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Half Price Contempo Home Appliances: 1.7L Kettle $12.50, Sandwich Press $9.50, Microwave $49.50 & More C&C /+ Del @ BIG W Online


I just went looking to buy a slow cooker and discovered that the contempo range is on sale lots of items on half price.

(Update: Search function on BigW site is currently offline. You may not be able to purchase anything until BigW repairs their website)

Update: all back online

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    Good prices for cheap appliances.

    This is not your first post either, 3 before this + a dupe + a joke post….

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      Oh … Those were years ago , I legit forgot lol

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        Ok, but why people say that "go easy", "be gentle" crap, I never got. If it's a good deal, why would anyone care if it's the first post or the 100th one.

        • +20

          Because OzB can be a fickle, carnivorous crowd, maybe?

        • -1

          When someone says please be gentle it actually makes me wanna go even harder on them lol

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            @montorola: Nothing wrong with a bit of constructive criticism lol

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    thanks op good job

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    Yeh I needed a deep fryer, saw bigw had the contempo for 19.50
    Didnt realise it was online only, went to big w and it's double the price… Click and collect did the trick.
    Great price

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      saw your comment at the entrance of BigW.

    • did a click and collect order inside bigw and bring the items to the service desk with 3400 bonus points

      • you mean can ask them to put it on everyday rewards card retrospectively ?

        • no, placed an order on my phone and then picked up the items and bring to service desk and the service desk scanned completed the order

  • What’s the pick out of this contempo range? I got a (targeted?) mail offering 4000 points for $40 online spend at bigw

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    The slow cooker is rated highly by Choice

  • Thank u

  • Is Contempo a decent brand? Will buy the rice cooker and deep fryer if it is.

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      It is Big W's home brand: the cheapest line of appliances they stock. Equivalent to Anko at Kmart.

  • Don't forget the 3100 everyday points deal when you place order online

    • Is that an targeted offer? Isn't 2000 points worth 10 dollars at coles

      • +1

        It is targeted, and your quantity might differ. I got 4000 points for $40 spend (worth $20 at Woolworths).

      • Ah rats it's partly targeted . There's a 1100 points offer for 55$ spend (should be in your everyday app) , and i got another 2000 extra points email (targeted it looks like)

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    Thanks OP!

  • Is the microwave normal price? I always pick up a $50 microwave for rentals. Or is this one larger?

  • Thanks for the post

  • +1

    I much prefer this to the sandwich press


    • I have bought the two and four sandwich versions of those Kmart ones and the design is a bit stupid. It lets cheese/baked bean sauce/other liquids into the seems and is impossible to clean. But I guess at $7.50 you can just throw them out every other week 🤣

      • +1

        I only put cheese and sliced tomato between bread, sometimes cheese leaks out a bit, but easy to clean. Tastes much much better than a press, which doesn't really heat stuff between bread. Ours is about 5 years old, going fine, I buy them 3 at a time they are so cheap.

        • I have the Breville one that doesn't cut them in half because I don't like the extra crust. The sandwich press is more for things like focaccias and Turkish breads and things. It looks like it has the clippy thing so you can maybe prop it open a bit, open up the "sandwich" and melt the cheese as well, then toast it.

      • +2

        I agree on the Kmart ones. You get what you pay for of course but I recently bought a Breville branded one that happened to be 15% off at the time at the good guys plus had a concierge $20 voucher to use up and it came down to $21.65 from $49 and it shits all over the cheapie Kmart one I used to have. Worth every cent. Nice big lip at the front and back and good quality non-stick.

      • Tried the cheapie 7.50 but yeah it was pretty crap. The deep dish version is a lot more respectable but I've still had issues with stuff leaking out into hard-to-clean places (if the slices of bread are not big enough).

  • Does anyone know how many litres in the MW oven? Can't find the info in the website.

    • 25L, looks the same

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        The dimensions from specifications suggest that it's bigger…

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    I am feeling so proud right now! … It's like I just had an ozbargbaby

  • Does anyone have the personal blender? Any good?

    • +1

      Ours was only used for smoothies and never worked well. It started overheating/messing with our safety switch and so we replaced it with a NutriBullet in a JB Hi-Fi deal. Edit: of course there's a big price difference to keep in mind.

  • Interested in the deep fryer but reviews seem to suggest it’s a dud.

    • Probably good for not much more than yoghurt and banana… Definitely not ice

    • +1

      Commented above, but ours was only used for smoothies and never worked well. It started overheating/messing with our safety switch and so we replaced it with a NutriBullet in a JB Hi-Fi deal. Edit: big price difference there though, of course.

      • I manly use for fruit juice. bought one, will give it a go for half price.

  • Anyone had experience with the stick vacuum?

    • +1

      At $14 a pop you’re not taking huge financial risks… ordered one to use in a caravan will be much better than some 12v car ones

    • +1

      Picked up today, cleaned up the whole van 👍🏻.
      It did pick up all the dust that had been hanging around, impressed. Wouldn’t use it more than 5 min then let it cool down before continuing. Hope this helps

  • which kettle better ?

  • +1

    Thanks OP, bought an assortment of appliances to fill the cupboards

  • These things are probably only going to last a few uses.

    • Lucky BigW does returns then.

      • -3

        Not for used items…

        • +8

          For faulty items obviously.

      • Still time you'd have to waste taking it back.

  • +1

    You can also collect 5x points on your Woolworths rewards account after activating the boost

  • ordered one microwave one slow cooker and one deep fryer

    waiting to get them delivered hope they can last 2 years

  • 2 year warranty on kettle, not bad. Boils faster than our older and more expensive Breville

    • Which one u got? The black one or the steeless steel one?

      • Stainless steel one

  • Why do I get full price when I click the link?https://www.bigw.com.au/product/contempo-personal-blender/p/463707/

  • +2

    I'm getting the full price as well when I click into a product. When searching it's showing half price

  • +3

    Contempo kettle is crap…keeps clicking off the boil. If you like standing in front of your kettle and repeatedly turning it on then this is the one for you, but let me tell you there is nothing more frustrating that walking away and hearing your kettle click off without boiling…it’s going back today

    • +4

      An unwatched Contempo kettle never boils?

      • Such a great saying that is….

    • +3

      That would make my blood boil

  • Thanks OP. Got a vacuum and a sandwich press :)

  • I don't think the deal is expired, can anyone have a look?

  • Deal is not expired, I just bought something.

  • I just bought something as well. Deal not expired.

  • Grabbed a slow cooker - perfect timing just before Winter can make some awesome meals to come home from work to!

  • Great find

  • +4

    This seems like a good deal too:

    DeLonghi Nespresso VertuoPlus Red - ENV150R
    Save $187 CLEARANCE


  • This post is a Great find. Thanks OP. Got a stick vacuum and a Medium Microwave delivered. I had to buy a Microwave this week so I am extremely happy with this deal.

  • Shout yourself and get the chrome reissue Breville Original '74 sandwich maker….looks like a work of art and functions perfectly.Can be had for $99.You know you want one…

  • +1

    Got the last $16 fry pan from my local store. For a single guy who has only a basic knowledge of cooking this will be ideal for me

  • +1

    Now their website is down…. 😖😱

  • Did anyone receive the email saying pick up ready? It’s been a whole day already.

    • +1

      Yes, within a couple of hours - South Yarra, Vic

      • Damn my order at Waverley gardens isn’t ready yet. Should remember to call them tomorrow.

  • Out of stock on some items

  • $83 for a microwave, kettle, toaster and sandwich press delivered, bargain. Thanks again OP.

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