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Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 128GB $1,099, 256GB $1,199 + $500 Trade in Bonus @ Samsung


New price updated

S21: 128GB $1,099 | 256GB $1,199

S21+: 128GB $1,299 | 256GB $1,399

S21 Ultra: 128GB $1,599 | 256GB $1,699 | 512GB $1,899

All before $500 trade in bonus

Phone price - $500 trade bonus - phone trade in value - $50 promo voucher

Previous deal

$50 voucher link - https://shop.samsung.com/au/sign-up but it may take some time to arrive or may not arrive.

How to trade in https://www.samsung.com/au/tradeup/

If you received this error with the trade code "Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment"

As mentioned in the last deal, you have to enter your credit card details first before the code will work online.

Need a code? Giving away a code? Please use the

Code Request Megathread

Do not ask for (or sell) codes in the comment section of deals.

************ Samsung updated the promo end date to 8 April 2021 *******************

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  • +2

    So if I trade in my S10, which is $235 trade value, I get an extra $500 which gives me $735 total trade value?

    Is this stackable with education store + $50 voucher

    • Yes. Indeed.

    • +2

      Trade in on the Education store is only $300.
      Yes, you can use the $50 voucher

    • That is correct

  • +6

    It seems no version of S21 have external memory :(

    • No flagship nowadays have sd cards

      • -8

        At least pixels got unlimited google photos storage. That's why I can't leavem.

        • +5

          Google photos is great as a backup, but infuriating to use when you got poor connection and trying to watch your videos.

          Pixels don't get unlimited for uncompressed media. Your better off getting a last gen phone with an sd card, at least you have access to uncompressed photos anytime.

          • @krisspy: Anytime yeah, but not anywhere.
            It's really important for me access my photos online even when I don't have my phone. Otherwise I'm a big fan of uncompressed.

        • +2

          Google stopped doing that a year or two ago

          Also not on pixel 4 and above

        • That will be stopping tho and you will have to pay for photo storage

      • +4

        Doesn't make it right.
        There is no differentiation

      • Incorrect. LG, Sony, Huawei all still have flagship phones that support SD Cards (or NM card in Huawei's case)

        • Fair point on Huawei, too bad theyre not being considered by many due to no Google play. My mate 20x is on its 2nd nm card now, Huawei just can't make reliable cards like SanDisk or Sammy.

          LG hasn't been relevant in years, Sony even longer really.

          I think my flagship definition is a little skewed. By flagship I meant sd888 (or eqv) + high refresh screen

        • +2

          the note 20 ultra has sd card slot.

          • +1

            @Crumydog: Apparently they are skipping this year for the Note.. So I may have to go with a Note 20 Ultra for now - but probably look for the Snapdragon 865+ version of it instead. Just to get the SD Card slot. hehe

      • Note 20 Ultra.. At least until the N21 comes out.

    • +2

      or a headphone jack or a charger

      • Who isn't using Bluetooth headphones now days

    • +4

      Deal breaker for me. My s10 works perfectly. I have 128gb external storage that can be easily swapped.

      I flash custom roms and can fiddle with it because of the veratility (sdCard,headphone jack, ChargungPort and wireless charging). Its everything you need. Why would i give up that and pay $600 for a worse phone? (Subjective opinion ofcoarse).

      Dont be suckered into swapping an s10. Wait until samsung brings out a decent model then buy.

      • I've got a S10 like you but the battery life is annoying the crap out of me. Can't get through a whole day.

        • +1

          Have you got the covid safe app installed? That was killing mine after an update and it's fine again now after removing it.

      • i totally agree…but $714 for a 256gb Ultra was too good to refuse lol

  • I just purchased one, but it's still processing, hope support can compensate the difference

    • Just cancel the order and reorder with new price.

      • I was thinking that but it says no cancelations if you choose a exclusive colour

  • Plus or minus $500? 🤔

  • +2

    Bugger! just pulled the trigger with S21 over the weekend. 128GB was $1250 - $500 bonus -$50 sign up voucher -$15 trade S7 = $685.

    But now the same would be $151 less…$534.

    I even got the phone today, opened, setup etc..

    • Did you try to reach out with their customer service to adjust the price?

    • S7 only $15 trade value?

      • i would have kept the phone as a spare.

      • +10

        $500 trade-in bonus. So effectively $515 trade value for S7

    • +1

      I understand your concern. So sorry, the current price promo just started today until 8th April only by Marketing Team. As much as I want to help, there's no option to get the price difference from before or adjust. - from the Samsung Sales Agent

  • +1

    Is the samsung care+ thing worth it? half price rn

  • Do you know the expiring date of this deal? Thanks.

    • -1

      Looks like new permanent pricing?

    • +2

      Offer ends 29/04/2021.

      • Same date as the trade-in offer ends

  • +1

    "Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment" after inputting trade-in ID, anyone the same?

    • Same for me

      • I tired online but that does not give an ID it takes you to online trade in and asks for card details. If u say in store u get an ID but ID is giving error.

        • What's the url for online tradein?

          • @Meovel: No URL it’s just takes you within the trade up app

        • Hey mate, I had this issue too unfortunately. I contacted their support. Turns out you have to give the d*mn app credit card details, then it verified and the code worked just fine. Doesn't matter which option you choose in the app (in store or online)… they want your card :(

    • +5

      In the TradeUp app, you need to choose trade-in via post (i.e. not in-store) then enter your CC details for the trade-in ID to be accepted at checkout.

