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USB C to HDMI Adapter [email protected] $12.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ CableCreation Amazon AU


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USB C to HDMI Adapter:

*USB C to HDMI Adapter [email protected](amazon.com.au)- $12.99, (before $18.99)
*USB Type C to HDMI [email protected] Adapter with PD 100W(amazon.com.au)- $18.99, (before $27.99)

USB C Hub:

*USB C Hub (5 in 1 Hub with [email protected])(amazon.com.au)- $37.99, (before $49.99)
*USB Type C to 4 USB 3.0 Port Hub Adapter(amazon.com.au)- $17.99, ( before $24.99)

Others deals:

*DisplayPort to HDMI VGA Adapter(2-in-1)(amazon.com.au)- $16.99, (before $24.99)

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  • Hey rep, are these active adapters or passive ones? can it work on a computer that doesn't support native video output on type-c?

    • No Mate. Either use it with graphics card that has type c or your cpu has a have a built-in GPU for your mobo type c.

      • nah. it's my poor laptop with a USB-C 3.2 but no built in video output…. normal usb-c to dp cables won't work…

    • It can work well with the laptop with DisplayPort over type-c function. Could I get your laptop's model number, and let me check?

  • Will this work on a mac mini m1?

  • Will this support 1440p/144hz?

    • If it can do 4k 60 then 1440p is half of 4k so double 4k 60 frame rate for 1440p if that makes sense.

    • According to the bandwidth about the resolution and and the refresh rate, I think so.

  • Am I missing something here - the link for the USB C to HDMI Adapter [email protected] still comes up at $18.99 at checkout

  • Anyone have that USB-C hub for iPad Pro and would like to offer their thoughts on it?

    • I think these type c adapter can work well with iPad Pro, even about the latest iPad Pro with Thunderbolt 4 port.
      Thanks very much,

  • Hi Rep, I just made an order. Can you confirm it supports to [email protected] on a Macbook Pro 13 inch 2019?

    • +1 vote

      Yes, I think so.

      • Received mine this morning, very fast shipping and delivery. The adaptor is decent quality and good price, works perfectly on [email protected] mode. Great stuff, thanks rep.

      • Hi rep, my adaptor worked for 30 minutes then stopped outputing any signal again.
        I can still check the monitor information and can change the resolution in preferences, but the monitor didn't get a signal and kept blank.

        I have tried on two different monitors and neither work, the old adaptor works fine. Is this considered a DOA unit?

        • Hello Mily,

          Thanks for contacting with us. This is Logan replying your message with pleasure.

          Could I get what's the length about your HDMI cable?

          In some cases, the HDMI cable's length, and the cable's quality would have the big impact for the signal output.

          For example you were using some HDMI cables could not support 4K 60hz, or the HDMI cable's length is too long, for example 5 meters or even longer.

          The laptop could not support 4K 60hz, and lead the screen blank. You can try these steps.

          1, Exchange a shorter HDMI cable to have a try.

          2, Make the connection stable and securely. Do not move your laptop or HDMI cable when you had hooked the monitor.

          3, Replug the USB C adapter and the HDMI cable to have a try.

          4, Reboot your Mac to have a try.

          5, If you have two USB C adapters, both supports 4K 60hz, you had used the same HDMI cable, same HDMI monitor, and that one can support 4K 60hz, however this one could not support, this one probably was defective. In that case, you can contact with us, we can refund or offer you another one to have a try.

          If these also could not work, just write back.

          Thanks very much,

          Logan from CableCreation

          • @Loganfence: Hi Logan,

            I can now confirm the adaptor is defective, the monitor sometimes flash with white horizonal strip for half second then back to blank.

            HDMI cable is original cable come with Dell S2721Q, the cable can support [email protected] and has been tested with another windows laptop.
            On the 2nd monitor, it's a shorter cable and was tested for both 4K and [email protected], none of these two worked with the adaptor.

            I have done what you suggested, including restart the MBP.

            And as I said, the adaptor worked for a short while after I received it, I tested it with the same HDMI cable and monitor, and specifically tested if it outputs [email protected], and it worked perfectly during that time. I left a positive feedback on Amazon, then it stopped working.

            I didn't find the option to swap for another one on Amazon, and it automatically led me to return the item.
            If you can exchange another adaptor for me, it will be good. I need a 60Hz adaptor, and I know this one should work if it's not defective.


            • @mily: Hello Mily,

              We are sorry that you encounter this kind of issues.

              It seems that the item you got was defective, just feel free to offer us your order ID on Amazon, we can refund or offer you another one.

              Which one do you prefer?

              Thanks very much,