Does anyone know if any of these would stack, or are even still active?

      UPDATE: went testing, $200 promo code does not work on edu portal, says invalid code (I verified that this works on the non-edu site)
      still waiting on the $50 newsletter code to appear.

  • Well, this makes my used S21 Ultra 512gb that I'm trying to sell much less valuable.

    Damn you, depreciation

    • May i ask why you selling it? Isn't a good phone?

      • After using a a OnePlus phone for the better part of the last 3 years, I couldn't get adjusted to the S21 Ultra. Just the little things, like stock android, the alert slider and the scheduled power off/on features.

        Edit: the S21 Ultra was great, no hesitation about that. Very snappy, excellent screen. Cameras were very good, much better than OnePlus 8 Pro that I switched to. Battery life was good, even at QHD 120hz.

    • Upgrading to a mi 11 pro already? Lol

  • No stacking of crazy trade in bonus?
    No stacking of newsletter and customer service $200 codes?
    Not even a double storage same price upgrade?


  • no sd slots, no head phone jack.
    any other negative about this phone?

    • Welcome to 2021.
      benifits of no sd/ head phone - better water proofing.
      I have moved to Bluetooth headphones like 3 years ago and it's not hard to transfer file's 🤷.

      I remember the time people bitter about unable to remove the battery.

      At this rate, pretty soon their won't be any sim cards / USB C port either.

      • water proofing was possible even with a headphone jack.

        as for bluetooth for sound. you get latency. with 3.5mm headphone jack you can have something like a DAC which greatly improves your sound and overall listening experience.

        having a headphone jack in a phone does not affect those who will never use it. same goes for microsd card slot.

        • Aptx low latency.

          If you're connecting your dac through the 3.5mm slot then you're doing it all wrong my friend. Digital to analog converter - 3.5mm outputs an analog signal. You don't want to convert it back to digital then analog a second time. All your amplifying is noise from the phones dac. You want it through the usb.

          All this talk doesn't matter if your just on Spotify or YouTube. I highly doubt you'll be missing out on reference sound with 320kbps audio on wired Sony xm4's lol

          • @krisspy: The lg v series had a quad dac. Which you can only take advantage of using the 3.5mm jack.

            • @xoom: Yeah LG was good in that department, but the rest of the phone was mediocre. Hence why they've left the phone industry.

              Let's be real, a half decent ldac from fiio or the Es100 would do just as good and how many people are really plugging reference headphones that demand totl stuff.

              Anyone with a worthy set of headphone would most likely feel the need to run an external dac because a phone "won't do them justice"

    • The s20 got higher dxomark score on camera lol

  • I've got S21 Ultra with the $500 promo and gave a shot at another Exynos.

    Compared to Note 20 Ultra Snapdragon version: general usage is faster with the new Exynos, gaming is still worse, even compared to previous gen SD865.

    A little disappointed, since most reviews claimed that this year's Exynos is on par with SD888.

    Take note those who use their mobile for gaming. SD888 is still the better option.

    Will see if Samsung / AMD partnership will improve things next year.

  • anyone in melb se suburbs with access able to help me order?

  • Same price on the Samsung Government Portal as well if any of you civil servants want one at this price.. (Just got one, Thanks OP)..

  • Why is Samsung doing all these crazy discounts this year? Is it having a hard time selling the S21 series?

  • I've got the s21 ultra 512gb black. Great phone, apart from the heating issue. General use, no background apps, no games etc cranks the heat to 43 degrees on average. Just finished using nav app and audio through Android auto, very hot.

    Looking to take it in to Samsung soon to sort out. Global users confirmed the issue on both variants, Samsung is yet to acknowledge the fault.

    Oh, and when contacting Samsung via email, their response was very generic and called the known issue a "phenomenon".

    • Interesting. Haven't had such issue with mine.

      • It doesn't seem to be all s21 ultra 512gb phones, just some. Kind of annoying, first Samsung phone I own.

        I went to Samsung yesterday and they mentioned I could go straight to the repairer they send all or the majority of their repairs to. I called the repairer ahead, explained the issue and was advised that it's more than likely a battery related issue.

        Anyway, I asked if a replacement is an option, and was then told it definaly is an option once assessment has been completed and they'll facilitate that with Samsung. That's what I'll likely do sometime today, I've only owned the phone for 3 weeks and don't want it opened for repair. If the issue recurs, then I'll probably call it quits and request a refund.

        I can't take a long phone call without the chance of burning my ear off. It's a shame that Samsung haven't officially acknowledged this issue. Flagship model…

    • I'm trying to decide between s21 Ultra and mi 11 Ultra.

      Now that s21 Ultra is 1500 for the 16/512gb on the Gov portal, I'm finding it very difficult to resist.

      Things like this keep swaying me towards the Xiaomi.

      Also, I want the best camera without shutter lag, and I'm kinda concerned the Samsung will have me ending up with blurry shots.

  • How you guys score 200 voucher ???

    • $200 voucher does not work on edu store. If you still want one go ask samsung support in the bottom right of the website.

  • Have they fixed the performance throttling issues on this phone