      • Thx that worked

    • You need to add your credit card details for it to work

    • +11

      If you dont like samsung, why did you go to the website and even try.. just ignore this post

    • +1

      maybe stick to your mid-range phone then

        • lol no, by mid-range i mean mid-range specs the Pixel is a great phone but it's a mid-range regardless. If my launch day S10+ is "chugging" then man, you've absolutely sold me (and a lot of people) on getting another Samsung Galaxy.

          • @ExtraSalt:

            • this! Got an S10+ very close to its launch date too. It's been an incredible phone and I'm actually really torn whether to bother upgrading as it's running as good as it did when it was new… even after all the silly updates. I'll be upgrading for upgradings sake but then again at this price I'll be paying less for a 512Gb S21 Ultra per month than I have been paying while on contract for the last 2 years. Absolutely not essential but still very very tempting :)
    • +1

      as much as Samsung are the Apple of android phones, they make really good phones with great specs and build quality. Im still rocking my S8 and it has been a really solid phone.

      • Do you notice any ads appearing on the Samsung One UI skin?

        • If you're getting ads you probably installed apps from unknown sources and got malware
          I've had my S8 since launch and never seen or heard of what you're suggesting

      • -5

        I have an S8 in the drawer which is so sluggish it's frightening. So it does surprise me to hear you say that.

        • +1

          so your real issue is that your Mid 2017 phone is not performing to the same standards as your late 2019.

          • -2

            @ExtraSalt: hahahaha no that my mid 2017 phone was chucked in the drawer after 4months in 2017 is the real issue

            • -1

              @quikstix: lol ok just had to confirm. Yeah my S8 originally aged badly…like noticeably within 12-14months but on month 23 of my warranty i sent her into the Samsung Store, they replaced the screen because of screen-burn, but when i got it back, the invoice shoed they ended up replacing the battery, main board & outer casing as well….like it was essentially a new phone outside of my back cover lol. Mums been using it the past 2 years no issues.

              • -1

                @ExtraSalt: I dont think she is a power user :D but in Samsung's defence i use my phone a lot i just did expect more than a few months of use of it. My nexus 5 in my drawer next to it is super outdated but i would even say is faster.

                To play a completely different angle, flashing a custom rom onto a samsung phone im 100% for and the s21 ultra camera is amazing.

      • +1

        The Pixels have mediocre hardware with fantastic software, everyone knows that. Samsung's dont really have any "bloat" not that i have noticed anyway, although i would prefer the clean android experience on the Pixel.

        • Samsung's used to be crazy bloated, but nowadays are pretty clean

  • wow just ordered one before the update price on edu.

    • +1

      which is cheaper?

  • Can't see what models are eligible for the extra $500. Got a $20 quote for an S7 lol no extra for that it seems

    • +1

      As long as you get a trade in value for a phone then you get bonus $500.

      • What about an S3?

        • +2

          I think trade-in starts at S6 or S7 unfortunately(I also have an s3 lying around)

    • +1

      wow i only got $15 off the S7 32gb

      • +1

        I got a S3 and S5 sitting around, hope they can be traded for $500 bonus each LOL

  • What are the main differences between this one and the Ultra?

    • +2

      Bigger screen, battery and better camera.

      • Cheers. Would trade my S10+ for the Ultra if they make an offer like this for it then.

      • +2

        Also, stylus support if you care for that

  • Anyone has access to EPP portal. Is any price change there? Please share

    • +2

      It’s literally more expensive to buy from the education store than the regular store. They haven’t changed the price.

    • prices havent been updated yet.

      they are no longer offering 256gb edition for the same price as 128gb but i think they are gonna update the price there as well

    • Yes, as it stands right now, buying thru the normal store is better because you only get 300 off (not 500) & the price difference at the EPP is not less than 200 compared to any phone at the normal store. I just checked through all just now

      • Okay may be we have to wait few days to reflect new prices

        • Samsung online has gift card?

          • @Meovel: I wrote incorrectly with assumption of direct buy in other website like jbhifi

    • The EPP price will only change when the RRP changes permanently. Since this is a limited time offer there won't be a further price reduction on EPP.

  • +2

    Can I trade in my Samsung Galaxy S2? xD

  • +3

    My trade in phone has a cracked screen, do i still get the 500 bonus?

    • -1

      On the same boat here, $0 for trade in, assuming we still get extra $500.. perhaps chat when they are online

      • +6

        On their site, click on 'Learn More' for the trade in process. Answer questions like, phone model, condition, working/non-working etc.
        The moment you say cracked screen, trade in value goes to 0.
        Then it says, sorry can't trade phones with 0 value.

        Hope this helps.

        • This depends on your phones model. I have an S10+ and when I said that the screen is cracked, they loweredtheir offer from $235 to $35.

    • You can try the trade up app and answer damage screen and see if you can get a trade in code.

      • No you dont

    • I've got a S10 with cracked screen, they offer $15 trade in. I'm gonna take it since still eligible for $500 bonus. I would get hardly anything trying to sell it in the open market in that condition.

  • Is it usually cheaper via samsung edu store?

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